US U CHOOSE 31/07/22

On sunday we held an event where you got to choose what you wore as an outfit. This event was made to let swat have free control of their uniform and so that we all could show off our best outfits

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Agent Of The Week

Another week another agent of the week. We’ve had quite a busy week with multiple invasions and also a tournament battle. SWAT has been growing a lot recently and we should be proud of what we are creating in SWAT, something to be proud of!

Agents have been fighting for the agent of the week all week with the first event being an ausia training, the second an invasion on the Thursday. On Friday we had another invasion which was held in the form of a Viking Takeover. On the Saturday there was the massive tournament battle which all troops were hyped for. While the week didn’t end the way we planned, all troops worked hard so picking an agent of the week should be hard for sure.

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Battle 23/07/22

40 min event, 30 min battle

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Toboggan Is Ours! 22/07/22 Ausia Invasion

Today we invaded yet another server on the map. After the capture of Stone Cold, we set out for Toboggan as we aim to expand our empire even further. This event was an ausia invasion and also preparation for tomorrow’s big battle too. With the troops hyped for tomorrow’s battle, today’s invasion pushes our motivation to win even further! Let’s make sure we do!

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Invasion Of 103, Stone Cold Is Ours! 21/02/22

Yesterday we hosted an invasion of a server on the map which we named Stone Cold. While we already have Ice Cold, Stone Cold is a great nod to the one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin. The event also proved as a useful training event for the Beach Brawl. Let’s go out on Saturday and prove that we’re the best out there!

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Since the dawn of armies, SWAT and ACP have been at odds over the server of Mammoth and it’s been passed back and to between the 2 armies. However, now the ALMIGHTY MAMMOTH HAS RETURNED HOME from its scavage and will now take its place as SWAT’S capital once more. THE HOLY GRAIL OF SWAT IS HERE!

May 6th 2012
January 12th 2012 vs ACP
One of the first times we took mammoth
Created by SWAT leader, L90

From generation to generation, SWAT has always fought to keep Mammoth from everyone, not just ACP. This time will be no different, we will stand tall and march for Mammoth during our next event and we will never give up easily. Mammoth is our capital and we will honour its legacy! We shall start restoring Mammoth by hosting battles, marches and much more on CPAB.

Alongside Mammoth, we have reclaimed Cozy, Outback, Fiesta and Ice Cold!

To look at the full map click here

“We revisit those places where we experienced love, as pilgrims return to holy places, to be reminded, restored, and reaffirmed by them.”

“As I travel along in this world, I’m in awe of many things, like the colours I see in autumn or the flowers that bloom in spring. To me, there is no kind of awesome that any but home can bring, like returning to wake in my old bed to hear the birds sweetly sing.”

Our birth server, Mammoth is ours once again. Feel free to roam around and patrol Mammoth any time you like! FOR MAMMOTH!

  1. Suck it…. – Dwain
  2. FOR MAMMOTH! – Ganger
  3. Glad to see mammoth back in the hands of SWAT 💪 – Aaronstone
  4. Congratulations on reclaiming Mammoth! :biasalute: -IceQueen

We must keep growing, we need everyone to keep recruiting, joining events, learning, being active, helping each other out, making sure new recruits are told what we do here and hyping for events. We need to do this together for alone we are just a spec of dust but together we are an undeniable team! We are SWAT! SPECIAL WEAPONS AND TACTICS

Click Here to get linked to our next event and Here for our next battle



Agent/Staff Of The Week 10-16/07/22

A new dawn, a new day, a new Agent Of The Week/staff of the week. Well this post has been coming for a while and we’ve been without an agent/staff of the week but now it’s time to award someone with this role once again

Agents have been working hard throughout the week, however, this week SWAT only held 3 events so this week will be tougher for people to stand out than our last AOTW. The 3 events we held this week were uniquely different from each other. One was an Ausia Winter Takeover which helped take our minds off the warm weather. Another was a ‘Creation’ event where we experimented with new forms and different tactics to see if they would work. The 3rd was battle training, in preparation for the tournament battle we have on Saturday the 23rd of July.

Despite only having 3 events, the people have been chosen and we’re about to find out who these people are!

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Today’s event was all about experimentation, creating all sorts of new forms, tactics and ideas so that we can test them out to see if they’d be good for future battles. We had fun and trained while testing out some forms. Good job SWAT.

I want to see EVERY ONE OF YOU at next week’s tournament battle okay? BE THERE TO BEAT OUR ENEMIES

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Introducing Me: An Introduction To Candy Fox

There are a lot of people within SWAT, some have been here for years and some have been here more weeks/months. I thought it’d be a good idea to get to know people within our army a bit more and in our first edition, we will be talking with Candy Fox.

Candy Fox joined SWAT in 2021. In fact, their first message on our server was just under 1 year ago on the 28th of July 2021. This was just after our stint in project conquest. While they may have missed our invasions and past wars, there hasn’t been a lack of excitement for SWAT nor Fox as we’ve witnessed many changes in SWAT with both new people coming in and old people going out. She was able to learn and work with both of these kinds such as Mare, Krill and even Fesk. 3 different kinds of people in different ranks with different experiences.

Candy Fox soon learned the ropes in SWAT and joined their first division – The Purple Division. While learning how SWAT works she was soon addicted. At the time we were using CPRewritten as a CPPS but since then we have changed CPPS’ and we are now on CPABattlegrounds.

From there she hasn’t looked back and has continued to work her way up the ranks in SWAT and has become a known name in SWAT, especially in the ausia division. On the 25th of October, she finally became staff after a while as SIT and while she may have had her good and bad times in SWAT, as we all have had, she has worked hard to work up the ranks to lead the ausia division to be the best that it can be.

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15/07/22 Winter Takeover

Recently, the weather has been hotter (where I am at least) so we decided to host a winter takeover to take people’s minds off the summer weather and to have fun. Not only that but to train for future tournaments that we know are coming up soon. We need to be prepared! Okay, now time for the pics.

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