14-20/08/22 Agents Of The Week

This week has been yet another busy week for SWAT, many different things within the army taking place and many invasions also taking place. The first event was a Battle vs RPF on the Sunday, we then hosted a 9am ninja takeover ausia the next day. On the Wednesday we hosted a 5pm est fish takeover. On the Friday, we hosted a Star Wars takeover for our ausia event. To finish off the week, we got dressed up and put on our top hats to invade our final piece of land for the week.

Staff and Agents have been working hard throughout the week and many have been trying even harder to get the position of Agent Of The Week because of how much competition there is. It’s not an easy battle but there are winners to each battle and with our new position of Recruiter of the week, the competition is heating up even more! But who will prevail this week?

Well for agent of the week, there’s one person who has been working hard in SWAT, they’ve been helping new troops, welcoming them, helping them create accounts, attending events and even trying there hand at recruiting. It’s clear this person is putting in the work to rise up the ranks to gain their goal of reaching staff. This person is….

Agent of the week: Logical

The next award is for Staff Of The Week. This wont come as a surprise to many but there’s one person in SWAT who aims to become SOTW every single week they are allowed to. They’ve been putting in the effort, grafting away, dm’ing, welcoming, hyping, registering, being active, attending every single event, putting in the hard work and showing they have the motivation and drive. This person truly deserves this status this week, once again. This person is…

Staff of the week: BROONA

Now, it’s time for the recruiter of the week, with these awards I feel like I want to give y’all much more than a rank. Y’all have been working so hard. For the recruiter of the week, there’s 1 person who has been one of the main people in SWAT working hard, recruiting, dm’ing being active, attending every event. This person has earned their place in one of these 3 roles this week. This person is…

Recruiter of the week: Thunder222

And up till now we’ve had a normal AOTW post but I would like to say thanks to our hcom members, those who know they deserve to be mentioned will know. You’ve been massive a massive help along with our hard working staff members and sits. You deserve recognition. Thank you all

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for your time. Keep up the good work