Message To Mach And “UMA”

Dear Mach and UMA,

It’s okay to be jealous of an army that is much superior and better than you in every way, Mach, you even said it yourself. UMA is not a real army, you’re just an army that runs their mouth and does absolutely nothing because Mach is a terrible leader and can’t lead an army past SMAC. When UMA manages to get 10 on CP, I will acknowledge your dumbass threats and destroy your wack “army”. Everyone is very glad you’re gone from CPAC, you were the worst CEO of all time. CPAC was already shitty, and became far worse when you took office and you need to just stay away from CP armies in general, because it seems you’re just terrible at every aspect of it.

Let me know when you lead a real army, 

~Ganger90, SWAT Leader and Founder

Liberation Of Half Pipe – RESULTS!

Hello SWAT!

After hitting sizes of 45+ at our returning event, we had sort of a short notice event, where we reached sizes of around 40 with ok tactics. Event was originally supposed to be at 8:00, but with midterms going on for everyone, a lot of people are busy, so these sizes are pretty awesome in the middle of everything right now.

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

Starting Up

Hello Agents.

This week, a lot of people are studying and/or actually taking their midterms in school, and are spending more time focusing on that right now than CP armies. I am one of these people. Already, we’ve maxed 45, and new recruits are flowing in every day. Soon we will go on a run that will put us above all, and where we want to be. We will reclaim 1st, and we will defend it for months to come. For now, we won’t be having THAT MANY events, not until testing is over for everyone. When testing is over, we will go on our tear, and regain our former strength from about a month ago. Lets get it done, SWAT.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief


 photo SPRITERIP_zpsrayr7xvc.jpg



The Beginning

Hello Agents!

One night. One night is all it took, and already we’ve achieved over 40+. I am just so happy to be back in the SWAT I was in months ago. Lets keep recruiting, and lets keep getting better. This is only the beginning.

The SWAT Army maxed sizes of 45+

Lights edit: All Day Long broooo!


See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

It Starts Tonight

SWAT re-opens tonight. We will be cleansing/marching on our capital server, Mammoth, and we expect to see sizes of around 40-45. We will pick up right where we left off, SWAT. The competition is few. We have a chance to do something big here, and we will get it done. Our goals are stretched farther than 1st in CPAC, because that will come easy to us. I want to have SWAT be the bridge between keeping this community alive and well. Last week, the legendary Ice Warriors shut its doors. DCP also locked down this week. Armies are dropping like flies, and I won’t see SWAT meet the same fate. We will prevail and we will continue to live on. This is the last ride for me, because this time, THERE ACTUALLY ISN’T anywhere else to go. Lets do this SWAT.

We Manage Now.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

The Bot Raid Issue

Edit: Fuck off pizza boy ill have you sent back to china

Sprite, raid us again and see what happens. You might think its funny to do this because you know Gob won’t do anything but it isn’t really funny. We can do the same thing to every single RPF event if you want us to I hope you don’t because I don’t really want to fight and argue over some stupid shit like this, but if you want to I guess we can. We could be friends but every time people went on the RPF chat to see why you bot raided us you just banned them. We will not take action this time, but if you do this again we will not be as friendly as we are being now. I hope you are smart enough to stop bot raiding SWAT.

~Everyone in SWAT

I Have Returned; We Manage Now

Hello SWAT,

Guess who’s back?

I have returned to lead SWAT to glory once more. Last generation, SWAT reached sizes of 50+ and 1st on CPAC for the first time since 2012. We were hunted by our enemies, and we easily prevailed destroying everyone in our way.

We will do it again. And this time, we will have no setbacks, we will have no traitors. This will be just me, you, and a whole lot of success. Lets get it SWAT.

We manage now.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief


“LT doesn’t multilog”

Bitch plz

CPAC Special Report: The Magnificent Life Of Chippy/Noob

*Took me approximately 8000 hours to type*

Klondike, CPA Central Headquarters – In a community, where many are respected, there are some who aren’t. You have the Waterkids, the Akabobs, the Sprites, and of course, our very own, Chip AKA the nile river. (You asked for this faggot)

*Viewer discretion is advised*

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