Recovered: Hello S.W.A.T,

By: vetsdparkagod

Hello S.W.A.T,

You may know me, I’m Vetsd and I’m here in S.W.A.T. to try to get us major and back to the golden age sizes. I will give you a breif history of my career. I joined armies during the Oagal vs Pink Mafias war on the UMA side, one day after I switched to ACP and officially joined them, Got to 2nd Highest mod, Lead Parkas to 20+, and lead ST to the top.10 3 times out of 3 tries. So yes, I know a few things. Here’s some things we need to work on:


I noticed our troop flow has been slowly decreasing and I haven’t been seeing any new faces on S.W.A.T chat and that’s not a good sign. Everyone should be recruiting, it’ll give you rewards such as promotions and other things! Recruit friends if possible and have your friends recruit their friends! If everyone in the army recruited TWO people, we’d be easily maxing 25+ if you recruited 5+well… we’d be massive. I am giving a promo to any troop who recruits five or more people.

Chat Activity-

S.W.A.T. chat seems to be never dead, so why not be on chat while on xat? Something interesting is always going on so don’t miss out! More chat activity=more recruits, be on chat please. Owners- you may be demoted if not on chat while on xat so watch out.


With 2-3 owners quitting, we are looking for some experienced and active troops to join the army! Be on chat and you’ll be ranked shortly! Please do not be afraid to try for owner, but be okay with mod. You’ll eventually get owner.


You should be ready at any time to lead. Be ready, as I believe your chance will become soon. Prove to me that you can become a future SWAT legend. Don’t be afraid to take control in-battle if leaders aren’t being fit to lead.


I think we’ll be declaring war on an army soon, we don’t have any real targets yet, but be ready for when we do. You never know when we’ll go to war and who it’s with. During wartime troops are expected to log on no matter what. Failure to do so while on xat could result in demotion. Troops are also expected to recruit for the army and not be bribed easily by enemy leaders. You should stay in S.W.A.T because we will always come out on top, and that has never failed us.

Getting To Know You!-

It will take some time to get to know the people in this army so please, do not by shy to introduce yourself to me. It helps your chances of a promotion the better I know you and it also helps me know your tendencies so I can get settled in and ready to rise the army along with Beast, Reece, and Percy.


Max 20+

Get Top.5

Get T0p.3

Win a Tournament

Beat N0.1 Army In Battle/PB

Win A War

Show The CP Army World That They Should Fear Us.

We will rise S.W.A.T.

-Hell will be unleashed-

Vetsd S.W.A.T. Leader

Defending our Nation [CANCELLED]

Post by Beast, Former SWAT Leader


What: Defense [IMPORTANT]
When: Saturday 25th August 2012
Server: Tuxedo
7:00 PM GMT
2:00 PM EST
1:00 PM CST
12:00 PM MST
11:00 AM PST
5:00 AM AUS


What: Defense
When: Sunday 26th August 2012
Server: Sherbert
7:00 PM GMT
2:00 PM EST
1:00 PM CST
12:00 PM MST
11:00 AM PST
5:00 AM AUS

Make sure to come to these defenses, I will not be here for the first one on the 25th, hopefully I’ll be home on time to make the second one, on August 26th. Make sure to comment if you can/can’t make it.  Also, if you are on xat be sure to be on the SWAT chat at

– Beast, SWAT Leader

Now is our time.

My people… Sons and Daughters of The Swat Nation… For many Months, we have been a broken nation: shunned, oppressed, and conquered by those we sought to escape. Two Weeks ago, I asked for time, and that time was granted by you. You: the strength in my Flipper, the holders of my dreams… Our forefathers embarked on the greatest exodus in the history of all Swat . An exodus for freedom, Swat became that freedom. Our new Servers changed our bodies. At first, it weakened us, but in fact, we were growing… stronger. In the time you have given me, I have rebuilt our nation, I have rebuilt our strength, and I have rebuilt our pride! Our enemies at home have been re-educated; we have given them new insights into our cause. On this day, we stand united once more. On this day, those driven to divide us will hear our voice! On this day, we shall act as one, and we shall be ignored NO MORE! This much I vow: The history of these days will be written in blood. By crushing the Ranks of our enemy, by seizing the Penguins they thought to turn against us, we were fighting for our very existence. But if there are those who would deny us peace; refuse us our rightful place in Cp warfare, then we will unleash such terrible vengeance that generations yet unborn will cry out in anguish! The enemy may shatter our bodies, but they cannot break our spirit. Even now they advance on our home Servers, to seize by force what they cannot claim by right. They cannot imagine what awaits them. WE WILL SMITE THE ENEMIES FROM OUR SERVERS! Though they sweep over our Servers like the sands of winter, never again will we bow before them; never again endure their oppression; never again endure their tyranny. We will strike without warning and without mercy, fighting as one hand, one heart, one soul. We will shatter their dreams and haunt their nightmares, drenching our Forefathers graves with their blood. And as our last breath tears at their lungs; as we rise again from the ruins of our cities… they will know: Hell Will Be Unleashed. Defenders of the Swat dream, NOW IS OUR TIME!

The Pirates Will Fear us Like None Before. We Will Not Stop Until Waterkid Quits. We Will March Over their Cities Until they Beg For Mercy , Which Will Not Be Given.

~Aη∂яєω24 ѕωαт α∂νιѕσя -ѕιgηιηg σƒƒ-

(credit goes to guerrilla games)

Recovered: What the hell?

I’m very disappointed in all of you right now. Four days without a post!?!? Start posting NOW or there will be some leader changes! An army cannot continue on the way you guys are leading it. You need 1-3 posts daily. Come on! Adjust yourselves or I WILL.


S.W.A.T. Founder


By: Ganger90

Army Republic vs. SWAT

Wednesday, August 15

Klondike, Stadium

12pm PST, 1pm MST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST, 8pm UK

Yes, I have recently retired, but I had the chance to come on for a little bit today and since no one else is posting this, I’ll post it to get the word out to every one. I wish the best for you guys.

Practice Battle with UMA

Hey Guys It’s me Samra your LIT We just had our practice battle with UMA

and this is how we did for the battle 




Tactics 7/10

Size 8.5/10 

Overall guys I think we did an excellent job and that next time I hope we can pay attention and do tactics better our size was good just needed to work on tactics.


– Samra your LIT

-credits to Hunter and Beast for the pictures thank you guys !

I’m Back!

I’ve decided to temporarily stay in SWAT and lead you all through the rest of the tournament that is currently going on. We’ve received a second chance and I’m going to take advantage of it and hopefully lead S.W.A.T. to number 1 and a tournament win and this time, we will not be coming up short, we will have to finish through the Final Round strong!


S.W.A.T. Leader

Legends Cup: Round Two

~Post by Beast, former SWAT Leader ~
Well, we are in the Legends Cup for round two.

SWAT vs Ice Vikings
Sunday, August 5th
Klondike, Stadium
12pm PST, 1pm MST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST, 8pm UK

Make sure to comment if you can make it.

Recovered post

My Retirement from SWAT by Hυѕкєяѕ232

Hello SWAT!!

I find it quite funny how this is my first and last post as SWAT Leader.I have decided to retire as SWAT Leader because of personal issues which I do not wish to share with anyone.Its been a fantastic experience for me to lead this legendary army with such great leaders like Doms,Reeces,Spikey and Reeces.Im very glad I had this opportunity.I would like to thank GoodJoker for having the belief that I can lead an army of such quality like SWAT.I would also like to thank Supa Em and Dwain for being great friends.When I started leading SWAT I didn’t believe we can achieve so much in one week.We grew from sizes of 15+ to 25+ in such a short time.I had hoped to lead SWAT till I finish my army career on August 28th but unluckily that isn’t the case.I know people are going to say “who needs that noob,anyway?!?” when I retire but bear in mind that its not an easy task to lead any Major/Former Major armies like SWAT when there is so much expected of you.Although I have led the Doritos,Rebel Penguin Force and Shadow Troops which are armies of equal caliber,SWAT has been my favorite. I hope I can return to SWAT in a few months time when I will hopefully return to the army world.I wish the leaders all the best in leading SWAT.Bye for now!


Hell Will Be Unleashed!!!