Event Cancelled

Today’s event is cancelled. Check event schedule and event timer for tomorrow’s event.


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War Training Mission [RESULTS]

Hello Special Agents!

Today we logged on Mammoth for a War Training. We maxed 25 and averaged 23. Again, we reached 40 on chat but didn’t get as much on CP. This is a serious issue. Starting tomorrow, on our rebuilding week, all users that are AFK during events will be zapped. That’s unacceptable. I only got one picture because the tactics weren’t that good either.

~Bad, SWAT Leader

The Evolution Of Spi101

Spi101 has officially evolved into Spisama Bin Laden. God be with him and the Dark Warriors.

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Hello Special Agents.

This war has made a huge impact on us so far and we are improving with every victory over the evil Grand Alliance. Top Ten makers, read on.

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The Final Showdown – Invasion Of Ice Pond

Hello Special Agents.

After a couple battles with the Water Vikings, who deem themselves part of the Grand Alliance, which they really aren’t because they don’t assist their allies at all lmao, we have won all of our battles except for one. That one of course, they only won because we were a no-show. This was our final battle against them. They are simply a waste of time and are no match for us. Soon, we will move on to our next target. More war is coming. Operation 2 will soon be in effect. This is only the beginning. The light will spread to every corner, every crevice. Be ready SWAT. The Resistance is coming.

Today we invaded back the server WV took from us the other day. This was the battle we didn’t attend. We maxed 25 and averaged 23. We got up to 35 users on chat, but a lot of people were AFK. That’s unacceptable. If you are in SWAT and there is a battle, you must log on. If you cant attend, then don’t leave your account on chat. The tactics were also not very good. This is something we will work on the whole week before we move on to IW.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

Our Next Target


So far in WW7 the SWAT has only lost one battle. That being the defense of Ice Pond which we will invade back on Saturday. We only lost because I got hit offline and no other leaders were on. WV isn’t really any competition for us, and I would hate to pound them more, after what we did to them in July. So, we will be moving on to the Ice Warriors. IW isn’t much bigger, but they will be a tougher opponent. The battle tonight and Saturday will be the last battles against WV. Ganger and I will be at both, so we expect better sizes than we have been getting all week.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

Annihilation Of Yeti




Hello Troops!

Today we invaded the WV empire once more. We invaded the server Yeti. We again defeated the evil Water Vikings and gained another server! The Water Vikings were so afraid that they didn’t even bother to show up. Great work Special Agents!

We maxed 25+.











Lol WV

Alright bud.

Since you think you’re so smart, let me knock some sense into you because you seem to think you’re so far up on that high horse over there.

You’re name is Teigan, right? Oh yeah that kid who begged for owner in the Golden Troops, and then bandwagoned to other growing armies when GT hit the dust. Almost forgot.

So you think that we didn’t max 25? Its not much of a coincidence that people from DW and WV both have trouble counting correctly.

In this picture, there is a total of 21 penguins. If it weren’t for that Fire91 fool, who ill drill into in a second, I would’ve gotten more pictures where we hit our max. Your leaders said that we only maxed 15. lrn2count please.

Here’s a picture of your biggest size, with a total of 17 penguins.

If it weren’t for that idiot’s bot raid, my forces would have taken the battle easily. You didn’t win anything. The only thing you won was looking like bigger idiots than you already are, claiming victory in a battle where your enemy was bombarded by bots and couldn’t stay focused.

Funny you should say im throwing childish accusations at you to cover up our “horrible” size when the only reason you had an edge is because bots show up. That’s what you depend on to win a battle? A distraction? Some way to keep us from being focused? That’s not how CP Armies work, and this is exactly why the resistance was formed. To take foolish armies like WV out of the equation to preserve the community’s tradition.

Fire91. Another foolish person trying to prove himself on xat. You may not be in armies but you are a nuisance to anyone in this game, and I advise you to stop being a moron and grow up. Maybe you didn’t notice, probably not because you’re so much of an idiot, but your bots can easily be ignored and disappear on CP with the click of a button. You should stop wasting your time. You say you hate the armies of the resistance yet you stated before that you aren’t a part of CP armies, so how would you know what happens? You’re either a liar or just a god damn fool who cant speak without embarrassing himself. “I do favor TGA due to the lack of idiots in their armies”. So you’re saying to favor them because they don’t have enough idiots in their armies? That makes absolutely no sense. You were definitely dropped as a young child. Do me a favor and look at the back of your head to see if there’s a huge bump. You have no place among us, so piss off, or ill destroy you with the rest of the GA.

On a final note, if WV weren’t such pussies, they would reschedule the battle and fight us the correct way and beat us at our best, when we are concentrated and at full strength. But they wont, so Mittens is defended. I will not answer to you fools any longer. If you wish to keep this up, I will crush you like I did in July.

UK Defense Of Mittens – Destruction Of WV & GA Members

Hello SWAT.

Today the Special Agents Task Force logged on to defend one of our most important servers, Mittens. This battle was at UK times. We maxed 25, which is pretty good considering we are mostly a US Army.

During the battle, a number of bots came and prevented us from battling at all. Most of our troops logged off before we could battle, due to the distractions an severe lag. WV decided to stay on and then claim victory when we didn’t come in contact with them at full strength once.

LOADING RESULTS………. Assault Mission Success: Mittens is defended.

Good job Special Agents.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander