The Unholy Soldiers Exposed

This post contains content which may be offensive, younger readers are advised NOT to read this post as there is explicit content which is deemed as inappropriate as well as offensive in many different ways;.

There is a force within CPA which poses as “holy” soldiers, and yet they seem to be the most unholy people that you can meet, aside from a few…individuals. The Templars have dragged SWAT’s name through the dirt for years and even more recently they started to try and muddy it even more, despite the fact that their own troops call us a “snowflake army”. So tell me something TCP, how can a “snowflake army” be one of the dirtiest armies in CPA? The answer is nowhere to be found because there is no answer to it. SWAT barely allows swearing and you, well… you have, for years, allowed racism, you’ve allowed the racist leaders who have been caught saying disgusting things to remain in the army, you have allowed staff’s public opinions to be pushed under the rug, you have allowed homophobia to be pushed under the rug and yet here you are accusing us of being racist and what not when we DO NOT condone anything of the sort and any incidences of racist behaviour have been sorted on the spot.

Now, let’s get onto the evidence shall we?

If you haven’t stopped reading by here, we warn you that there is offensive, triggering and explicit content below so please, if you are young or if you may get offended by some of the things discussed, go off this post.

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SWAT Speeches | Krill’s Leadership Campaign

(Summary and TL;DR at the end of this post. This post is referenced with an anecdote as the first paragraph.)

On 1st of August, 1966, the first concept of SWAT (in-real-life) was applied as the Special Weapons and Tactics team. This was established under Paulding, a county in Texas. But hey, it is 2022! We might have gone 56 years back, that’s crazy. Well, 56 thousand years back you could have seen penguins in the Ice Age. One of those penguins could be one of you living today. Though penguins didn’t practically exist during the Ice Age, we all can imagine penguins wearing a green-black attire.

I am Krill 300 (or Krill, or Fun X Time), we’re in Club Penguin, in a colossal event. Here, at SWAT, we promote events and recruit. To satisfaction, we are greatly improving our points in the orb sky. Now, expanding from events, competitions, divisions and game nights let us make a pathway to dive into several more advanced concepts to implement in SWAT. But hold up, let me introduce myself! I told you my name already, but who am I? I am just a mammoth living on the mammoth server we took over this year in July. It is 56022 BC and I am currently a Leader-in-Training in SWAT. This is a message you are reading which is basically an election speech. If you assent with my election speech, you may definitely go through voting for me! You will always find me wishing a good morning, a good afternoon, a good evening, or a good night. Or, in a conversation! I hope you are having a good day. Let us now dive into the real election speech.

Firstly, attending events are your first priority. Creating an account on CPAB is not very much complicated, is it? Need help? Don’t worry, don’t hesitate, I am very much approachable to help you out. DM me freely and I will never feel disturbed. Here is my discord: Fun X Time#0533. Whether we have transformed into ice age mammoths to capture Mammoth server (which we have!) or 56-year-old apes with a huge ape-tight (*appetite), you will always find me the first to read, consider and acknowledge your query.

Secondly, a great contribution should be acquired by as many agents in SWAT as possible. I aim to host frequent recruiting competitions to prevent the graphs from staying static or moving to a negative direction. Afterall, events cannot work without you and your friends in SWAT! But obtaining higher maxes are, and should be, treated seriously and as equally as the tactics we perform. Therefore, recruiting even if there is no competition around would be a great help and we would appreciate it. Don’t worry, you’ll definetely obtain rewards, mostly like what you may or may not have ever got before: Discord Bot Rewards, Discord Nitro, Big Promotions, and perhaps a lot more.

Thirdly, I’d like to introduce certain features I would try to introduce. In 2020, one of the conversations I was gossiping in came up to be about me being a leader one day in SWAT: a suggestion appears in my mind. How ‘bout introducing custom divisions? You can create your own! Obviously, this powerful feature should be slightly more limited to a particular rank and certain activity status. Another feature applied could be organization of roles. Roles are organized but can be improved. Powering up the auto-moderation system is also a good step, it would be set up in such a way to make sure auto-moderation system cannot be bypassed and made more secure and accurate, so it doesn’t delete the things it shouldn’t! Suggestions will not be neglected and I will try my level best to satisfy you. Anything you want me to implement, please directly message me right now if you have even a silly question, I will kindly answer it. Suggestions will be looked at carefully.

Lastly, a humble appeal to all SWAT citizens and helpers out there: let us all take a responsibility to rise our family together. It is Ice Age, there is only one world and one family. The only solution to atop SWAT amongst several other unknown continental kingdoms out there is not to be completely taken under my control. You are also a leader of your own. You are a leader of SWAT yourself, and any SWAT citizen who you sight in day-to-day lives is also equals: they’re also a SWAT leader. Let us treat each other with respect. Let us all take a pledge to make the Ice Age preserved and remembered. If we contribute to events and assist recruiting, a day will definitely arrive when the ice melts and the mammoth stuck in our iced souls is finally set free.

– One of the mammoths who outlived Ice Age,
Krill 300 (Fun X Time).

Short summary/TL;DR: An election speech anecdote about SWAT in Ice Age. This election speech endorses Krill 300’s first campaigning. Suggestions of features Krill may imply after being elected include Custom Divisions (with limitations, of course), Discord Server Organization (roles, channels, etc.), Improved auto-moderation (to make safer and accurate), more recruiting competitions (with better/more rewards), and a lot more. Suggestions sent to the suggestion channel may also be implemented by Krill if possible and permittable. A patriotic note and pledge regarding how SWAT may improve by simply attending events, recruiting new agents and being community and how we may continue evolving further to keep our tusks movin’.

The Response (Operation: Save L90)

Finally the ‘bad guys’ will respond.

When you find yourself in a community with armies that are constantly pointing the finger at each other, eventually they will make their way to your army. For the past few weeks, I have heard the most blasphemous and out of line accusations, generalizations, and laughable hypocrisy made about the character and morality of this great army from individuals that we have considered friends… people that we have called our allies for quite awhile, some that are truly SWAT at heart regardless of what route they’ve chosen to go recently, understandably so with the ridiculousness things other armies have put next to SWAT’s name. It’s a shame the quickness in which someone can turn their back on you. We are not an army to take disrespect and we are an army that will fight against all wrongs. This army that many have called home for countless years throughout the existence of this community and while nobody can claim to be perfect, we strive to give the safest and friendliest possible environment for everyone and we certainly show a lot more effort than the armies in which you fight alongside.
Viewer Discretion Advised

Read more: The Response (Operation: Save L90)
IW Declaration
WV Declaration
HF Declaration
The Help Force
Sad to see from such a great rival and former ally of this army, relying on their allies for nearly half of their max

Clearly, we have 3 armies here that want to help each other and boost their maxes in armies that recently have been lackluster and evidently enough – that were ALL jumped in the Top Ten by the supposedly “evil” SWAT right before all of this, to supposedly fight against our bad morals. But wait, these people couldn’t possibly be allies with people that don’t properly moderate their chat and allow constant hateful, racist, homopobic, offensive language and offensive language of all kinds to be present around their young troops?
Wrong. And that’s why I present…

Operation: SAVE L90
Message to the Water Vikings & the Community

It’s alarming how many Water Vikings staff outwardly admit to racism, religious prejudice and homophobia all available to still see in their main chat – as well as making fun of those with disabilities. They continually make these same jokes within the server, as shown by how they are all never even deleted.
Concerned Viking Navy Soldier
Leader clearly present with a hateful and offensive message never deleted.
Continuous homophobic comments left in the server.

Threatening troops if they don’t log on (for the war vs SWAT)

A very offensive and disgusting comment allowed to stay in the Water Vikings server until this day, showing another poor example of moderation.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-272.png
There was never a discussion to ban veterans, in fact there were only efforts and discussions made towards getting them more involved with the leaders and army. The SWAT veteran and legend mentioned held equal perms with Legoman and Coolguy – with the exception of Aubz, who held the highest admin role in the server, apart from myself – and higher perms than both Greeny and Lukey. The only person who could have removed them from the server would be myself.
True Story to add:
The first ever Water Vikings troop, former leader and Viking Legend Moses (Mr. Pink) comes to Aaronstone concerned with the “pro-holocaust antisemitism” within the army. Viking Legend Jack283 agrees with the concerns. Apparently SWAT has poor “treatment of their veterans” but Aaronstone and the Water Vikings completely ignored their legends and continued allowing antisemitism as evidenced throughout the above screenshots. Before you accuse SWAT, why not look in the mirror – you might not like what you see.

To conclude all of this, remember what’s not genuine is not lasting. Especially when you are supposedly fighting for a purpose in which you don’t even hold up your own end of. And for those who decide to fight alongside them and are knowledgeable of this without question are hypocrites as well and have no place to speak. Those that were removed from the SWAT leadership – the actions in which they were accused of did not EVER take place in our server and we would never allow it to. Yet you say not a word about armies in which allow it to happen on the regular, whom you are allied with. Don’t worry, this is the last post like this you’ll get from me. Focus is redirected back on this army now and doing what we can to make it the best version of itself everyday. SWAT forever.

SWAT Speeches | Smithy’s Leadership Campaign



Around 3 weeks ago the SWATRULERS where maxing 40 nearly 50 and reaching #2 on the leaderboard.

Now you must ask yourself, where has this gone?

After the leadership of LEGOMAN we need a strong leader to follow in his footsteps and lead us even further. I, Smithy have the capabilities to convert these dreams into reality.

Now. What will I, Smithy bring to SWAT.

FIRST. I will establish a staff reform to strengthen our team which therefore increases our activity as a whole leading to more recruits, more penguins, BIGGER MAXES, MORE VICTORIES, MORE TT POINTS AND PLACEMENT, MORE LAND, MORE TROPHIES AND MORE GLORY FOR THE SWATRULERS!

SECOND. I will create trustworthy alliances with other armies and respect them as much as ourselves to prevent another backstab which we have witnessed from WV, IW and other armies.

What have I done for SWAT already?
Recruited 500+ recruits in a week.
Brought valuable staff and hcom to SWAT.
Recruited 100+ recruits while being on holiday.
Spent time and money to aid the growth of SWAT.



SWAT Speeches | Ryebread’s Leadership Campaign

Dearest SWAT, For the longest time, the Special Weapons And Tactics have had a special place in my heart. I’ve made great friends here, new or old, and lots of memories. I love all the current staff, all our vets, and troops. I intend to bring equality and respect amongst all of you, to be proud of the army I’m a part of. SWAT has one of the deepest and richest histories, and I’m truly honored to potentially be a leader here. Before writing this I’ll warn you that this may be long. If it is, there’s a TL;DR at the end 😛

Based on the recent events involving SWAT, anyone can recognize that there are changes to be made. I won’t go into specifics but in the end, SWAT needs to be refreshed. I wish to be as honest and open as I can as a leader, listen to my troops, but more importantly listen to my staff, vets and legends. YOU are the reason we exist, you are the ones who drive me to be the person I want to be in SWAT. You are the people who make me proud to be in this army and the people that motivate me to keep coming back. I will admit, that there are times I was ignorant, or gullible, but I can’t be that anymore. I won’t be that anymore.

From this moment on there will be changes made to the server’s events, look, and moderation. I want there to be more opportunities for the people who may not have access to CPAB, hosting more personal events, non-CP related, like movies or karaoke or game nights. I want people to come to SWAT because they feel like it and want to talk to the people in it, not because they felt the need to for whatever reason. I want people to use the channels we have; post their pets, their haha funny memes, use the economy system we have, and give suggestions that they genuinely feel would help the server! I want people to learn and be confident in recruiting, mentoring, hyping, and even hosting. I don’t want anyone to be scared of bigger tasks like recruiting. I feel that everyone is capable of doing great things in SWAT.

With me as a leader, there won’t be any hesitation when it comes to moderation in our server and CP events. No one should hesitate to DM me if a fellow member is harassing them in any way, or if they see someone else breaking rules. Again, my main goal is equality, and respect for all. In our Club Penguin events, I intend to have a clear rundown on what to do, and what not to do. These events are very serious for our army, and we must stay focused and not fall behind if we want to bring glory to the SWATRulers 😉. Similar to what Toxic Storm said in his speech, I intend for us to have more rewards for troops who deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. I want there to be more opportunity for everyone, and more growth for the community as a whole. I don’t want SWAT to survive, I want SWAT to LIVE!

So, here’s the TL;DR: SWAT will thrive, but only if you’re DETERMINED. With new leadership, one can only hope for the best, and that is what I promise to do… the BEST I can possibly do! There will be more creative opportunities, there will be more fun and positivity, and there will be more equality and respect. I hope that by reading this, it fills you with DETERMINATION! YEAHHHH!! GLORY TO SWAT!! Anyways I’m out, peace dawg. #RYE4LEADER

Sincerely, rye (ouigi) :blackheart:

SWAT Speeches| Pandor’s Campaign Speech

But how?
You know who I am. You know I have shed blood & tears for this army and her prosperity, and I have a thorough plan that will..

What is this plan?
In what I call “The Pandor Plan”
Move to grow SWAT by instituting an ACP-Style Recruiting Force
Pursue a rational moderation policy that will keep SWAT a safe & friendly community and protect our freedomsInstitute more community game nights and events
Expand SWATs alliance network with other armies



27/08/22 (US) Operation: Raiders of The Lost Arc

Seems like today is full of surprises, today’s fun filled event was raided by 4 armies. While we were zooming on the race track, others were lost in space as they raided our event.

Thanks for raiding 😉

Max 20

24/08/22 (UK) Operation: Last Stand

On Wednesday, SWAT took to CPAB to invade yet another server to initiate operation last stand. Since this operation there have been multiple things happening including leadership elections. Stay tuned to find out how they go! As for this event, keep reading to find out!

Maximum: 22

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SWAT Speeches | Storm’s Leadership Campaign

Members, veteran, legends and guardians of our great army Special Weapons And Tactics, Active or Retired, to keep it short I intend to listen to everyone’s opinions no matter what their rank is and will keep myself available for any conversations the members in our server wish to have with me. I want to make SWAT fun and keep our members and veterans engaged and entertained, I want our members to be proud to be in SWAT and learn new skills needed in armies and real life. SWAT to me is a place to grow as an individual and a place to make good friends and I will be grateful for any votes that will be given to me.


For the long version I intend to make the reward system in SWAT more rewarding, I want to make our SWAT members be able to share their skills with each other to grow the army together. With my leadership I would like to implement more ways for our members to get better at recruiting, having fun at events and being able to enjoy all that SWAT has to offer. More training classes and conferences will be made to help us get closer and teach each other new tricks. I’d like to also reward the retired members by having a veteran lounge were they can stay in contact with each other more closely and I want to listen to all their ideas and try to implement what they think works best for them. I see every SWAT member as someone who should be treated with respect and honour. My rule values ideas, plans, knowledge and hard work. I want everyone to be rewarded for their hard work and I want SWAT to grow and get to the top spot and stay there as long as possible. It can’t be done without your help guys. Vote to whoever you see fit to lead but I hope you could help me build this army to the top with all of you. Thank you all for everything and


22/08/22 (Aus) Invasion of Uncharted Land

On Monday SWAT held an ausia invasion once again to claim more territory on the map. This helps SWAT to grow and to survive. While invading, we trained and prepared for any future battles we may have.

Here’s how it went down:

Maximum: 20

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