Legends Page Key
♕ – SWAT Creator
✰ – SWAT Guardian
❖ – Page Preserver
♔- Golden Age Leader
✯ – Army Legend
✧ – Army Legend Nominee

These people have revolutionized SWAT to some of their greatest heights.

✯♔❖✰ Ganger90 ✰♕❖♔
Creator Of The SWAT Army

Ganger90 is the creator of the SWAT Army Of Club Penguin. He’s the only leader that has stuck with SWAT through all of its hard times, dreadful wars, and unsuccessful generations. He stuck with the army when they died, and helped them to rise again many times. He’s the one who brought SWAT from a hated noob and rogue army, to one of the biggest armies ever seen in CP Army history. He is also one of the biggest reasons that SWAT was able to defeat armies like ACP, IW, and UMA many times. In 2013, he retired but then returned in 2014 to lead yet again. He and his ownership in the 2014 Legends Cup were able to hit sizes of 55+ which have not been seen since the end of 2012. In August 2015, Ganger returned yet again to lead with Bad and Taco and help SWAT to beat ACP in a classic war and be the first army in history to take their entire nation. After this, he and Badboy reopened SWAT in October 2015, and brought it to sizes of 45-50 in just three weeks, and achieved 1st on CPAC the first time since 2012. He also helped all the “noobs” that he recruited into the army become very successful people in the Club Penguin Army Warfare Community. Noted as one of the most talented recruiters in CP Warfare since 2010, Ganger was nominated for CPA legend and was inducted as a Major Army Legend. Ganger90 has inspired greatness within countless individuals and managed to keep the SWAT namesake alive for 13 years. His contributions to the army are unparalleled, and his spirit along with his tenacity are unmatched. Ganger90 will always be considered the best SWAT Leader ever.


Taco is known for his incredible recruiting skills and rallying in the people of SWAT quickly when needed for a battle or a war especially to reach high maxes in a short amount of time. Taco has led the army on many occasions, one of those times being most notably in December 2013. With the help of Benjarkin, Taco led SWAT into the Top 3 for the first time in what seemed like forever for the army. This was the only time in SWAT history that ANYONE has ever led SWAT into the Top 3 without the help of Ganger90 or any other SWAT Godfathers at the time and was a major achievement, but this would only prove to be the beginning of Tacodaily’s long career within SWAT. In Summer 2014 Taco was back in SWAT again and took leadership to help SWAT fight and win a war against the Water Vikings, before being involved in the GA vs. Resistance war in January 2015, where SWAT maxed sizes of 40+. He then returned to SWAT alongside Ganger and Bad in August 2015 to defeat ACP in what is said to be the best SWAT vs. ACP war in history where SWAT maxed sizes of 30-40 and completely destroyed ACP in one of their last significant wars in history.. He was a huge figure consistently throughout SWAT’s history and was a major player in many wars, golden ages, and high Top Ten positions that the army was able to achieve. They are a true legend an will be remembered for all they have done for SWAT.


Benjarkin first joined SWAT in March 2012 and was very loyal to the army. Ben was known as a great recruiter and played a big role within SWAT in many of its golden ages. Benjarkin was also actively working in the army and considered it his home army. They were able to hire many new people quickly to form a strong team. He was also great at hiring many new staff and people with solid enough experience at a large rate when the size was needed ASAP. He was a great all-around leader with all the skills that he ha possessed and used for SWAT. Benjarkin is known for helping to lead SWAT to 1st four times along side Ganger, Cul, and Crazy maxing 35-40 and numbers of 25-30+ consistently throughout several generations and holding the most powerful spot in Club Penguin Armies. This trio was proven to be nearly unstoppable and Benjarkin came through for SWAT and the army in its time of need many times and impressed nonetheless. Benjarkin is somebody who many people looked up to, and he guided the way for many new leaders and owners of SWAT. He is also remembered for getting SWAT to 2nd in CPAC with Taco in December 2013 without the help of any SWAT Legends, and helping to fuel the future of a new SWAT era going forward. Benjarkin had a massive influence all throughout the entire OG Club Penguin era of SWAT with all his work in the army and is saluted as a legend for that.

❖♔✰ Stare3000 ✰♔❖

Stare was one of the first SWAT members ever to join in 2009 as a rogue in the servers of Mammoth and eventually finding the XAT as the army officially become organized. Stare3000 was a heavily influential figure on the server of Mammoth with the SWAT rogues and when they joined the xat that had quickly passed on and Stare had worked their way up to a high rank within the army. They were literally there from the very beginning of the creation and have nearly saw everything the army has went through ever since. Stare3000 is somebody who was always loyal to SWAT, they are a warrior that has fought in countless wars, and would look out for the army in any way that they could for as long as it has been alive and they truly deserve to be a legend. He stuck with SWAT from 2009-2012 and retired for a short period of time. He then came back in 2014 to help give SWAT a boost. Although he never got leader, Stare defines what a loyal troop is sticking with the army relentlessly and proving to be not only a legend and godfather of course, but one of the greatest SWAT soldiers of all time as well. He returned to SWAT in April 2020 and was apart of the CPO generation a bit and officially came back to lead later on in the year and helped SWAT to be very successful and max sizes of 40+, supporting the army through many wars, tournament battles, and overall big battles being a massive influence of experience to the army and being able to help SWAT find a common ground to come together and pave a future. Still until this day even after all these years, Stare3000 can be found in the SWAT discord supporting the army and the future leaders. They are the definition of a true legend and have and always will be highly respected in SWAT.

♔✧ Badboy00923 ✧♔

Badboy first joined SWAT in 2012 for the rank of 5ic. Over time, Badboy learned how to be a responsible troop and a good recruiter. Badboy worked his way up to 2ic, and developed good leadership skills from Ganger90. Bad was one of the biggest reasons why the December 2013 generation was able to be as successful as it was. The first two times he led, he was quickly fired and stayed distant from SWAT for a while. After being retired from CP armies for almost three months, Bad returned to the community and joined SWAT as leader in July 2014. He was well-known for beating the Water Vikings in a long two-week war. He also contributed to SWAT maxing sizes of 55+ and almost beating the Dark Warriors in a tournament battle. Later in 2014, he came back to SWAT and brought them into a powerful alliance called The Resistance. SWAT entered WW7 and took on the forces of DW, IW, and WV. They destroyed all three armies in a massive war. In August 2015 – Bad, Ganger and Taco created one of the most classic SWAT vs. ACP wars in history. With Bad’s help, SWAT would go on to become the only army in history to take the entire D.R.A.C.P. before being forced into signing a treaty or agreeing on a ceasefire. The final time returning swearing to solely focus on SWAT from that point on he rejoined the leadership and promised that he would help get them to 1st again. Within weeks, SWAT reached sizes of 40-45 and in a month, they achieved the #1 spot for the first time since 2012. In 2020, Badboy returned AGAIN to lead SWAT using a new Club Penguin private server maxing 40-45+ bringing the army out of turmoil


Reece was a great leader, helping SWAT to reach great heights along Ganger90 in the earlier days of the army as a whole and together their chemisty would begin to show to be legendary. Reece was one of the very first leaders in SWAT’s history. Reece had an intense rivalry with the ACP, just like SWAT throughout its whole history. Reece was one of the first people to ever spark the everlasting rivalry with ACP. Reece and Ganger as a duo made a great team, and worked hard together to help SWAT rise through recruiting, leading in many intense wars against the ACP and even winning and upsetting ACP in the Semi Finals of the Champions Cup Tournament 2012. Reece was highly respected amongst SWAT and soon all of CPA would have no choice but to follow as well. Reece led SWAT to the Top 3 and Number One many times along with other great leaders such as xiUnknown, Spi101 and Ganger90. Another title given to Reece was SWAT’s most loyal troop back in 2012 as they had originally worked their way up all the way to leader and were a great 2IC for a while as well. He stuck with SWAT for a long time, and in the time that he was here, he proved himself not only a great and talented leader in SWAT, but a great role model as well to the troops and represented the way that a SWAT leader should be and speak to and for the people. Reece helped SWAT in so many ways through their recruiting, building up of the army, and impressive leading skills. He is without a doubt another true SWAT legend.

♔✰ Lights717 ✰♔

Lights first joined SWAT in 2009 as a rogue from the server Mammoth under the username Minuteman3. Quickly with his leadership DNA, he had developed a sort of high leader ranking amongst the rogues during the great Mammoth battles that took place just like S Cargo2. He started as a very low member at first in the SWATrulers xat server, but with their apparent leadership abilities and hardwork they quickly worked their way up to 2ic. They would soon go onto lead SWAT many times to Top 3 positions, Top 5, and Number 1. Lights717 is somebody who has been around SWAT since the very beginning. They have recruited many new soldiers into the army and have been loyal to the army without question since the very beginning as well. They are the example of what we see in a legend and godfather here in this army and deserves the role through all the things that they have done throughout their very detailed history in SWAT. They will always be remembered for all their accomplishments and their ability to bring the people together. He helped contribute to SWAT getting 1st in November 2015, along with many other times in history. They know what it feels like when SWAT is on top with a credit to them in getting there.

✧♔✰ S Cargo2 ✰♔✧

Cargo is known for helping SWAT stay alive after their devastating war with ACP in spring 2011 in which the army collapsed, when Ganger and other godfathers were not around to help. In 2012, Cargo brought SWAT back with Cul8rsl for a short generation in which SWAT were able to get consistent sizes of 25-30, something that before had been unseen without other SWAT godfathers. S Cargo2 is also notably one of the very first commanders of SWAT, leading the rogue soldiers of Mammoth and quickly gaining a highly respected position amongst them. S Cargo2 would lead the rogues through countless successful raids on SWAT’s birth server and was a very influential figure in the very beginning of the armies creation. This would later translate into the xat once SWAT had become officially organized, and S Cargo2 was a 2IC and led many wars and raids against ACP, DCP and other armies even before gaining the leader position. S Cargo2 returned in 2020, also notably with Sweater and Zuke to reopen SWAT and lead the army to reach record sizes of 100, and is still around in the discord until this day. Cargo is somebody who has always been highly respected in SWAT and their legacy here will live on forever thanks to all that they have one for us. Cargo will always be known as one of SWATs greatest leaders and legends.

♔✰ Domsamillion ✰♔

Domsamillion first joined SWAT with Flames370 in 2010 on the server Mammoth with the rogues of the SWAT Army of Club Penguin. At this time, the army was slowly becoming more organized and Domsamillion was also somebody who looked to take leadership during the great Mammoth Battles. Domsamillion would soon around 2011, become an owner rank in the SWATrulers xat and was highly respected amongst the army. They were incredibly loyal and would attend nearly every event and battle for SWAT, always pushing us to win and never accept mediocre. They eventually would work their way up to leader and lead the army to 35-40+ through their great recruiting and calling skills. They were also great at bringing the troops together and communicating with everyone. He also helped to lead SWAT to consistent, solid sizes of 20-25+ with Reeces, Spikey and Goodjoker without the help of Ganger or any other godfathers, soon this would influence and inspire the future to keep on going and bring even more greatness to the SWAT army. But due to chaos in the army they had left for a short time and then came back and helped the army once again rise and reach the Top 3 and Number 1 on multiple occasions proving their everlasting loyalty and dedication. Even further proving so, Domsamillion has constantly supported, shown their love and have even been granted the leadership role in the Discord era of SWAT on a few occasions. They are somebody that we should all respect and look up to, as a great example of a SWAT Legend and Godfather.

❖♔✰ Legoman ✰♔❖

Legoman first joined the SWAT Army of Club Penguin in July 2020 on the Discord as an enlisted troop. Legoman would work their way up to become a 3IC in the war against the Water Vikings, where they attended every single battle and would recruit 50+ a day into the army showing their potential. They continued recruiting, mentoring new troops, creating new ideas, and finally making their way up to LIT. But then, the moment would come – on February 7 of 2021, they were inducted into the SWAT leadership. Little would we know the heights SWAT would reach. They quickly lifted the SWAT army back up to Major status, created medals for the army, and were one of the best recruiters in history. They won a war against the Templars, maxing 37+ the biggest AUSIA size in SWAT history at the time. Legoman would come back to rejoin the leadership once again in the Summer of 2022 and make a huge impact. SWAT was alive, but struggling, Legoman helped lift the army from sizes of 10+ to 40+ AUSIA and 65+ US/UK in a matter of weeks. They recruited an immense amount of new troops in a short amount of time and helped to steer the army into a massive Golden Age. They hit Number 2 on the Top Ten with a calculation of 68.99 points, the first time SWAT was Number 2 in the Top Ten for 5 years. Legoman put on display another level of skill within the SWAT leadership. They’ve shown an immense amount of loyalty and love for SWAT since the first day they joined it became their home, which was made apparent by countless hours of effort and hard work they would put into the army. They are somebody that the troops are influenced and inspired by and are a true Godfather, Greatest Leader, and Legend, without a doubt.


These are the greatest leaders to have ever been in SWAT, and who have helped make the army what it is today.


Octavian123 was one of SWAT’s earliest leaders along with Ganger90. He helped lead SWAT to many great heights primarily on the server of Mammoth and the first beginnings and uprising of the army. He ha a way of communicating with all of the rogues on Mammoth and rallying them all together for late night tactical missions and raids. SWAT became a very successful army under his leadership and Octavian123 worked very hard in transitioning the army to become more organized and also played a huge role in rallying up the number of SWAT rogues on the server of Mammoth. Octavian retired in 2010-2011 and hasn’t been seen since then, his whereabouts left as a mystery to us all, but because of all they had done in the very beginning of SWAT’s creation they are certainly seen as a legend. He will always be remembered for his advanced leadership skills amongst the rogues and troops of SWAT.

♔✯ Cul8rsl ✯♔

Cul8rsl is known for his loyalty towards SWAT and had joined in the very beginning of SWAT’s creation practically. He started as a member in early 2011, and eventually had worked his way up to the 3ic position. Even not as a leader, Cul8rsl was somebody that would work as a leader. They would recruit and hire new people into the army at a fast rate and would do anything that was in their power to help the army rise and become stronger. However, when SWAT died out due to Ganger leaving, Cul brought back SWAT with Cargo and Step, getting into the medium top ten within the first few weeks and paving a new era for the army. Cul8rsl was known for being a great recruiter and was able to help SWAT grow exponentially. As SWAT continued to grow, they got back into the CPAC Top Ten, and continued to climb up the ladder of Club Penguin Armies, later going on to defeat SWAT’s biggest rival ACP in two wars and maxing 30-35+. This was all possible because of Cul’s hard work and dedication to SWAT and we will remember and thank him for a long time for all his service to the army and when their name is brought up, it will be known that they are a true legend.


Crazy186 is notoriously known for his recruiting skills in the SWAT Army. They were able to recruit an immense amount of new soldiers and help to rise the army quickly, working with legends Ganger90, Unk and many others. Crazy186 was somebody who was able to get all the troops of SWAT hyped up and reay for war, battle, or any event. He was one of the leaders that helped keep SWAT together and create great alliances with armies like the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. He also was able to help lead SWAT to great sizes of 40-45+ from 2012-2014. Crazy186 led the army multiple times, primarily through that period of time and every generation was extremely successful, helping the army reach the Top 5, Top 3 and the Number One spot on multiple occasions, further proving how great of a legend they are to us. Crazy will always be remembered for his motivating energy, his uplifting spirit, everlasting loyalty to the army and being a great leader and one of the best recruiters that Club Penguin Armies has ever seen even until this day, their work ethic was on another level.


Stars34 was one of the first ever rogues and SWAT soldiers on the server of Mammoth. Stars34 was also one of the very first people to hold a high command position early after SWAT’s creation and was a huge figure in the beginning of SWAT and especially helping to switch from Mammoth into an organized, Top 3 Army. They would practically be a leader even as 2IC, as Stars34 had garnered the respect of all the troops in SWAT. They were somebody that would never have their head down and would always see that victory is possible for us. They would not accept defeat until there was no option other to and the people were inspired by him. They looked up to him as a leader and was very influential especially in the beginning of SWAT. Stars34 would go on to lead SWAT many times, including in it’s first war against ACP and helping the army to reach Number 1 and battle in many huge intense wars against the ACP. Stars was known for his recruiting, and his overall kindness and motivation that he would give to SWAT troops. He was the prime example of what we see in a true SWAT soldier and leader. And Legend.


These people have been in SWAT for a long time, and helped them to become a successful army in many generations.


Flame joined SWAT in 2010 during the rogue days on Mammoth, climbing to the rank of 4ic by 2011. Although they started at a lower rank, they had a huge influence on the beginning & creation of the army. They helped new SWAT troops on the server of Mammoth to find the xat chat and help to organize the army. After leaving for a few months, he came back in the middle of 2012, but left shortly to pursue a new career in the Light Troops. Flame came back in the summer of 2012 to lead SWAT during the war against the Golds. After winning the war, he helped the army recover from mass corruption, coup attempts, chaos and madness; but was removed from leadership after a falling out with founder Ganger90. He returned once again as a 2ic during the World War in 2013 led by Spi101 and Ganger, and became close friends with Reeces2011 and Spikey. He stayed until early 2014, when he retired from armies and didn’t come back until he heard about the shutting down of Club Penguin, where he came back to the army for a last time before the long-lived army closed its doors for good to give the army a great final ride out into the sunset of CPA, SWAT finished Number 2 at the end of the Original Club Penguin. They are a true SWAT legend and will be remembered forever.


Spikey is known for being one of the most loyal troops in all of SWAT history. Spikey joined in the beginning/creation of SWAT and stuck with the army until 2013. Throughout all this time, Spikey had led the army, held high ranks several times within the army and was loyal to SWAT and fought through countless wars with us. They were known for being very friendly and were able to help the people come together and remember who we are and what our goals are. They were highly respected within the army and are still in the discord even until this day. With the help of Reeces, Doms, and Goodjoker, Spikey led a successful generation where SWAT maxed consistent sizes of 20 and stayed in CPAC for 2 months straight. This at the time, was one of SWAT’s best strings of consistency that had been witnessed and a lot of thanks goes to Spikey. They were a loyal soldier to the army, and a passionate leader, and even moreso, a great legend to us all.


Konrad first joined SWAT officially around 2014, but they had been around the army and helping out for quite some time before. They were a very skilled leader in recruiting and hiring new people into the army, they had the ability to rise the army very quickly and showed the signs of a great and legendary leader very early. It would be in 2014 that as a leader of the SWAT Army, Konrad would help the army reach sizes of 30-35+ contributing heavily and recruiting many new troops in to the army. Konrad would also come back to lead a few other times, one notably in 2015, where the army had reached another Golden Age, helping push the army to the top spot in the TT and holding as one of its strongest points in history. For this, Konrad will always be respected and viewed as a legend here in SWAT and you can even still see them in our discord until this day, supporting the army and motivating the new era to keep going for more.


Reeces first joined SWAT in 2010 as a rogue on the server Mammoth, like many other legends and godfathers. They would fight in the rogue wars that would take place on the server and eventually make their way to the xat After he joined, he would leave several times due to being busy in real life. It wasn’t until 2012 when he made a return to SWAT and was determined to make a difference in the army. When he got leader along side GoodJoker, Doms, and Spikey, he had high hopes to bring SWAT back to the top and extend the legacy of his home army. He was able to lead SWAT to Top 10 and Top 5 CPAC a number of times and helped show that SWAT didn’t need Ganger or the Godfathers to thrive. Reeces2011 was the perfect example of a loyal soldier and comrade to the SWAT Army of Club Penguin. Through all the wars, the battles, the raids on Mammoth, we knew that Reeces2011 would be somebody that would be on our side no matter what. They were a true friend to the army and everyone in it, and a true legend as well.


Codycat282 was one of the first original rogues on SWAT’s birth server, the capital of Mammoth. Codycat led through several major rogue wars on the server at the time, and the SWAT rogues and troops of Mammoth looked up to them as a leader. They also played a major role, similar to other godfathers and legends, in organizing the army from a rogue state and transferring our army to an organized chat from Club Penguin. Codycat282 soon would become a leader in SWAT in the early stages of the army’s transition from a rogue army in 2010-2011, leading the army to sizes of 20+ consistently and partaking in easily 100s of raids on the server of Mammoth and against the Army of Club Penguin. Codycat282 is very much credited for helping launch SWAT into an official Club Penguin Army and for this, they will always be remembered as a legend and praised here for helping create this great army.


Raprocks669 first joined SWAT around the armies creation and like Lego Kid5, was known as one of our most loyal troops of all time. For their entire Club Penguin Army career, they found themselves a home in SWAT. They attended and fought in countless battles and world wars with the army. Their loyalty is something that we would never have to question, and they were enlisted within the SWAT Army for well over 6 years, being completely loyal to us for the entire time. Eventually Raprocks669 would garner the chance to finally lead, a position that throughout his career in SWAT had seemed rather elusive despite his ongoing loyalty to the army. Raprocks669 would help to bring the army to solid sizes of 20-25+ under his leadership, shooting to the Top 10 and Top 5 CPAC and build a very strong foundation for the army. Raprocks is a true legend that helped SWAT push to new heights and with every generation that ended and began within original Club Penguin, we knew that they would be there for us.

Lego Kid5

Lego Kid5 is somebody that is known as one of the most loyal troops in the history of the SWAT Army of Club Penguin. They would attend nearly every event since they had first joined the army in 2010-2011, and have fought in almost every war that the army ever had on Original Club Penguin. Despite all of this, Lego Kid5 never was a Leader of the army, but he served us for a very long time with an everlasting amount of loyalty and faithfulness to this army. We never had to question if they would help an opposing army, they always had our back. They are the definition of what a true SWAT soldier should be, and somebody that the people were and still should be inspired by. Lego Kid5 will forever be remembered for their love for SWAT and they are a one in a million kind of troop. Salute to Lego Kid5, and they are without a doubt a Legend of SWAT.


Nitrohammer first joined SWAT as a moderator rank in 2012. Nitro was able to learn a lot of new skills and leadership traits while in the army for a short time, and soon would prove to be a great owner through their very impressive recruiting skills. Nitrohammer was somebody that was able to rally the people together, and truly try to hear the voice of everyone to understand what the people want. Nitrohammer eventually would become a leader of the SWAT Army in 2014, and would go on to helping the army reach Top 5 and Top 3 in the Top Ten, maxing 35+ and even helping to bring SWAT to Number 1. Nitro is somebody that many of the troops looked up to and was the definition of a model leader, and even moreso, a true SWAT legend. Nitrohammer would return to have a few more stints the army, in 2015 and up until the closure of the original Club Penguin, helping bring the army to sizes of 30+ on several occasions. Nitrohammer was a very strong leader of the army and had a very positive effect every time that they were in the role or even as a Leader in Training and 2IC of the army, they would work as if they were a Leader. They will be remembered always as a great legend of this army.


Dwain first joined SWAT at a time where many of the Godfathers were inactive and at a time where SWAT had died and needed new guidance from an influential figure within the army. Soon, Dwain would prove to be worthy of the leadership position and would then show his skills even further, bringing SWAT to a consistent max of 20-25+ and winning the SMAP tournament despite the judges’ bad call at the time in 2015. They had formed into a very strong army, and within a very short amount of time Dwain was able to lift the army from death and back onto its feet. Dwain also held the leadership role a few other times throughout SWAT history and proved to be a very strong leader, recruiting and hiring many new troops in a matter of days and building a very strong foundation for the army. Dwain has supported SWAT now for a very long time and even until this day, far past the original Club Penguin’s closure, you can see him being there for the army and doing whatever he can to help. He has also held a leadership role on a couple of occasions in the discord era of SWAT, and has helped the army maintain a solid foundation. Dwain is somebody who should be respected in SWAT and is without a doubt a great legend of this army.


Moneytrees had multiple stints between 2012-16 as both a leader and as an owner rank in SWAT. They were always there when SWAT had needed them, especially for big wars and battles. Despite Moneytrees being widely considered as an army hopper at the time before this, Ganger took him under his wing and gave him a home in SWAT, a chance to focus all of their skills in one place. Moneytrees was determined to work very hard and have an impact on the SWAT Army. This would soon prove to be a great decision as Moneytrees was able to lead SWAT to sizes of 25-30+ consistently and was an influential part in SWATs victory in many wars through his recruiting, calling to arms of the people, and overall leadership skills. Despite being in many different armies throughout their career, Moneytrees would prove to remain loyal to SWAT and help out whenever they needed it amongst practically the entirety of the Original Club Penguin era. They were very respected for this, and are remembered as a great Legend of the army. He is somebody who has been around SWAT for a very long time and still you can encounter them supporting even the most recent generation in the SWAT discord.


SWAT Veterans (*) are soldiers of SWAT that worked very hard in this army for a good period of time and very nearly reached the status to be a Legend.
Blizzard880 (SWAT Veteran)
♔✯XiUnknown✯♔ (SWAT Veteran)
Percyjackson2 (SWAT Veteran)
Shadowclub6 (SWAT Veteran)
Kludd (SWAT Veteran)
Supa Em (SWAT Veteran)
Bill41053 (SWAT Veteran)
(SWAT Veteran)
Tigermca (SWAT Veteran)
Rore (Coolgirl4018) [SWAT Veteran]
♔Np3000♔ (SWAT Veteran)
(SWAT Veteran)
Daya (SWAT Veteran)
Danny (SWAT Veteran)
xFastx (SWAT Veteran)
Kaliee (SWAT Veteran)
Sammie (SWAT Veteran)
Aubz (SWAT Veteran)
✯Mare✯ (SWAT Veteran)

Firestar08 (SWAT Veteran)
✧Coolguy✧ (SWAT Veteran)
✰Legoman✰ (SWAT Veteran)
Expert Sunny (SWAT Veteran)
(SWAT Veteran)
Owlcity207 (SWAT Veteran)
Sneaky (SWAT Veteran)
Lord Pain (SWAT Veteran)
Dimitri (SWAT Veteran)
Hiroyuki (SWAT Veteran)
(SWAT Veteran)
Dizzy (SWAT Veteran)
Seu11 (SWAT Veteran)
Ming (SWAT Veteran)
NotSoNathan (SWAT Veteran)

Krill 300 (SWAT Veteran)
Darklink (SWAT Veteran)

Notable Troop includes individuals who have been loyal to us for periods of time, but did not quite reach Veteran Status.
Jacob (SWAT Notable Troop)

Subster (SWAT Notable Troop)
Die go9988 (SWAT Notable Troop)
Kyle103 (SWAT Notable Troop)

Firestar1114 (SWAT Notable Troop)
Lord Jay (SWAT Notable Troop)

Smashmac (SWAT Notable Troop)
Melissa (SWAT Notable Troop)
✯SaW✯ (SWAT Notable Troop)

L90 (SWAT Notable Troop)