Unscheduled Training Session on Snow Bank

Post by Kludd

Today’s unscheduled training session was a little worse than yesterday, with a mean of 15 and maximum of 18. However, this is soon to (hopefully) change as we have a new plan for SWAT that will get us back on our feet. Pics:

Chat Size

Battle Pics


Invasion of Jack Frost VICTORY


Today’s invasion of Jack Frost was a success! Also, we have now officially started a war with Metal Warriors. We maxed 21 and averaged 20-25. Not bad after a mini depression, but we still need to work on that size. Here are a TON of pictures:



post made by Crazy186

Hi Swat.Guess what?I think I just made history in Swat.  Yes that’s right the Swat Army Of Cp are now brother allies with the number 1 army at the moment the Dark warriors.They will support us and we will support us back.From now on S.W.A.T is brother allies with Dw.Guys war tomorrow check post for timings. Lets beat Iw.