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We, the SWAT Army of Club Penguin, are a democratic army. This means that the troops vote for changes to be made on the army, but the current leaders and advisors have the final say.

Stability Agreement

No leader, advisor, or anyone else is allowed to coup, demote, or remove a leader without calling a meeting to discuss the reasoning and circumstances. The person who is being put up for removal will also be included in the meeting. No one is allowed to form groups, committees, rebellions, or uprisings against the leadership or advisory. Anyone in violation of this agreement are to be banished from SWAT until further notice.

Implemented by Badboy, SWAT Godfather


Presently, the Club Penguin Armies (CPA) is reworking the server map, keeping the existing one paused.
SWAT does not possess any land right now. Information regarding to server history has been provided below.

Historical Capital: Mammoth
Historical Co-capital: Cozy

Foreign Relationships


  1. Dark Vikings (DV)
  2. :salute~5: Napalm Corps (NC)


  1. Army of Club Penguin (ACP)
  2. Elite Guardians of Club Penguin (EGCP)
  3. People’s Imperial Confederation (PIC)
  4. Coup Crusaders (CC)