8/30 Defense of Cozy – [VICTORY]

Today, the evil and envious Water Vikings army attempted
to march onto the legendary SWAT Team's server 
Cozy to invade it from us and ultimately failed as 
we scored a 2-1 victory over the enemy forces.
MAX : 27


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8/29 Tournament Battle vs PAF [No Show]

MAX – 23 /// Mission – SUCCESSFUL!


It’s been a while my friends but I’d just like to say, I like what I see.

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Defense of Cream Soda

MAX – 37


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4eiU1kzDpM&w=400&h=400] 
Full video coverage by Lieutenant Officer, Pinkeypenn
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USA Surprise Event Results

Today we held a surprise USA event and decided to have a U-Lead to show appreciation for all of our amazing troops here in SWAT. We also welcomed back an old SWAT vet, Shane. Great job today

MAX – 26

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USA PB with ACP [Results]

MAX – 31


More pics coming soon, thank you everyone who showed up

8/16 AUSIA Op: Red SWAT Return [RESULTS]

MAX – 18




8/15 USA Training Session [RESULTS]

MAX – 20


8/14 Training Session [RESULTS]

MAX – 28

Read more for some pictures or enjoy this full video coverage of the event made by one of our amazing troops, PinkeyPenn


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8/11 PB with WV [VICTORY]

MAX – 28
Our practice battle with WV was a lot of fun, and even better with a victory for SWAT

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