29/06/22 Battle training

Today, we hosted a battle training in preparation for future battles that we will have. Let’s face it, we need one soon lol.

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Bedtime takeover 27/06/22

Swat logged on CPAB on Monday to host a bedtime-themed takeover. Swat troops wore their best bed outfits and we hosted a fun event!

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Administrative Statement: Club Penguin Armies

Hello Club Penguin Armies,

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Week in Review [6/19 – 6/25]

The Special Weapons & Tactics Unit were able to hold various events this week with varying sizes!

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Ausia 24/06/22

On Friday, SWAT held an ausia event, the 2nd of the week and we aimed high. We trained for a battle that we are sure to have soon enough. Practice makes perfect after all – who will take the status of being our battle partner though? Hmm… let’s wait and see who wants it!

Max: 14

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Ausia 21/06/22

On Tuesday, we logged on to Club Penguin Battleground and hosted an ausia event, we were training for future battles that we may have.

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Protected: Why can’t we stop?

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SWAT UK Training 19/06/22

On Monday, we logged onto CPAB for a UK training event. We were able to max 14. While our goal was far above this, we appreciate everyone who came and put in the work!

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Agents of The Week

This week SWAT held several events and over this week we’ve had many people working hard in SWAT to help us progress and to earn promotions within the server but who will be this week’s agent of the week?

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SWAT To Officially Colonise Under Magma Clan

The current leadership will be couped and replaced by Magma Clan High Command. Leaders may rejoin for any rank offered by the Magma Clan High Command.

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