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SWAT Tournament Training [US/UK]
Sunday, November 20th (2022)
11:00 AM EST10:00 AM CST9:00 AM MST8:00 AM PST
4:00 PM UK ┊11:00 PM AWST ┊1 AM AEST ┊2 AM AEDT
CPA Battleground


✪】[US] Operation: Buzzed on Cream Soda

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✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today was a phenomenal day for the newly-reopened US Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin. Today, March 22, 2023, at 8:00 PM EST we logged in to the server Klondike for our defense of Cream Soda. War is upon us and we will fight valiantly. We were able to max 23 devoted SWAT Agents for this enjoyable event, and successfully defend our sovereign nation. However, our proudest achievement of this event was accomplishing our greatest mission – having fun! Thank you to all the stupendous SWAT Agents that attended this awesome event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE Invasion of POM coming up. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 23

Warm-Up Room: Ice Berg

Room One: Docks

Room Two: Dojo

Room Three: Mine

Event Video

Special thanks to awesome SWAT Staff Member, Akio, for recording this!

Battle Results

Great performance today, SWAT. Congrats to all those who received DOUBLE promotions. A special thanks to Aisha, Zooy, A®¢ha̸_€, and of course LEGOMAN for taking event pictures and another massive thank you to Akio for recording the battle. Let’s continue this upward MOMENTUM. We have some more battles in the War of Conquest in our sights, and we are ready will ALL flippers on deck. Happy holidays. Until next time. #FIGHT4SWAT

✪】End Transmission.

Supreme Minister of War
SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

Special Announcement

That is all

SWAT Tournament History 2020-2023

We’re back with another post and with MM being held on Sunday, I thought it’d be good to go through our history in tournaments this generation. I hope you all enjoy the post! Well, let’s get into it.

SWAT reopened in May 2020, giving SWAT and brand new life. This reopening of SWAT saw old and new faces gather around to celebrate this joyous occasion with many people reminiscing on the past while others were thinking about SWAT’s future which looked bright. Since then, SWAT has stayed alive and has been involved in many tournaments.

Our first tournament was the legendary Legends Cup tournament. We faced our brother allies, Golden Troops in the first round. We beat them 3-0 in the first round to progress onto the second round.

The size difference for the battle was 5 with swat maxing 20 and GT, 15. The next round, however, would prove to be a lot tougher as SWAT would go on to face the Dark Warriors. They were able to get an astounding 55 penguins online while we only were able to maintain our size from the first round which made it a lot harder to grab the win. This meant that DW took advantage of the size difference and capitalised, taking the win.

Our next tournament was the Beach Brawl in July 2020, originally we were battling Silver Empire on the 19th of July, however, this battle was cancelled mid-way due to botting. A picture of this battle is below:

SWAT had the upper hand in this battle, especially in this picture as you see the Silver Empire try to circle us but this didn’t go to plan for them. This battle was rescheduled to a bit later, however, with less hype, SWAT and SE were very fierce when competing. Both armies had close sizes and both had moments where they could’ve won the whole thing. However, only one could be victorious and despite our efforts, Silver Empire proceeded onto round two.

The next tournament was Fight or Fright held in October 2020

This tournament saw us compete against the Ice Warriors for a Halloween-themed tournament in the first round. However, this tournament run was short-lived as we failed to beat Ice Warriors but gave it our best shot.

Since October had passed and since opening we had been involved in many tournaments and wars and November was no difference. At the end of November, we had our first Christmas Chaos battle against the Pizza Federation. This battle, despite how many people will think, was actually pretty close and not one-sided. Despite SWAT, on paper, being the better army, Pizza Fed showed up for real and made sure to bring their best in this battle. However, while they were trying their best, they were also doing it successfully. This gave them this win in the round.

The next tournament, however, wouldn’t be until March when the March Madness (2021) took place. With many changes within swat, we were prepared for the tournament, taking on PIC in the first round and winning, however we lost the second round to the Ice Warriors. However, we were in the top eight against a tough opponent who we gave our best against. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to beat the warriors.

The next “tournament” we participated in wasn’t actually a tournament but it was Project conquest in June, like how the map works, armies got to pick servers and then would choose to invade other armies but also defend their own land. With that said, SWAT started off by invading the Red Ravagers, however, we soon withdrew from the tournament after many issues arose surrounding it.

The next tournament was the Legends Cup, this was the second time in this generation that we stepped into this competition, however, the run didn’t last long. We were against Secret Service in the July LC first round. Unfortunately, we fell out of the tournament in this round.

The next tournament was the Christmas Chaos in December. This time we aimed to get further and try to win. In the first round we faced the Red Ravagers and beat them after a close battle, surprisingly.

However, we had to compete again to solidify our place in the second round as the first round for us was deemed as the qualifiers. However, we were matched up against RPF and were outnumbered, ending our run in the CC.

The next tournament wouldn’t be until July 2022 where we would take part in the beach brawl. This saw us partake in 3 battles in 1 event, we faced Ninjas, Magma Clan and Lime Green Army, in that order. We were able to beat Ninjas but fell short against the rest of them for some reason. No pictures are available from our site for these battles so who knows what may or may not have happened.

The next tournament would be the Legends Cup once again and this time we faced the mighty RPF. We went intot his battle full force and aimed to win. We gave it everything we had in this battle and we came out on top with the win. However, we were later disqualified from the tournament because of something that happened prior to the battle.

We did get a chance at redeeming ourselves later in October though, we participated in the Monster Mash tournament against five other armies. We went into this wanting redemption and to give it our all and we did just that. We laid it out on the battlefield for all to see and we took home the trophy (that was never actually made for us…) With a max of 27 we looked much bigger and dominated the competition, beating out everyone in our way!

The next and last tournament that we participated in was the Christmas Chaos. We truly went into this, just like the legends cup, giving it everything we possibly had, giving it our all and wanting to win. However, against the RPF who were out for revenge, it was not enough to overcome them. We gave it our best effort and can be proud of the fight we gave them with a max of 40 penguins!

That just about wraps up all the tournaments that this generation of SWAT has participated in and we are proud to have come this far. While we may have only won one, we broke records within SWAT along the way and we aim to do that once more with the upcoming March Madness competition. The Templars currently stand in our way as we aim to make history within SWAT once again and go further than SWAT ahs gone ever before and done better than we have ever done before. Let’s go out there on Sunday and win it!

17/03/23 Battle Vs PIC (UK)

Today, we logged onto CPAB to battle our allies, People’s Imperial Confederation. Let’s see how it went!

Maximum: 19

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Wednesday 15/03/23 (AUSIA)

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On Wednesday, SWAT hosted an ausia event where we prepared our ausia division for any upcoming challenges and also to make sure that the division stays strong! SWAT’s ausia division has been strong in the past and we aim to make sure that ausia gets the credit it deserves!

Maximum: 15

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Tuesday, March Madness Training 14/03/23 (UK)

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On Tuesday, we held a training event to prepare for our upcoming battle in the March Madness tournament. As we aim to win, we made sure this training was a success. Let’s find out how this event went.

Maximum: 21

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Agent of the Week 5-11/03/23

A week has gone by and now we see a new Agent of the week being crowned along with other OTW’s. Let’s find out who has won it this week!

Well, this week agents, old and new have been battling it out to try and grab the ‘OTW titles. We saw SWAT hold 3 events during the week. Starting our week on Sunday, we held a training event to prepare for future battles. On Tuesday, we went on to cpab to invade Tundra and did so successfully. To end the week, we held a massive promotion event on Saturday, maxing 31.

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Battle vs Help Force (UK) 12/03/23

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On Sunday, we took to CPAB to prepare for the upcoming March Madness battle by battling the Help Force, we gave it our all and gave them a tough, friendly battle. Let’s see how this amazing battle went!

Maximum: 16

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✪】[UK] Operation: Promotion Ceremony

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✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today was an absolutely stellar day for the UK Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin. Today, March 11, 2023, at 4:00 PM EST we logged in to the server Battleground for our promotion ceremony. We were able to max 31 for this awesome event. However, our proudest achievement of this event was accomplishing our greatest mission – having fun! Thank you to all the stupendous SWAT Agents that attended this incredible event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE March Madness coming up. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 31

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Sole Room: Docks

Fantastic event SWAT. Congrats to all those who received promotions. Let’s continue this MOMENTUM. We have some more battles on our horizon and we are eager to share them with this glorious army. Happy holidays. Until next time. #FIGHT4SWAT

March Madness: The Journey and The Seedings

The Journey started long ago and we have been fighting ever since SWAT was created for war wins, for trophies and to be the best. March Madness is now on the horizon and we must aim to win. But what is SWAT’s history in the tournament? Well, let’s find out!

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