Recovered: Invasion of LT Day 1 Results

By: Hurricanex1


Sorry for the late post for the results, but we won all three servers yesterday vs LT. Of course LT did not show because they said they would not. Well we only maxed 15 on CP with 21 on chat. I got very bad pictures because, SWAT saw Riffy at the Dock, and we were chasing him around CP. Riffy we know you saw us 😉 . Anyway here is two bad pictures I got from the event.

Sorry guys for the bad pictures once again! But welcome three new servers to the U.S.S.W.A.T. Thermal, Avalanche, and Sparkle. Comment if you attended this event!

~ SWAT Leader, Hurricanex1

Recovered: Happy Holidays, DW

By: Badboy 00923

Hello SWAT,

Well, DW has decided to keep crying about the PB, and they think they are better then us, so let’s show them who is really better. It’s time to kick ass, SWAT. So, lets do it.