Staff Of The Week Interview

Last week, was a busy week for SWAT and the battle for Staff Of The Week was a fierce one, with a couple of people in it to win it, battling it out for the role, working hard in/for us. However, it was Broona’s determination and hard work which clenched them the title of Staff of the Week

I decided to reach out to Broona to ask them about their journey in SWAT, their journey ato SOTW and about them as a person! Let’s get straight into it

How does it feel to be Staff Of The Week?

It feels pretty good! It’s always nice when you get recognised 🙂

It’s not your first time as an ‘OTW, what’s your secret?

A magician never reveals his secrets 😉 but I’ll say staying active is on my side.

Outside of SWAT, what are some of the things you enjoy doing?

Definitely going to the gym and gaming, also studying (don’t judge me by that)

Any games or studies you like in particular?

Minecraft and Valorant, top games for sure, besides that everything related to math has my full attention

You’ve been in SWAT for a few months now, do you have any favourite moments?

I wouldn’t say I have, but mammoth takeover and now getting top 2 were definitely two moments that stood out and showed what is swat and why it made me stay 🙂

What are your goals in swat? Where do you want to be by November?

Hopefully be a better staff and more involved so I can get even further and get promoted, definitely want to get hcom even though I know it will take a very long time and a lot of effort. But for now i hope to get at least one promo until November to prove myself that I’m getting better and doing what I need

Do you have any advice to those trying to become an OTW in SWAT

Mostly stay active in chat and attend as many events as you can! That will definitely help

Thanks for the interview Broona! It’s nice to get to know our staff more! Congratulations on your recent promotions too!

Well, Broona’s been working hard and it doesn’t look like they’re gonna be slowing down either! We love to see it! Keep working hard and don’t stop!

~Signing off

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