SWAT: The Yearbook of 2023!

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) embarked on a journey by the end of 2022, promising fulfillment of service in the remarkable year ahead. Printing our final words on the great chapter of 2023, the Agents were able to uphold their desires, and, thus, acquire this great book of learning.

Message from the Commanders

“SWAT is a lucrative community where dignity is seen with clarity, honesty is seen in popularity, and activity is seen in ability. Year 2023 was an year of immense learning. From inspiration to newer ideas, SWAT did not be a victim to an abode of false joy.”

Fun X Time
Commander of SWAT

“In our illustrious fighting SWAT our beloved home, we’ve achieved extraordinary heights I can’t hide that, clinching the amazing #1 position twice. Our true hope brought us within a breathy away of the victory in BB, standing on the edge of triumph. Recently, our amazing work has been formidable, bringing us to within a difference of just .10 points of seizing the coveted #6 spot!!!! The unwavering dedication and glory contributions from each member have filled me and all of us commanders with immense pride, let us continue in this collective expedition, feeding our unity and unwavering resolve, WE RISE TOGETHER, WE FALL TOGETHER. Bound together in purpose, SWAT FOREVER!”

Commander of SWAT

Message from the Director

“Ineffable is the culmination of valor, the epitome of sagacity. A clandestine symphony conducted in the unseen chambers of providence. Its sagacious directives traverse the labyrinthine corridors of clandestine endeavors, orchestrating the veiled ballet of virtuosity with a precision that befits the echelons of the enigmatic. Sublime is its orchestration, ensconced within the fabric of discretion, illuminating the clandestine vaults with a luminescence that exudes an ethereal mastery of elusiveness and excellence.”

The Director of SWAT

The Yearly Awards 2023

SWAT would like to proudly announce the winners of the Yearly Awards 2023!
Please note that awards will be updated on this page by 5th January 2024.

Best Agent of 2023

Fun X Time

Best Friend of 2023


Best Division of 2023

The Strikers

Best Commander of 2023


Best High Command Member of 2023


Award of Heroism

Mickey Mouse

Award of Valor


Award of Merit


Award of Positivity


Best Moment of 2023

Reaching #1 on CPA’s Weekly Top Ten

Best Veterans of 2023

Ganger90 and Jess

Best War of 2023

SWAT versus the Penguins of Madagascar (POM)

Best Videographer of 2023


Best Advisor of 2023


Congratulations to all the winners! Additionally, we would like to pass our greatest gratitude to all SWAT agents who have dedicated their time and energy to making 2023 a joyful year for SWAT!


  • This year, SWAT acquired the first position on CPA’s Weekly Top Ten rankings after 2,695 days, or 7 years, 4 months, and 18 days!
  • This year, SWAT acquired the first position on CPA’s Weekly Top Ten rankings twice! The first was in early April, and the second was in late April!
  • This year, SWAT acquired a total of 731 points on CPA’s Yearly Top Ten rankings!
  • This year, SWAT had the third-most battles of the year, a total of 125.
  • This year, SWAT experienced the induction of four leaders: Bull Hour, Sweater, Fun X Time, and Fwapo!
  • This year, SWAT acquired a position on each Top Ten by CPA, except one!
  • This year, SWAT submitted the most ornaments for CPA’s Holiday Christmas Tree event, a total of 10!
  • This year, the term SWAT was used 43,417 times on Discord!
  • This year, a total of 786,078 messages were sent on Discord!
  • This year, a total of 119 messages were pinned on Discord that were sent within this year!
  • This year, SWAT sent 14.1858406153% of messages, in perspective of its lifetime!
  • SWAT reached a total of 5,541,286 messages on Discord by the end of the year!
  • This year, SWAT audited and logged 174,134 actions!
  • This year, SWAT recruited a total of 6,820 members! 6,781 members left within the year!
  • SWAT had a member count of 9,121 members by the end of 2023!
  • This year, SWAT ended up with no land, during the SWAT-TCP War of August 2023!
  • This year, SWAT could not manage to win an award from CPA!
  • This year, SWAT saw seven wars and conflicts!

Please note that all data mentioned above is in accordance to the UTC time zone, as of 1st January 2024 12:00:00 AM UTC.


  2. Coolguy
  3. Logical
  4. Rye Bread
  5. Bull Hour
  6. Sweater
  7. Fun X Time
  8. Fwapo

Wars and Conflicts

  1. RPF War (February 2023)
  2. POM War (March 2023)
  3. Templars War (April 2023)
  4. Bloodbath Barrage (May 2023)
  5. World War IX (June 2023)
  6. SWAT-TCP War (August 2023)
  7. EGCP-SWAT War (November 2023)

Notable Announcements

SWAT Acquiring #1 on CPA’s Weekly Top Ten

Induction of Fun X Time to Leadership

Induction of Bull Hour and Fwapo to Leadership

Dates and times of the aforementioned announcements are in accordance to the UTC time zone.

In conclusion, SWAT found 2023 to be an year of progress, seeking opportunities!

Thank you,
The SWAT Corporation!

Hello, December 2023!

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) has entered the twelfth and last stage of 2023 to print its final footprints into the historical chapter of 2023. How will SWAT embark this phase to its fullest, filling it with joy and excitement? Read on to find the answers!

© Credits to Club Penguin and Disney Interactive Studios for certain images used in this post.

Image Shown: SWAT Season 1: Operation: Blackout: Banner
Composed by Commander Fun X Time.
Image Shown: SWAT Season 1: Operation: Blackout
Composed by Commander Fun X Time.

Concluding November 2023

Gary from Club Penguin

In November 2023, we had completed a similar large-scale update to SWAT and its discord server. Although, war struck on 5th November 2023 due to EGCP’s overlook and envy, we managed to ignore the war and be able to decide what our future will hold. We named this project December 2023 and Beyond!
The preparations started on 15th November 2023 and an anticipated change was being hinted at the end of every event.

We were about to reintroduce Divisions to SWAT in early November 2023 but we had exchanged it with a better plan. This change will now occur in early December 2023. Read the latter of this newsletter to know more!

In November 2023, following the leave of LEGOMAN, SWAT saw the induction of three commanders, Commander Fun X Time, Commander Bull Hour, and Commander FWAPO, in the order their induction was announced. The SWAT Corporation passes a great magnitude of gratitude to Commander Bull Hour for one of the biggest recruiting sessions conducted in the past 6 months. He has let SWAT achieve a greater height, if not the greatest. The SWAT Corporation also thanks Commander FWAPO for handling external affairs. This includes actions he took when battles were hosted, discussing event times, sending statistics for the Top Ten, his apt decisions that prevented a worse scenario from occurring, and so on. All the Commanders share an equal rank of Commander in Chief, as of 1st December 2023.

Unfortunately, Commander FWAPO left his position on 29th November 2023, at 5:13 PM UTC.

Immediately after the induction of the new commanders, the November 2023 Conference was announced to invite all staff members. We acquired a total of 8 attendees in this EU time zone region staff-only event. The November 2023 Conference was held on 19th November 2023, at 5 PM UTC.

In November 2023, The discord server channels were organized to an extent. We plan to improve and redesign it as much as possible to ensure that the channel list looks clean. Many deprecated roles were purged and roles were organized to ensure that ranks and promotions are simplified. Yet, work remains. This work was expected to be completed by the start of December 2023.

An application created by Commander Krill 300, the SWAT Event Generator, was reworked in November 2023. In December, it is being expected to be reworked such that more announcements and texts can be generated, and, thus, the application will be renamed. Note that the application is not being actively stylized and does not use Responsive Web Design (RWD), yet, thus may not appear as intended on certain devices. The client is not publicly accessible. Decisions on its public accessibility are being discussed.

Image Shown: SWAT November 2023 Conference
A staff meeting held on 19th November 2023, at 5 PM UTC.
Shown are 8 staff members who partook in the conference.

December 2023

Let us discuss the changes and experience SWAT will face in December 2023 in this elaborate newsletter!

Image Shown: Penguin with Mail

The Outline

  1. Feedback from the SWAT Community
  2. Introducing Seasons
  3. Reintroducing Divisions
  4. Christmas Chaos XIII
  5. Reorganizing the Discord Server
  6. Enhancing the SWAT Discord Bot
  7. Expanding the Art Gallery
  8. Modification in Event Patterns
  9. Focusing on the SWAT Website
  10. Prioritizing Medals
  11. Emphasizing Efforts
  12. Summary

Feedback from the SWAT Community

“SWAT requires uplift. Recruitment, Enlistment, and Participation should do the trick. These three fundamentals, which I call the REP method, that, well, represents us, should be adhered to in every decision. We are either improving or staying the same. The balance protects us, and the improvement builds us. As far as what I have observed, the three Commander inductions are improving the army.”

Fun X Time, also known as Krill 300
Commander in Chief

“I am not too familiar in this area of SWAT event planning, so I can only speak as a troop in this case. I believe that we should have events that are extremely hyped in advance, and more spread out events overall. What I have seen over the years is burnout in troops, causing them to participate less. This has even occurred to me previously, the awareness of troops’ mental health and personal life should be always accounted for. Pressuring, as seen before in SWAT history, can make troops feel forced or coerced into going to events, which causes distrust in the community. This is one of the reasons I believe that the current abolishment of the “DM Advertising” recruitment style is more ethical but less efficient, it is something that I’ve wanted for a while but it’s impact on SWAT’s player base shows a very noticeable difference.

I would like to add on that size really isn’t everything when it comes to armies, it’s the community. Something I’ve always stood for in CPA is to combat hatred towards each other, and instead create a determined and valiant community that has fun, while showing what they believe in. SWAT shouldn’t prioritize having a bunch of penguins who log on and never participate in our community, we need troops that stay after events and make the entire experience more hospitable and friendly.

I honestly can’t predict the future of SWAT, it depends on the initiative that our troops and newly appointed commanders take, right now we aren’t at our golden age, and we won’t hit a golden age without doing anything. So I ask all of SWAT to work together, mend your broken bonds with fellow troops, and to start rebuilding the former glory of SWAT!

Thanks to all the troops of SWAT,

Third in Command, High Command

Introducing Seasons

Seasons are new adventures in which agents can compete in SWAT’s official discord server using the SWAT Bot. They are ways to engage agents by keeping them involved in events and other activity-related fundamentals. Seasons officially started in December 2023. Information can be accessed via the /seasons slash command or using the message-based text command .seasons.

December 2023 is the first season in SWAT, displaying the scenic frost beauty of the Club Penguin Island, while being actively attacked by an enemy. This season gives one clue of the enemy one must beware of! Who is behind the destruction? Let us hope the Island heals and information reveals!

Seasons is a SWAT Corporation initiative. Most Club Penguin graphics accessible in the Seasons feature use assets created by Disney Interactive Studios.

Image Shown: Aunt Arctic from Club Penguin prompting the player to a mission

What can you get from Seasons?

Seasons yield several rewards, including Shout-out with Custom Advertisement, Graphics of Choice, SWAT Coins, possibly Discord Nitro, and much more! Note that winning Discord Nitro has not been officially confirmed, yet. We will let you know once it is. The winner(s) of a season may also have their participation counted towards the annual awards. Annual awards have been described briefly in the latter of this newsletter.

What do I do in Seasons?

You can be a participant of Seasons by partaking in the missions assigned. You can read fun messages that add up to the story throughout. To learn more about these sub-commands, please refer to the Seasons command itself.

Reintroducing Divisions

Years ago, SWAT had two broad divisions: The Red Division and The Green Division. By 2020, it was changed to The Green Division and The Purple Division. After a long hiatus with divisions, the system has been reworked. Presently, there are two divisions: The Arctic Ops and The Strikers, primarily colored with blue and red respectively.

Divisions are like broad teams or groups. You can switch divisions anytime. People participating in Divisions can partake in Division-based events, where Commanders may typically be the judge.

The division uniforms can be acquired on CPABattleground by using !army SWATA if you are in The Arctic Ops division of SWAT, or !army SWATS if you are in The Strikers division of SWAT.

Christmas Chaos XIII

Credits to Master DS, CPA Graphics Designer.

Christmas Chaos XIII, abbreviated as CCXIII, is approaching. The tournament commences on Saturday, 2nd December 2023 between other armies. SWAT will be against EGCP, a great target. More information can be found on the CPA league’s post.

Image Shown: CPA Christmas Chaos XIII Tournament: Bracket 1
SWAT is against EGCP in the Quarterfinals, being a part of the Mistletoe Conference.
Credits to Master DS, CPA Graphics Designer.

A battle will struck on Monday, 11th December 2023, at 8 PM UTC against EGCP, with a chance of SWAT proceeding in the tournament. More details can be found in the discord server. Periodic reminders will be sent.
We expect great participation in this annual tournament, which is also the last in 2023.

Reorganizing the Discord Server

The official SWAT discord server is being reworked constantly, most of which are changes that are under the hood. The discord server will use modern Discord features.

  1. Discord role badges have been amended.
  2. Deprecated roles have been purged.
  3. The Museum and Library category has been added, nesting important information and history in books and paper.
  4. Promotion announcements are now stylized.
  5. Top Ten winnings, Best of the Week winners, and Weekly Amari XP winners are now announced in one, stylized, compiled message.

Enhancing the SWAT Discord Bot

Image Shown: Black Flare Elite Puffle from Club Penguin

The SWAT Bot was created on 21st April 2023 by Commander Fun X Time. It was intended for utility purposes, including certain DM reminding, periodic newsletters, and so on. SWAT Bot is expecting to have a reliable economy system, soon, and is expected to be finished by the mid of December.

Currently, SWAT Bot is undergoing several changes. This includes adding thumbnails and images to embeds to beautify responses. Grammar and detail is being improved. The Seasons system, as mentioned earlier, is one of the biggest changes occurred in the bot. The bot is gaining flexibility and will be as much customizable as possible, letting Bot Staff members and Agents let the bot understand what tasks should be done by it.

All broadcast and reminding datasets have been updated in the bot, as of 1st December 2023.

Please note that the bot is not publicly available, yet, and cannot be added to any discord server. If we choose to let other users add the bot to their servers, however, there will be certain limitations and you will still find many SWAT- or Club Penguin-related commands. And, we must periodically check which server the bot is in, for security reasons.

An economy system is being developed consistently. New features are concatenating in SWAT Bot every day. And, we feel proud!

Here are a few command suggestions you can try…

  • .profile
  • .leaderboard
  • .gemsLeaderboard
  • .daily
  • .weekly
  • .monthly
  • .season

Why do we need the Seasons and Economy features? We want to attach more incentives to our community. Soon, merit will be a great factor to being wealthy in SWAT, where you can choose to purchase promotions or paid gifts such as Discord Nitro, Spotify Subscription, and so on! You can also get the chance to gain reputation, consistency, and feel proud. Shout-outs will be conducted with any custom message and/or custom advertisement of your choice in several fields. We will ensure we do not leave anyone clueless and ensure that our messages deliver to you timely. You will never miss a sound in SWAT Bot!

Expanding the Art Gallery

Many agents have a passion of art, including Third in Command Zooy, and Third in Command stoggs101. Keeping this in mind, the SWAT Corporation is working on making an art team for the army.

We are also collecting all useful art resources for use in various projects. Projects include the SWAT Website and its posts, the SWAT Bot, announcements, and much more.

SWAT Art Team: Invited Members

The following agents have been invited to the SWAT Art Team

  1. Zooy (President)
  2. stoggs101 (Vice President)
  3. Nezuko
  5. Fun X Time

Congratulations to the invited members! The members can revoke this invitation and leave the SWAT Art Team at any point of time, by letting any one of the commanders know.

Modification in Event Patterns

SWAT scheduling all events of December 2023 on Discord.

A change in the event pattern in our monthly event schedules can be observed, starting 1st December 2023. This includes adjustments to ensure that the weekdays Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are taken into account via the UTC time zone.

SWAT has 18 scheduled events for the month of December 2023, including 1 tournament battle and 3 special events.
Special events for the month of December 2023 include…

  1. Hello, December 2023!
  2. Merry Christmas!
  3. The Final Event of 2023!

All special events will be hosted at 12 PM UTC, primarily for the European or African time zone region. This is to ensure that certain agents in the American time zone region, as well as, the agents in the Asia time zone region and Australia time zone region, may attend the event.

We are currently checking if 2 AM UTC, or 9 PM EST, is compatible for events in the American time zone region. Let us hope it holds!

SWAT is expecting to reach abnormal and satisfactory participation from the SWAT community for these special events.

Focusing on the SWAT Website

The SWAT Website will regain its activity as we create new posts and amend deprecated or outdated information. This has been acknowledged and we will try to finish the work by the mid of December 2023.

Posts will be frequented on the SWAT website. We suggest you to pick the SWAT News Central role in our discord server to stay tuned with all posts, if you like! The role can be obtained in the Channels & Roles channel of the discord server.

Did you know? SWAT had an older website, which has a lot of outdated information. It was last updated in May 2020. It can be accessed on swatofcp.com.


SWAT will now be prioritizing medals. We will add consecutive streak counts next to mentions in each promotion announcement. Medals will be awarded on the basis as mentioned in the Medals section of the SWAT website.

Currently, Medal of Consistency 𝐕 is the most popular medal, which is acquired by reaching a 5-event consecutive streak.

Image Shown: Example Announcement for Promotions, an agent winning Medal of Consistency V.

Recently, issues in Medals were examined and fixed.

Emphasizing Efforts

The SWAT Corporation partook in several polls. We collected suggestions, feedback, artwork, and quotes from the entire community. This newsletter took days of effort to write.

The December 2023 and Beyond project was an initiative by the SWAT Corporation, with its primary focus on the new Seasons feature and on economy in the SWAT Discord Bot. Economy should be brought up in December 2023 and is expected to be fully operational by the end of December 2023 or in January 2024.

The efforts began on 14th December 2023. We worked on Seasons, the Event Schedule, SWAT Bot Improvements, The SWAT Constitution, and Security Amendments since then. Note that the SWAT Constitution is still being structured and will undergo certain confirmations, being implemented on 1st January 2024 and after.

The SWAT Corporation would also like to suggest a work strategy we used to complete these tasks…

  1. Start thinking from the baseline.
  2. Analyze possible yields outcomes.
  3. Find out advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Compose yourself a favorable deadline.
  5. Work on your task.
  6. Discuss with other SWAT members and staff members.
  7. Recheck your task’s accuracy.
  8. Publish it to the world!


After all what you have read in this newsletter, you can conclude that you are aware of what is the ongoing in SWAT, congratulations! We can also conclude that SWAT is healing itself from these little changes, that collectively compose one community. Every day, the members of the SWAT Corporation spend time on analyzing, preparing, and working on schedules, competitions, announcements, and posts. Every event, the Agents partake in an opportunity. Every time we commit to something, we educate and empower ourselves.

  1. November 2023 has been concluded.
    • Agents saw a war struck against EGCP.
    • Agents saw the induction of three commanders.
    • Agents saw the leave of one of the recently inducted commanders.
  2. Seasons have been introduced in SWAT.
    • Seasons led to the creation of Missions.
    • Seasons promoted the work of Economy.
    • Season 1 commences.
    • Five missions have been assigned for Season 1.
    • Great incentives await for the winner(s).
  3. Divisions have been reintroduced.
    • Division-based training events may be conducted. Commanders will enact as the judges for these events.
    • Divisions can be switched.
    • Agents can join a division in the discord server.
  4. Certain Christmas Chaos XIII information is out.
    • Often abbreviated as CCXIII.
    • CCXIII is a massive annual tournament.
    • SWAT is partaking in the CCXIII.
    • SWAT is against EGCP in the Quarterfinals on Monday, 11th December 2023, at 8 PM UTC.
  5. The discord server has been enhanced.
    • The Museum and Library category has been added.
    • The Onboarding has been improved.
    • Role badges have been improved.
    • Deprecated roles have been purged.
    • The Week That Was and Promotions announcements have been formatted beautifully.
    • Invites and recruits are logged perfectly.
    • All permission issues have been addressed.
  6. The SWAT Bot has been enhanced.
    • SWAT Bot uses beautiful graphics by Club Penguin and Disney Interactive Studios.
    • Seasons, Missions, and Economy are key new features.
  7. The SWAT Art Team has been created.
    • Congratulations to Zooy for acquring the postition of President in the team, and stoggs101 for Vice President.
  8. Changes in the event pattern are experimental.
  9. The SWAT Website is regaining focus.
  10. Medals are regaining focus.
  11. Efforts have been emphasized.
  12. Quotes, image galleries, and advisory text by the entire SWAT community have been published!

Feedback is always welcome. We were able to conclude November 2023 in short, and describe December 2023 elaborately, because our future is comparatively more relevant!

Image Shown: The SWAT Flag (2020–Present)

“War is as much as a punishment to the punisher, as it is to the sufferer.”

Third in Command, High Command
on 5th November 2023,
after the SWAT-EGCP war struck.

“Your honors will be remembered in all corners!”

Fun X Time
SWAT Commander in Chief
on 29th November 2023,
after FWAPO’s leave.

“Let the haters hate, and the legends be great.”

SWAT Creator, Former Commander, Legend, Veteran, Godfather, First Responder, and Advisor
on 25th November 2023,
after EGCP finally taking the war seriously.

“We rise together. We fall together. SWAT forever.”

SWAT Former Commander, Legend, Veteran, Godfather, First Responder, and Advisor
on 15th December 2023,
during the induction of the three new commanders, Fun X Time, Bull Hour, and FWAPO.

Thank you,
The SWAT Corporation!