28/02/22 UK U-lead on the beach

Today we held a training event on the beach before quickly being transported into the box dimension to carry on our training event!

Maximum: 11

Battle Vs IW / Templars

Max : 7 ???????????

It was a laggy, crashy battle, no pics as of rn, find me later, may be able to find some.

Chaos Training

Max: 11

Agent/Staff of The Week

Another week has passed and we’ve held quite a few events this week and it has definitely been mixed however, new #OfTheWeek have been crowned.

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21/02/22 Training

We held a training on Monday, here’s how it went.


20/02/22 Event Of Truth

Today we held an event of truth and boy did we get it. The recent performances of SWAT haven’t been good, however, there’s always a way back for SWAT. SWAT will rise and keep rising, never mark us down

Max: 17


SWAT ART Exhibition

Last year we held an art competition and put an ‘Art Gallery’ on the site, we had many great submissions and I was always looking forward to another Exhibition where ALL of SWAT could show their talent to everyone. Whether you may be a troop or an ally I want to see your drawing/creations!!

Created by Krill last year

What are some of the things we’ll be accepting for the competition? (Both digital and on paper are accepted)
We’ll be accepting any type of art that is created by you, whether that be a drawing or a new concept for a SWAT Banner. If you look at our last Art Gallery you’ll see the different types of art that people submitted so be open-minded. Just make sure that it is appropriate and follows the rules of SWAT.

You have until Friday, February 25th to submit your art. To submit your art, dm a leader with your art piece once it is complete. The post showing these art pieces should follow the deadline. So that means it should be on the 26th or the 27th of February! Good Luck!


Battle vs acp

Battle vs ACP

Max 6


SWAT VS FW 02/02/22

In what was to be a fiery battle, SWAT faced Fire Warriors in a heated battle. Past SWAT leader vs Present SWAT. So what happened? Let’s find out

Max: 12


That’s our event SWAT, not many pictures were taken so that’s all we have. Until next time