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We have massive battles, events, raids, and giveaways! Our team here prides itself on being a FRIENDLY, supportive, and of course FUN community.

We use Discord to host and communicate these gaming events!

Event Schedule:

Monday, 24 April

[AUSIA] Formation Training

9am EST | 8am CST | 7am MST | 6am PST | 2pm UK


Wednesday, 26 April

[AUSIA] Tactical Training

9am EST | 8am CST | 7am MST | 6am PST | 2pm UK


Saturday, 29 April

[AUSIA] Battle Against Mystery Army!

9am EST | 8am CST | 7am MST | 6am PST | 2pm UK

[EU/NA] Tactical Training

3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST | 8pm UK


Sunday, 30 April

[AUSIA] Battle Against Mystery Army!

9am EST | 8am CST | 7am MST | 6am PST | 2pm UK


All new members who attend these events will receive a promotion in the SWAT Discord!

Sound the Trumpets

Rise and fall are inevitable. However, choosing to repeat the past mistakes of history is a fool’s errand. To have virtually the entire community in opposition to the conglomerate alliance of the three behemoths, and yet still attempt to reconstruct it with new faces is quite unwise. Many have long opposed the Black Ice Alliance and celebrated its vastly anticipated downfall at the nefarious hands of Subster. Any of the armies that declared could have easily engaged and perhaps beaten – if not fiercely contended – with the Army of Club Penguin. It is disappointing, to say the least. Their terms have tried to circumvent all other involvement, which was later disputed by the CPA Admins. As an obvious act of hypocrisy.

We acknowledge the ego and hubris exhibited by CalgoCubs21 in recent times, as does he himself, however, that does not define the entire DRACP. My friends, is a conflict not essential to the very fabric of Club Penguin Armies? Is it not the strongest motivator? SWAT recently dropped our land as detailed in a previous post due to our sights being set on a different target due to their repulsive and extremely offensive tactics. Continuing that conflict against the Dark Vikings not only strengthens our relations with our allies but took a stand against harassment within this community. Temporarily withdrawing was never an act of cowardice, it was showing our fierce dedication to one cause. We had made a promise to our Brother Allies and to all of the Signatories of the Sapphire Concordat and we followed through with due diligence. Unlike some armies, we do not make empty promises. Now we are ready to exact the next chapter in Club Penguin Army history.

The Special Weapons and Tactics formed the Sapphire Concordat alongside our Brother Ally, the People’s Imperial Confederation. This was originally intended to be solely between our two armies, but as time progressed more armies heard our voice and rallied to our cause. The Sapphire Concordat became a vessel to unify the Small/Medium community under one cause. Presently the Sapphire Concordat consists of all of the active Small/Medium armies bar Dark Vikings. Our vision is not yet complete. We created this alliance as a syndicate to bring justice to the misconducts of the community. Our vision will not conclude prematurely.

For too long “gang-up wars” have been perpetuated and normalized, and despite our drama with the Army of Club Penguin, this does not go unnoticed. Having three of the most massive armies support one another in arms is a death sentence to all opposition unless we take a stand. We will expunge the disgraceful Blue Sunset Alliance from the server map and conquer their entire nation. SWAT has been at the center of warfare for the past year, keeping the community alive at every twist and turn. In the past, we have sought out conflict for the sake of having conflict, with the Rebel Penguin Federation in February. We could have remained stagnant and held bland training events, but we chose to innovate and fight an impossible fight. We have been on the other side of the “gang-up wars” on numerous occasions. It is now we exact vengeance.

A new age is dawning. We are marching forth into the chaos to expunge our new enemy. With the force of the entire Sapphire Concordat. Will you stand with us and rise, or will you fall?

Consequentially, the Sapphire Concordat welcomes the Army of Club Penguin and Templars as new Signatories. The Sapphire Concordat now consists of the following armies:

  • People’s Imperial Confederation
  • Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Templars of Club Penguin
  • Napalm Corps

It is on this day of June 2nd, 2023 that the Sapphire Concordat hereby collectively declares war upon the Blue Sunset Alliance. This declaration officially commences World War IX.

World War IX Terms

I. No army following this declaration can transfer any servers until the conclusion of the war. The only exception to this rule is if an army forfeits the war and transfers all of their servers to the opposing side (e.g. if ACP transfers all of their servers to EGCP/WV/RPF. Refer to rule 8).
II. Allies are allowed to attend each battle.
III. No troops that dual-enlist in any participating army after this war’s declaration are allowed to attend.
IV. All war battles must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with the Club Penguin Armies league. Failure to do so will result in the invalidation of the scheduling.
V. No doxxing, ddosing, botting, multilogging, pizza-bombings, or swattings are allowed in any shape or form. Violation of this term upon Club Penguin Armies administration review will constitute a forfeit of the war. War may not be pretty but gamesmanship like that is not welcomed.
VI. No army is allowed to merge following this declaration and will stay in place until the war has concluded. Any merger will be deemed invalid.
VII. The losing side in this conflict must accept the terms of a treaty imposed by the winning force unless there is no clear winner (by agreement of all parties).
VIII. A withdrawal from this conflict for any reason and in any shape or form (e.g. withdrawing from the server map, withdrawing from the Club Penguin Armies league, locking-down/closing, etc.) will constitute a forfeit of the war.
IX. Any attempt to exploit loopholes upon review of the Club Penguin Armies administration will constitute a forfeit of the war.
X. Any evidence of any of these war terms being breached will result in an instant defeat of the opposing side in this war. This cannot be invoked unilaterally, however, and is up to the CPA league administration.
XI. All battles must be judged by CPAJ’s officiated judges. Judge-in-trainings are permitted to spectate in accordance to CPAJ’s policies.
XII. Any other map rules imposed by Club Penguin Armies will apply to this war.

✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Council

I Guess This Didn’t “Work Out”

✪】 Attention agents this is not a drill

After 2 weeks of constant warfare with the repugnant Dark Vikings, tensions have continued to boil. Ultimately, the Dark Vikings continued their usage of inappropriate tactics within their battle, as well as constantly neglecting to attend war battles. They have been openly transphobic and have barraged many members of the Sapphire Concordat with unrelenting harassment and hate speech. This behavior is completely unacceptable and is in direct violation of our war term against toxic tactics. Due to the aforementioned reasons:

As of June 2, 2023, SWAT, united with the Sovereign Nation of the Sapphire Concordat, declares Total Victory against the Dark Vikings.

This does not come as a shock seeing as we have beaten them in 12 battles. They have constantly talked mad game in league chats while showing they are unable to back up their words. How fitting that this should happen during Pride Month due to their immense homophobia.

Treaty of the Nordic Negligent Narcissists

The Special Weapons and Tactics, united with the Sovereign Nations of the Sapphire Concordat, declares Total Victory against the Dark Vikings.

Due to violations of war terms IV and VI, the Dark Vikings have forfeited the Bloodbath Barrage. The Sapphire Concordat is hereby declared the victors of the Bloodbath Barrage with a war-score of 12-0-0. This Force Treaty goes into effect on June 2, 2023, at 6 PM EST, and will lapse on July 15, 2023, at 6 PM EST.

This Force Treaty will follow the Dark Vikings regardless of any possible merges, colonizations, name changes, etc.

I. The Dark Vikings must acknowledge that they lost the war with a score of 12-0-0. No formal announcement is necessary.

II. Dark Vikings are not allowed to schedule invasions on – or raid – any Signatories present within the Sapphire Concordat, as of the publication of this Force Treaty (SWAT, PIC, POM, NC, DPC).

III. Dark Vikings are not allowed to assist any army, (including sending alts) in a battle against any of the Signatories within the Sapphire Concordat, as of the publication of this Force Treaty (SWAT, PIC, POM, NC, DPC).

IV. Dark Vikings members are unable to harass any members of the Sapphire Concordat (SWAT, PIC, POM, NC, DPC) whether in league chats or direct messages. Determining what constitutes harassment is at the discretion of CPAJ Head Judges.

V. Violations of this Force Treaty will also result in the auto-renewal of these terms for a duration of one month from the day of the violation. All violations of this treaty are to be evaluated by CPAJ Head Judges.

VI. The terms of this Force Treaty are open to discussion if Krosive attends an event for any army affiliated with the Sapphire Concordat wearing Item ID 1183 (Clown Hair) while repeatedly chanting “DV IS MID I DONT WORKOUT”

VII. No loopholes.

✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Council

Statement on the War

✪】 Attention agents this is not a drill

SWAT Commander LEGOMAN and SWAT Intel. Agent KMCHII performing "Hey Little Songbird" - Hadesdown circa May 28, 2023. (LEGOMAN was inebriated).

Listen to the above audio to get the full post experience.

What’s good folks I’ll keep this short and sweet. SWAT is currently involved with the Bloodbath Barrage war against the Dark Vikings for a plethora of reasons which were addressed in our declaration. This war is currently our primary focus and will be for many coming weeks. We declared war and made a commitment to not only our Brother Allies but all signatories of the Sapphire Concordat. SWAT will be following through with said commitment. Through this declaration, we somehow managed to unite the Small/Medium community against the vile Dark Vikings. I am very pleased with our progress thus far in this war and cannot wait to see how we continue to improve!

As of May 30, 2023, the Special Weapons and Tactics hereby remove ourselves from the Club Penguin Armies Map.

Regarding the invasions by the Army of CP and Elite Guardians, I will let admins decide where specifically our land goes. If we did not have prior commitments we would be happy to partake in either war. Nonetheless, we appreciate the efforts made by ACP and EGCP to have a nice fun war and help keep the community alive. I extend my own personal condolences to both armies, as I know how essential and enjoyable warfare is. In the words of the great Frosty the Snowman, “This isn’t goodbye it’s just see you later.” SWAT looks forward to warring with both armies in the future.

Shoutout to SWAT Agent Trainee Aerobly for the cake pictured above!

✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Council

No Thunder Without a Storm.

✪】 Attention agents this is not a drill

Listen to the above audio to get the full post experience.

As of May 22, 2023, the Sapphire Concordat – consisting of the Special Weapons and Tactics alongside our Brother Allies, the People’s Imperial Confederation – hereby declares a state of WAR on the Dark Vikings.

SWAT has been very openly against the dim-witted Dark Vikings for a long period of time now. In 2022 the Dark Vikings relied on their allies to boost them through a war with SWAT, as they were desperate for any semblance of relevance. They attempted to name servers very inhumane and offensive things, as well as engaging in a plethora of other controversial behaviors. To cite a few, the Dark Vikings have notably harbored doxxers in their leadership, partook in underhanded tactics, and stroked their egos off of their “success.” This ends now. Originally, this would have spawned a war in early February but in a feat of cowardice, the Dork Vikings removed themselves from the CPA Map. This forced us to go against the Rebel Penguin Federation as they were the only other army SWAT was not in a treaty with that was present on the map.

Since their departure from the CPA Map in February, the Dark Vikings have refused to return, and have continued their egregious behaviors. In recent days they have now turned their sights against our Brother Ally, the unwavering People’s Imperial Confederation. Despite losing to the PIC in the AUSIA Arena tournament, Dark Vikings leader and local numbskull Krosive started relentlessly insulting our longtime allies and my personal friends. The Dark Vikings have shown that they are incapable of accepting defeat, as they delusionally claim victory following their constant failures. Dark Vikings have consistently shown their lack of maturity, and their inflated egos are far larger than their maxes will ever be. This war will henceforth be known as the Bloodbath Barrage.

Bloodbath Barrage Terms

I. Both allies and dual-enlists are allowed.
II. If any army, other than PIC, SWAT, and DV, decides to join the war on either side, they will have to follow the same set of terms.
III. All war battles must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with CPAJ, failure to do so will invalidate the scheduling. Leaders of the opposing army must be notified in CPAJ.
IV. No doxxing, ddosing, botting, discord server raiding, harassment, multilogging, or cheating of any form.
V. A withdrawal from this conflict for any reason and in any shape or form (e.g., withdrawing from the war, ghosting battles up to 3 battles in a row, etc.) will constitute a forfeit of the war.
VI. All CPA Battleground rules apply to each battle.
VII. Each army may only schedule one battle for each timezone per day (EX only one EU invasion can be held per day by one army etc)
VIII. The losing army in this conflict must accept the treaty terms provided by the winning army

(Due to the Dark Vikings holding no servers SWAT and PIC have taken the liberty of naming their servers)

✪ Invasion of DV’s Copium Factory ✪

Wednesday, May 24
9 AM EST | 2 PM UK

✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Council

✪】Veteran’s Perspective

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✪】Incoming transmission from [Stevie101]

Welcome to a new edition of Veteran’s Perspective, where we highlight a veteran who was crucial to the success of SWAT. We will also get their take on the current state of the army as compared to it’s past. This week’s column will feature Mare. Although she is a one of SWAT’s more recent veterans, Mare has played a significant role in the success of the army.

Read more: ✪】Veteran’s Perspective

Mare’s Army Career

Mare began her army career in 2020 where she was recruited to SWAT by Darklink. Due to her dedication, she quickly rose through the ranks and was granted a staff position. In April/May of 2020, she left SWAT to focus on One Direction Army along with Aubz, Frankie, and Izzy. This army went on to achieve maxes as high as 21. ODA also took part in Legends Cup X. Furthermore, Mare was responsible for negotiating a merge with a small army known as the the Fire Ninjas of Club Penguin.

ODA event during Mare’s leadership

Despite her success in ODA, Mare refocused her energy on SWAT during the Water Vikings war in July of 2020. During the war, she created the ED EF flicker as a weapon against their opponents. Mare referred to this technique as “photosynthesis”. Mare’s war efforts led to her leadership promotion the following month. During her tenure as leader, she helped lead other major wars including the Flash Nemesis War and Operation Templaria. Mare retired from leadership on August 12th 2021, approximately one year after her promotion. However, she returned to lead SWAT shortly after from the end of 2021 to the middle of 2022. During this time, she helped create the Western Block Alliance which saw an alliance between SWAT, Water Vikings, and Silver Empire. Furthermore, she helped lead another war against the Templars in October 2021 where Xing accused the WBA of being “Backstabbing Hypocrites”.

SWAT-WV battle on August 30th 2020. SWAT won with a 2-1 score

In late July of 2021, Mare founded the Dua Inn Lipa Fighters as a meme army. However, they quickly reached 7th place in CPAHQ’s top ten, and maxed over 30 at a few of their events. Her persistent leadership throughout these armies led to her S/M army legend induction at the end of 2021 after receiving 11 votes. Mare also revived DILF in February 2023 for their second generation.

Aside from leadership, Mare is also a prominent CPA judge. Since 2020, she served in various leagues including Sub Zero Army League, Club Penguin Army Network, and the current league Club Penguin Armies. On April 30th 2023, Mare became a new head judge after exceeding the 75% voting threshold.

The Director Dispatch reached out to Mare for an exclusive interview. Take a look at what she had to say!

Who or what led you to joining SWAT, and did you have any mentors during your tenure?

Previous SWAT leader, darklink, found me on the CPO discord and offered me a staff position in SWAT in April 2020! I mainly looked up to my best friend, Aubz she was a LIT at the time:) Afterwards, we rejoined SWAT again and I got up to leadership position. I looked up to a lot of people while leading too ganger, oli, sammie, & aubz. Coolguy was helpful as well during the time he became active he taught me how to chill out when things got chaotic.

In what ways is the current state of SWAT similar to when you were leader, and in what ways is it different?

Well, a way that it is now vs when I was leading was we had so many of us… Like we had Ganger, Coolguy, Firestar, Kaliee, Aubz, Lego, and me at a point which was a lot of people. Also keep in mind, a lot of us are very opinionated people hahaha, but it was fun! Now, there’s only Lego, Aisha & Ganger leading, but he’s doing a great job at it and holding it together from what I can see.

What were some of your most cherished memories and/or accomplishments during your time in SWAT?

When we were at war and the whole server had a red theme it was really cool!!
I like don’t remember too much
but def that was my fave moment

What are your overall predictions for SWAT’s future?

No clue really, but probably are still gonna be a major army through the entire year and hopefully do well!

Mare has certainly proven herself as a dedicated and strong asset to not only SWAT, but every army that she led. She continues to make her mark on the community through her moderation position in CPA as well as her judging affairs. We at the Director’s Dispatch show our gratitude for all of Mare’s contributions to SWAT.

What else would YOU like to know about Mare? Which veteran would you like to see featured next week?  Feel free to let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below! HOO RAH!

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Director Dispatch Editor

✪】Director Dispatch – Weekly Rewind 4/30 – 5/6

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✪】Incoming transmission from [Stevie101]

This week sees further preparation from the Special Weapons and Tactics for the Ausia Tournament. Furthermore, SWAT leader Legoman plans a community wide Starwars themed event on May 4th. Read more about the army’s exciting week below!

[AUSIA] Practice Battle with ACP (4/30)

The army’s week kicked off with an intense practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin. Both armies showed off some of their best tactics and formations.

MAX: 13

[US/UK] Starwars Themed Event (5/4)

The entire community came together to celebrate May the 4th with a Starwars event. The majority of the league were in attendance with their creative Starwars costumes and tactics.

Note: Excessive is in SWAT, and is covered up with the !sizeroom picture. He is clearly visible in the second event photo.

MAX: 16

[US] Quick Formations Training Event (5/5)

SWAT rallied their troops for a quick formations training event to prepare for the first round of the AUSIA tournament against the Dark Vikings! Special emphasis was given to speed and cleanliness of formation changes.

Note: Yamm is in SWAT, which accounts for the +1 in the max size

MAX: 18

[AUSIA] Training Event (5/6)

The army held a final training event for Sunday’s AUSIA tournament battle. SWAT practiced some of its classic tactics and formations in an urgent and swift manner.

MAX: 15

SWAT seems prepared for the upcoming AUSIA tournament. Lets hope that all this training and hardwork shows in the battlefield. HOORAH!

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Director Dispatch Editor

✪】Veteran’s Perspective

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✪】Incoming transmission from [Stevie101]

Welcome to the first edition of Veteran’s Perspective! Each week, we will highlight a SWAT Veteran who was crucial to the success of the army. We will explore their army history both in SWAT and in the community at large. Furthermore, our Director Dispatch team will inquire about their opinions on the current state of SWAT as compared to its past. This first column will feature Stare3000, a SWAT Godfather, who has been in SWAT since 2009, the same year it opened!

Read more: ✪】Veteran’s Perspective

Stare3000’s Army Career

Stare3000 joined SWAT as one of its first troops in late 2009 but only became deeply involved in 2011. Their loyalty and dedication to the army allowed them to rise quickly through the ranks, earning the position of Leader-in-Training. In 2012, they stepped down from LIT before returning to their rank in late 2013. Furthermore, Stare3000 joined Reeces2011, Raprocks669, and Alina as SWAT Commander-In-Chief in the middle of 2014. Under their initial leadership, SWAT achieved max sizes ranging from the high 20s to the low 30s. Stare3000 retired from their leadership position in September of 2014 and was awarded SWAT Legend, before going on a hiatus until 2020.

Stare3000 surrendering to IW on Xat (May 2014)

Upon Stare3000’s return to the community, they rejoined SWAT for the first time in the discord and CPO era. This marked a period of instability, including then-leader Zuke being couped as well as a merger with the Doritos of Club Penguin.

SWAT Invasion of Permafrost in 2020

After their retirement, Stare3000 found a rotten mango on the floor at work. This inspired them to create the Mango Corps with Panini, Kaliee, and Smoke where they maxed 20 on average and were famous for their 3 am events. In Mango Corps, they engaged in battles with the Recon Federation.

Stare3000 spitting facts

Stare3000 soon became Commander-In-Chief for the second time. They would lead wars against the Water Vikings and the Superstars. Despite their success, Stare3000 decided to step down from SWAT leadership in October. Upon retiring, they were awarded SWAT Godfather, the highest honor one can receive in the army. Following this they were muted on countless accounts in Club Penguin Army Hub due to admins avoiding their genuine concerns.

Aubz and Stare3000’s retirement event in October 2020

Stare3000 would return temporarily to SWAT in November to lead and assist SWAT in achieving a max 42 at their practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin. This would go on to be the highest max of the current CPPS generation at that time. They would eventually go on to retire once again but still remain present until February of 2021 when they would depart from the SWAT Discord alongside the SammieDC.

SWAT maxing 42 in a Practice Battle against ACP under Stare3000

Stare3000 would eventually return to advise amidst the Operation: Templaria war in 2021, as well as being carried in Castle Crashers by Legoman and Firestar08. They would go on to fall inactive shortly after the war’s conclusion. Stare3000 would have advisory stints in the army throughout 2022 and 2023. Actively participating in the Undertaker Crusade, and notably offering their expertise as far as developing a points system.

SWAT maxing 27 in a Birthday Bash for Stare3000 in 2022

Stare3000 has always brought a fresh and innovative perspective to SWAT and unwavering resilience in the face of all trials and tribulations. SWAT is eternally grateful for their past and present contributions and will honor them forever.

The Director Dispatch reached out to Stare3000 for an exclusive interview. Take a look at what they had to say!

Who or what led you to joining SWAT, and did you have any mentors during your tenure?

I was 9 and I saw penguins and I thought it was cool, and I’d say Ganger was the closest I had to a mentor but I’ve learned from everyone I’ve been in armies with

In what ways is the current state of SWAT similar pre-2017, and it what ways is it different?

Not much is the same, I guess we still use a similar uniform but it’s a lot more organized and streamlined now. Over the last 3-4 years SWAT has turned itself into deep community while retaining its roots as a penguin army. Armies as a whole are completely changed.

Could you elaborate in what ways specifically SWAT has become more of a deep community?

The loyalty seen now from a lot of members(with notable exceptions) is very different than the past, while previously we would see people hop from army to army now we have people dedicating their entire army career to SWAT.

What were some of your most cherished memories and/or accomplishments during your time in SWAT

My most cherished accomplishment would have to be becoming Godfather. And uhhh cherished memory….

What did getting Godfather mean to you given all that you have done for SWAT?

It was a pretty big achievement, it meant I had finally achieved the highest honor of a community that means quite a lot to me

What are your overall predictions for SWAT’s future?

Gonna hit 1 on TT a few more times.

It seems as though Stare3000 has had an exciting and adventurous army career thus far. Their determination and loyalty to SWAT continue to be an amazing asset for the army. We at the Director Dispatch send out a massive show of appreciation to Stare3000 for all of their loyalty and continued service.

What else would YOU like to know about Stare3000? Which veteran would you like to see featured next week?  Feel free to let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below! HOO RAH!

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Director Dispatch Editor

Pretend it says Stevie

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

✪】Director Dispatch – Weekly Rewind 4/23 – 4/29

✪】 ICE BOX – Live from Legoman’s Desk.

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✪】Incoming transmission from [IcyWalker1]

Greetings and salutations SWAT Agents! This edition of the Special Weapons and Tactics‘ Weekly Rewind sees the end of the Undertaker Campaign (aka. Neo Crudade) against the Templars. SWAT

Requested Top Ten Picture

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Judging Changes

✪】 ICE BOX – Live from Legoman’s Desk.

(Click the above audio then begin reading the post)

The Problem

Club Penguin Army Judges has taken too long to actually fix its system despite the Pact of Women’s History being signed almost a month ago. Proper strides NEED to be taken in order to fix the excruciatingly lackluster judging. As I have mentioned before, enemies quite literally came together to sign a treaty due to how inadequate the judging was, yet nothing has notably changed. Let it be known that I do not blame any individual Judges themselves, but rather the Head Judges and severely outdated Judging Guidelines, which have effectively failed at training Judges to a respectable standard. The Judging Guidelines should have been immediately updated a year ago following CPAJ‘s creation rather than simply merging CPAN and CPAHQ judging guides. It has been over a year and the Head Judges have overlooked and neglected their duties. Do not misconstrue this post as an attack on the Head Judges, as without pointing out flaws in an organization, the flaws can easily become more prevalent, and fall under the radar.

The CPAJ organization has also ignored armies such as the Peoples Imperial Confederation, Magma Clan, and Napalm Corps. Napalm Corps have only been on Top Ten for three consecutive weeks, so perhaps NC being missed is just an error, however, Magma Clan has had leaders consistently ask for rep and be ignored despite being on Top Ten for four consecutive weeks and PIC legitimately being on every TT since February 4. Jemma had both MM army rep and FF army rep but never Army Representative (according to HJs she was a rep and left but Jemma claims otherwise). A vote was never brought up to the Army Reps by Head Judges. This is yet another instance of Head Judges failing to complete more duties. I understand that Head Judges are only human and have other responsibilities, so they may not always be able to check these things. In that case, they should either bring another Head Judge (in the US time zone) on board to lessen to workload or tighten up their current system.

Screenshots go brrrrr

Furthermore, there is one situation where a Judge rigged a battle and currently sits snugly in their position without consequence. It appears Head Judges either ignored or did not care when this was released as they overturned the result but have not issued a demotion to this individual. I can cite grievances with Judging Guidelines being ignored in one army’s event but not those of others. Be consistent or be called out. I have added some amendments to the list found in the Pact of Women’s History. My complaints have already been put off before, and quite frankly I am tired of waiting for the obviously rotting corpse of a judging system to make any semblance of an effort. I believe there certainly is hope for CPAJ, but the hope is dwindling every second these issues are pushed off. Last time I waited and trusted something to happen and our complaints fell on deaf ears. Fix your system or lose support.



The Proposed Solution

I. Head Judges must keep the judging guidelines accurate and up to date.
II. Head Judges must train all new Judges on the proper guidelines BEFORE their promotion from Judge-In-Training.
III. Head Judges must implement a test for Judges-In-Training via either a battle that is streamed or having them write a summary to prove their competency
IV. Head Judges must have a group chat with Army Leaders of both sides of a war to update on reviews within 48 hours of the conclusion of a battle.
V. Head Judges must intervene if Judges do not know the proper guidelines.
VI. Head Judges must not pick and choose when to follow certain written guidelines.
VII. Head Judges must be willing to step in if armies are unsatisfied with the current judges (ex. SWAT wants to reject Judge X, but there are only two judges present!)
VIII. Head Judges must conduct themselves with maturity.
IX. Judges must also conduct themselves with professionalism when discussing the verdict (ex. not being condescending).
X. CPAJ must allow the option for both armies to collectively agree to veto certain rooms before a battle (ex. both armies collectively agree they do not want to go to the Ski Village or Book Room)
XI. Create a guideline for rooms so that judges know which rooms are acceptable for various sizes of armies.
XII. If Judges made a decision where they ignore their cohorts and announce their own verdict of the battle they should be demoted to Judge-In-Training as it is a clear lack of competency.
XIII. If someone accepts after the one-hour veto deadline, both army leaders can have an additional 5 minutes to veto them.
XIV. CPAJ and Army Reps must present viable candidates for a US and possibly an AUSIA Head Judge to restore 5 Head Judges and make communication easier through all time zones.
XV. CPAJ must establish a General/Support/Army Leaders channel in the CPAJ server so Army Leaders/HCOM can bring up ongoing issues (e.g. CPAB being down, scheduling errors, etc.
XVIAutomatically put armies up for rep votes after they have been on Top Ten for 3 weeks.
XVIIA potential partnership with the CPA YouTube branch to ensure all battles are adequately captured – this could even entail an animated judging tutorial/guide video.



The Conclusion

The point of the terms is not for them ALL to be instituted at once, but at the very least to stir conversation about viable changes that are necessary for the success of a reputable organization that has recently been underperforming. CPAJ has promising potential and it would be a shame for that potential to go to waste, so I implore my fellow army leaders to voice your opinions whether you strongly agree, strongly disagree, or anything in between. The worst thing we can do in this situation is to sit idly by and be silent.

Before officially signing off, I would like to thank Wynn and Popcorny for being in the minority of Head Judges that responded to and acknowledged Logical and I bringing up the initial concerns following the Pact of Women’s History’s release in the Army Rep chat. Thank you to ALL of the Head Judges that have shown patience in the large number of reviews requested, and thank you to the majority for showing respect. While it may appear you are under heavy scrutiny, your help and cooperation in the past are still valued and we can seek to find reform in the system together. If ANY elaboration is required feel free to message me on Discord at Lego#0200. Happy trails.

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✪】Peace In Our Time?-The End of The Undertaker Campaign

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✪】Incoming transmission from [Stevie101]

Yesterday afternoon, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Templars signed a peace treaty, signaling the end of the war between the two armies. This marks SWAT’s third war of the year, after ending their conflicts with the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Penguins of Madagascar respectfully. According to Dawn, Templars leader, the rationale behind the war was to reclaim their server Jerusalem. In a turn of events, the Templar’s intentions were leaked to SWAT. This allowed Legoman to declare war simultaneously with the enemy army.  

Following SWAT’s successful invasion of Alexandria, the two armies agreed to the terms of the peace treaty. The terms state that the treaty will remain valid for at least two months. However, the armies may extend or shorten the treaty if they both consent.

Terms of the treaty

The Director’s Dispatch reached out to some of SWAT’s troops/agents to get their opinion regarding the end of the war. Here is what they had to say!

What are your thoughts on the war coming to an end? Do you feel that the war should have gone on longer, or do you think it was a good time to end the war?


Well first of all it was a great experience to be in the war. It was really good and sometimes it was hard but we got through it from the great leaders. The war coming to an end is really a win we fought we worked and here we are ending the war with a success. I feel proud ending the war and winning. We finished the war with pom a couple of months ago I feel like it’s time to finish the war and start with an another army because it’s been a long time fighting with TCP and it’s a good time to end

– Fwapo, Staff in Training


Well honestly i would prefer if the war will be less long because we need some more practice event because just before the war against tcp we fought pom and we need a break bc they are taking that to our advantage. and a other thing about the war ending is that new recruit could actually understand the game because if i was them i just joined but people say LOG ON WE NEED TO BEAT TCP WE NEED TO MAX 35 or some i will be lost so yea now we can actually help new player and have fun in swat !

– Atrix, Staff in Training


I believe that it was a quite justified choice to sign the treaty, we were losing some land during us/uk events. We could’ve gotten land back with Ausia events but we can always conquer more land later. So I guess it was a good idea to cut losses and this also lets us have more fun/recreational events.

– Zooy, Head Officer


We should of went to war longer. Why? More land. But if the armies are settled and made a treaty I guess I don’t have a say in how they work with each other.

– Ggogle, Head Officer


What are your predictions for future SWAT-TCP relations?


So first of all let’s start with swat I’ve been with swat for almost a year now every second swat grows and the staff and staff in training are very good and interesting and as a part of them we are expecting a really good future for swat and as we are doing really good in events swat is gonna have a really interesting future. As for TCP we are not expecting a bad future for TCP because they are at war with us or was at war with us but they are doing well sometimes they win and some we win TCP is gonna have a balanced future as well but not as well as swat why? Because swat is growing way faster.

– Fwapo, Staff in Training


Well tbh i think for only few month there will be again a little bit of hate because they are ally with our enemies but if G90 and Xing could talk in private like tell what they don’t like what we should improve on both side they could get a good chemistry but first we need to end the war against pom to even try to talk to Xing.

– Atrix, Staff in Training


We will probably stay as enemies but we will probably be on good terms for a while due to our mutual belief that the judging system needs to be revamped. Maybe we might become just like competitors but not enemies which could let us be able to learn from each other’s ways we use to improve our armies. Who knows, only time can tell.

– Zooy, Head Officer


My guess from other wars with them, war won’t stop with TCP until one retires.

– Ggogle, Head Officer


It seems as though the two armies have reached a point of civility for the time being. What do YOU think? Have SWAT and the Templars achieved peace, or will they clash again in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. HOORAH!

✪】End Transmission.

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