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We have massive battles, events, raids and occasional giveaways! Our team here prides itself on being a FRIENDLY, supportive, and of course FUN community.
We use discord to host and communicate these gaming events..

SWAT Creation Training [US/UK]
Saturday, July 16th (2022)
6:00 AM SGT, 3:30 AM IST, 11:00 PM BST
6:00 PM EST, 5:00 PM CST, 4:00 PM MST, 3:00 PM PST
CPA Battleground


23/09/22 (US) Hell’s Kitchen

Yesterday, we hosted an event where the SWAT agents wore their best “Gangsta” drip as we took to CPA Battleground for another training event! Find out what happened below!

Maximum: 13

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21/09/22 (US) Rocky Trails

Yesterday, SWAT hosted a takeover, showing our love for the mascot, Rockhopper. While we were all dressed in Rockhopper-like clothes we took to CPAB for training! Thanks for another fun-themed event swat!

Maximum: 13

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18/09/22 [EU] Training Event

Today SWAT logged onto CPAB for a training event. We were 1 away from our goal of 25 but nevertheless what a start to the week!

Let’s find out what happened!

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Agent Of The Week 11-17/09/22

Hello SWAT. Last week has been a different week for sure in SWAT with a lot of things happening in the army, including a server revamp as well as new faces appearing. However, despite these small distractions, agents have been fighting for the title once more. Who won it this week? Let’s find out!

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17/09/22 (AUS) Pineapple Pen(guins)

Today, SWAT logged onto CPAB to host another takeover, this time we were pineapples waddling on the ice. We trained for upcoming battles while hosting this fun takeover.

Let’s find out what happened!

Maximum: 20

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16/09/11 (US) Find The SWAT Team!

Yesterday, on Friday night, we held a Hide and Seek event after doing some tactics and gearing ourselves up. With Coolguy and NoahJSmiles seeking to find everyone, the rest of the SWAT Team tried to hide however only 1 could win. In what was a close ending, it saw Jojo teri win the Hide and Seek Champion role over Elijahs. Congrats Jojo!!

Maximum: 16

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14/09/22 (AUS) Sombrero Fiesta!

On Wednesday, we logged onto CPAB and we held a fun-themed ausia event wearing sombreros and dancing our way onto the ice. Keep reading to find out how it went!

Maximum: 11

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13/09/22 (US) NFL Madness

On Tuesday, SWAT logged onto CPAB to host an American football takeover-themed while training too! Keep reading to find out how it went.

Maximum: 16

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11/09/22 (US) Disney Takeover

Yesterday, we hosted a US takeover event for those who haven’t been able to make our events during the week because of their responsibilities in real life. Let’s find out what happened in this event!

Maximum: 18

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04-10/09/22 Agent Of The Week

After a week full of changes including a delay in the AOTW announcement to make it a bit cleaner we see another couple of SWAT troops crowned as an OTW. Who will be victorious this week?

Another week, another set of events and another Agent of the Week. After a week full of surprises we see the end of a war with the AA alliance being declared the victors of the war over SWAT, leaving Straw Hats out of the equation. Swat were defeated in this war full of armies, however, it’s going to be the the start of a new beginning for SWAT. During the week, we held multiple events, on the Tuesday, we held out first event which was a Spider-Man Takeover, our second event saw us turn yellow on Wednesday. On the Friday we went to candy land and dressed up as candy doing so. On Saturday, we went old-school for a battle-training rather than a takeover and maxed 22, the highest of the week.

Our Agent of the Week has been working hard throughout the week and have attended all of the weeks events. They have been keeping active, recruiting trying to help out where and when they can. We love to see them in the events and around the server.

This person is….


Now for our staff of the week. This should probably be renamed to Broona’s fortnightly award LOL. Honestly, Broona has been unlike anyone else in SWAT, their work rate is non-stop and they consistently attend, recruit, welcome, register, stay active, they interact with everyone, they don’t stop even when they have reached a new promo or reached SOTW, they continue again and again. Never stopping. Thank you Broona


Broona and logical in their natural habitat, working hard together for SWAT’s cause

For this weeks Recruiter Of The Week, a troop who has been working to try and get a promotion, who has been keeping the community active with their streaming vc’s and their constant activity in chat and while they can joke about their SWAT activity, they are dedicated to SWAT and want to rise up even if they may want to do it fast. This person is…….


Thank you all for working hard within SWAT, everyone mentioned above and everyone not mentioned too. I appreciate all your hard work and honestly, SWAT wouldn’t be here without all your help. There are many people who never get mentioned either because they’re HCOM or because they just miss out on the roles however we do appreciate all your work and I definitely appreciate it. Thank you all. Everyone. It’s been real for sure. Keep working hard, keep making us proud.

United We Stand | Bleed Black | SWAT Forever