SWAT EVENT: connect four and training event!

hello everyone, this is the recap of the connect four event!

event max

in this event, we did training for about 15 minutes, and then played a connect four tournament!

here are some photos taken from the event!

note: image is edited to have a green tint

this was my first time making a post for the website, I hope this is good!

-L90, 3IC and swat’s cameraman

Week Recap [9/19-9/26]

Hello, Agents! Here’s a special recap of our events that occured this week!

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✪】U-Lead Event 9/18

Today, we had a U-Lead event for all the troops! Everyone had gotten a chance to do a tactic and formation. The troops showed off their leading skills during this event and did a great job! Read more to see a recap.

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✪】Battle Training 9/15

Hello Agents! On Wednesday, September 15th we held a training for the team. This training consisted of tactic performing, working on bombing out of formations, and map changes! Read more to see what occured.

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✪】AUSIA Invasion of Misty 9/17

On September 17th, we had an invasion of Misty which was marked successful! During this event, while we were invading the land, we also worked on practiced on making clean formations and quick tactic changes! Read more to see what occured.

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✪】Massive Training / Hide and Seek 9/13

Hello Agents! Today we had a successful training event and focused on practicing tactics and formations. After the training, we held a hide and seek event. Read more to see what occured!

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29(08) – 05/09 Agent Of The Week

Another week has passed and another Agent Of The Week is set to be crowned. With little events this week, who will come out on top as the winner of this week’s Agent Of The Week? Let’s find out!

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02/09/21 Purple Viking Helmet Takeover

On Thursday, SWAT held a UK/US Viking Helmet takeover-styled training event. Keep reading to see how we did!

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31/08/21 Ausia Longboard Takeover

On Tuesday we hosted another ausia event which was another exciting takeover! With the exciting new items that CPR has released, we’ve been hosting takeover events, collecting these items and using them in the takeover events! Hopefully, some of the items we’ve collected will be of use to you and your penguin!

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