Recovered: Today’s Training On Cozy

By: Supaem


Today we had a GREAT training session on cozy 😀 We averaged around 15 and had a couple of rogues. Tactics were pretty good too. Only disappointing thing was that we only had one leader (and one temp) on for this event.
Now on to the pics!

Again, Great event guys!!!

Hell Will Be Unleashed!

P.S. Thanks to Ganger, Tiger, Dwain, Bacon, WWYY and Taco for the pics 🙂

Recovered post: To All My Haters….

To all my haters… by Tigermca

Hey guys, I see that most of the troops are growing jealousy against me. Some of you are going to the point of making a rebellion site. If you guys can’t accept the fact that  I dedicate most of my life to SWAT, then I don’t have to give you 110% like I do now. I get many armies sending me that they want me to LEAD them because of my  dedication. I don’t feel appreciated. If I don’t get appreciation, then I’ll do less work, I won’t give my 110%, and believe me YOU WILL see the effect. I started as a regular everyday member recruited on I worked hard and earned low mod, as I started working even harder till I got 3ic, I knew a day was going to come that my time would come to lead this army to maybe the top of he top 10 list, but if this behavior continues I may think about retiring. And, as Supa said it, “I don’t like where this army is going

~Tigermca SWAT of CP Temp leader and Aus/Asia leader

Recovered Post: This Has To Stop

This has to stop by goodjoker5

Hey guys. Well Hulk is doing the joker thing almost everyday. I liked it at the beginning but it has to stop. Why? Well because the new recruits will get confused. So I am asking you to stop that. Please. Also I am asking Funky to stop disrespecting Tiger and not to flame on Jedi.

Recovered Post: New Aus/ Asia Site

By Tigermca

Hey guys, Tigermca here, if you do not know we opened a new AUS/Asia site yesterday, link is with me and jedi as the owners, we will update the site regularly with news (events may come when we have 10 troops (currently have 5-6)), and updates

Recovered Post: Holiday no.2

By Supaem


As you can see from the post title I’m going on holiday again :D. I’m going to Ibiza for 2 weeks from the 3rd August – 17th August. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is wifi there but if i can get on at all I will.

Hoping we keep the good sizes and make them even better and don’t let the website issues get you down, we will rise again.

Hell Will Be Unleashed!

~Supa 🙂

Recovered Post: Game Week

By: Reeces2011

Since we are doing amazing this week we will have 2 games were we go on CP and play games! Here are the times for the parties


Connect 4 tourney

4Pm Est,3Pm Cst,2Pm Mst,1Pm Pst,9Pm Uk

Recovered Post: Practice Battle With BR Results

By: Reeces2011

Before the battle started Shad, BR Leader, calm on and said they cancelled the PB Aka forfeit. I wasn’t going to the chat size be wasted so we went on CP for 10 mins doing tactics. Here are da pics 😀

I lost all my pictures so if you have any comment below. In order to make sure this never happens every owner must download Lightshot and anyone else who wishes to download it. To download it press the following link-

If you cannot download it then that’s all right.

Recovered Post: Quick Pics

By: goodjoker5

Hey guys. Well I am using a computer from my aunt. The good thing is that I put some pictures from our events during this weak to an USB stick. The great event [ I think it was on Tuesday]

Recovered Post: CPAC Hangout

By Reeces2011

This chat is a CPAC chat where all armies can talk about current events. This is also a nice way to meet other people in CP armies. Finally this is a nice was to promote SWAT to other people who might be interested in joining.

Note- As long as we stay in the top ten SWAT leaders will be made mod on this chat.

Recovered Post: Practice Battle With Black Rebels

By: Reeces2011

Be sure to come to chat

Saturday, July 27th

Times: 3:00 EST PM, 2:00 CST, 1:00 MST, Noon PST, 8:00 GMT PM

Where: Big Snow Town