Recovered: Dissapointed

By: Tigermca

Hello SWAT, this post is mainly for anyone in the AUS/Asian division and especially Jedi. 15 mins. before the event I told you guys that a thing popped up and we have to pick up our friends from the airport,  I specifically told Jedi to lead if I can’t make it. Anyways we had a good number of troops at chat so I was hoping this would be a great AUS/Asia event. Well, so if I can’t attend we lose what could’ve been a victory and claiming of a server for SWAT. Notice: Needed: 3rd AUS/Asia leader, if you are interested, please PC me @

                                                                                                                                 ~Tiger, SWAT 2ic and AUS/Asia leader HELL WILL BE UNLEASHED! 

Recovered: Invasion of Ice Rink

By Tigermca

Hi, if you were too lazy to read other site and/or don’t have it, here’s the invasion times:

INVASION of Soda Pops Army

 Date: August 22, 2013

Times: 3:30 pm GMT, 6:30 Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

Western Australia: 11:30 pm (for more times check timezone page)

(Notice: Timezone page is on other site ( ), please attend).

Recovered: My Message To SWAT

By: Ganger90

Hello SWAT, 

I’d like to start off by saying that I realize I’m now rarely on or involved in SWAT activities, and that will most likely not change any time soon, so do not expect me very engaged here. I’ve heard of Reeces’ retirement, at first though it was out of pure stress and break from CP armies in whole, but now I am frankly very disappointed to see he is recreating an army in 2 weeks with a “friend”, as he was the driver of this army, and he just let you all down. And the only way he had to really “cover it up” was by practically saying no one ever thought SWAT would scratch the top 10 without me. I’m very disappointed with you Reeces.

But you don’t need him. You don’t need me. You don’t need any body specifically, all you need is good owners, loyal leaders and owners, a good center of troops, and you’re good. You’re golden, and I didn’t set you free for no reason, I did this for you could do things on your own, and the fact that you are giving up just disgusts me. This isn’t my army any more, you shouldn’t have to rely on me to be on chat and guide you all like we’re in a kindergarten class, and I’m teaching you how to wipe your ass hole till brown leaves spout. If I can’t be here, then so be it, you’re independent now, you don’t need me by your side. I have a lot of things to do, and I can’t and won’t be changing it.

All in all, I know your abilities. I know what all of you can do if you work together and keep the same working methods that are needed. And if we consistently have low sizes, inactive owners and leaders, slackers, then it’s pretty simple what I’m going to do. Get new leaders, or shut down. I hate to say it, but if I can’t get someone who actually has the drive or determination to do something around here, then we’re just going to shut down… and in that case, you may never even see SWAT again. I’m most likely done forever with CP armies, I don’t have interest in coming back, and the only way SWAT could’ve been recreated in that situation is with my permission. No, nobody’s else, MINE. Only one person should be trusted with the responsibility…


-Ganger90, SWAT Founder

Recovered: GOODJOKER5

by Tigermca

Hello, this post is especially for  Goodjoker5 which has been missing for 19 days. If you don’t  comment on this post we may have to demote you! PLEASE let us know by either commenting or replying to my email or you will  lose your position. Thanks.

~Tiger SWAT 2ic

Recovered: You Decide

By swatsoldier1

All SWAT leaders have been thinking that maybe we should shut down. The sizes have been horrific and troop activeness is a all time low. Moral is out the window so I ask the troops what you think. Remember a army isn’t a army without troops.

See this poll on:

Recovered: Retirement From SWAT

By: Reeces2011

Today is my last day to lead SWAT. This has been an amazing journey. No one thought we would even touch the top ten without Ganger. But I didn’t do it by myself, all I did was recruited. I don’t deserved all the credit, if anyone deserved the credit its you guys, the troops. I am not going to make a huge post because this isn’t my retirement from ALL armies, just SWAT. My SWAT experience I will never forget. From being a rogue in 2010 to officially joining in 2011. The black wars from 2012-2013 when I joined back and now,leader of SWAT. I would like to thank some people in SWAT that have helped me become what I am today-




















I know I missed a lot of people but I got to go and it’s not like anyone going to see this anyway consider we can only get 5+ at events.

Half Recovered: Senate

By Reeces2011

Most armies have a government, or so they say. Most armies I have seen claim to have a government while in reality the leader has full control over the army. I have seen one real army with a some-what government and that was the Global Defenders(Dead). I was thinking about somewhat of a senate for the SWAT of CP. No we wont have a officially government but the senate will basically be this-

Recovered: Invasion of Cold Front (Tuesday) (Worth 20 bullets for coming)


Hello, SWAT! I feel like we need to get more active… So, what’s a better way to get active?! We invade an army! Times for events will now be later in the afternoon or evening, usually around 7:00 PM Eastern Time.  We will be invading Water Ninjas. (Blue Penguins)


When? Tuesday, 8/20/13 (August 20th)

Where? Cold Front (Starting at Town)

Against Who? Water Ninjas

Why? To get active and to get more servers.


4:00 PST (Pacific Standard Time)

5:00 MST (Mountain Standard Time)

6:00 CST (Central Standard Time)

7:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time)

12:00 UK (United Kingdom) (UK Excused)

Red= PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Blue= MST (Mountain Standard Time)

Green= CST (Central Standard Time)

Yellow= EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Tuesday, 4:00 PST, 5:00 MST, 6:00 CST, 7:00 EST

3ic election

Ok, so I might not  be a leader, but we have only two 3ic’s and well we’ve got some 4ic’s that really deserve owner. The winner might get owner if I get a leaders OK. Lets start!

Candidates: Legokid5, Raprocks669, and Catstew.

How to vote: Please answer the following questions in comments:

1. Who would you like to be 3ic (max 2)

2. Why would you like them to be 3ic?

~Tiger SWAT 2ic

Recovered: Raid of Breeze Results

By: st4rz19

Hello, SWAT! Today we raided ACP with the Pirates. Here are the results. 🙂