No Thunder Without a Storm.

✪】 Attention agents this is not a drill

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As of May 22, 2023, the Sapphire Concordat – consisting of the Special Weapons and Tactics alongside our Brother Allies, the People’s Imperial Confederation – hereby declares a state of WAR on the Dark Vikings.

SWAT has been very openly against the dim-witted Dark Vikings for a long period of time now. In 2022 the Dark Vikings relied on their allies to boost them through a war with SWAT, as they were desperate for any semblance of relevance. They attempted to name servers very inhumane and offensive things, as well as engaging in a plethora of other controversial behaviors. To cite a few, the Dark Vikings have notably harbored doxxers in their leadership, partook in underhanded tactics, and stroked their egos off of their “success.” This ends now. Originally, this would have spawned a war in early February but in a feat of cowardice, the Dork Vikings removed themselves from the CPA Map. This forced us to go against the Rebel Penguin Federation as they were the only other army SWAT was not in a treaty with that was present on the map.

Since their departure from the CPA Map in February, the Dark Vikings have refused to return, and have continued their egregious behaviors. In recent days they have now turned their sights against our Brother Ally, the unwavering People’s Imperial Confederation. Despite losing to the PIC in the AUSIA Arena tournament, Dark Vikings leader and local numbskull Krosive started relentlessly insulting our longtime allies and my personal friends. The Dark Vikings have shown that they are incapable of accepting defeat, as they delusionally claim victory following their constant failures. Dark Vikings have consistently shown their lack of maturity, and their inflated egos are far larger than their maxes will ever be. This war will henceforth be known as the Bloodbath Barrage.

Bloodbath Barrage Terms

I. Both allies and dual-enlists are allowed.
II. If any army, other than PIC, SWAT, and DV, decides to join the war on either side, they will have to follow the same set of terms.
III. All war battles must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with CPAJ, failure to do so will invalidate the scheduling. Leaders of the opposing army must be notified in CPAJ.
IV. No doxxing, ddosing, botting, discord server raiding, harassment, multilogging, or cheating of any form.
V. A withdrawal from this conflict for any reason and in any shape or form (e.g., withdrawing from the war, ghosting battles up to 3 battles in a row, etc.) will constitute a forfeit of the war.
VI. All CPA Battleground rules apply to each battle.
VII. Each army may only schedule one battle for each timezone per day (EX only one EU invasion can be held per day by one army etc)
VIII. The losing army in this conflict must accept the treaty terms provided by the winning army

(Due to the Dark Vikings holding no servers SWAT and PIC have taken the liberty of naming their servers)

✪ Invasion of DV’s Copium Factory ✪

Wednesday, May 24
9 AM EST | 2 PM UK

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SWAT Council

✪】Veteran’s Perspective

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✪】Incoming transmission from [Stevie101]

Welcome to the first edition of Veteran’s Perspective! Each week, we will highlight a SWAT Veteran who was crucial to the success of the army. We will explore their army history both in SWAT and in the community at large. Furthermore, our Director Dispatch team will inquire about their opinions on the current state of SWAT as compared to its past. This first column will feature Stare3000, a SWAT Godfather, who has been in SWAT since 2009, the same year it opened!

Read more: ✪】Veteran’s Perspective

Stare3000’s Army Career

Stare3000 joined SWAT as one of its first troops in late 2009 but only became deeply involved in 2011. Their loyalty and dedication to the army allowed them to rise quickly through the ranks, earning the position of Leader-in-Training. In 2012, they stepped down from LIT before returning to their rank in late 2013. Furthermore, Stare3000 joined Reeces2011, Raprocks669, and Alina as SWAT Commander-In-Chief in the middle of 2014. Under their initial leadership, SWAT achieved max sizes ranging from the high 20s to the low 30s. Stare3000 retired from their leadership position in September of 2014 and was awarded SWAT Legend, before going on a hiatus until 2020.

Stare3000 surrendering to IW on Xat (May 2014)

Upon Stare3000’s return to the community, they rejoined SWAT for the first time in the discord and CPO era. This marked a period of instability, including then-leader Zuke being couped as well as a merger with the Doritos of Club Penguin.

SWAT Invasion of Permafrost in 2020

After their retirement, Stare3000 found a rotten mango on the floor at work. This inspired them to create the Mango Corps with Panini, Kaliee, and Smoke where they maxed 20 on average and were famous for their 3 am events. In Mango Corps, they engaged in battles with the Recon Federation.

Stare3000 spitting facts

Stare3000 soon became Commander-In-Chief for the second time. They would lead wars against the Water Vikings and the Superstars. Despite their success, Stare3000 decided to step down from SWAT leadership in October. Upon retiring, they were awarded SWAT Godfather, the highest honor one can receive in the army. Following this they were muted on countless accounts in Club Penguin Army Hub due to admins avoiding their genuine concerns.

Aubz and Stare3000’s retirement event in October 2020

Stare3000 would return temporarily to SWAT in November to lead and assist SWAT in achieving a max 42 at their practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin. This would go on to be the highest max of the current CPPS generation at that time. They would eventually go on to retire once again but still remain present until February of 2021 when they would depart from the SWAT Discord alongside the SammieDC.

SWAT maxing 42 in a Practice Battle against ACP under Stare3000

Stare3000 would eventually return to advise amidst the Operation: Templaria war in 2021, as well as being carried in Castle Crashers by Legoman and Firestar08. They would go on to fall inactive shortly after the war’s conclusion. Stare3000 would have advisory stints in the army throughout 2022 and 2023. Actively participating in the Undertaker Crusade, and notably offering their expertise as far as developing a points system.

SWAT maxing 27 in a Birthday Bash for Stare3000 in 2022

Stare3000 has always brought a fresh and innovative perspective to SWAT and unwavering resilience in the face of all trials and tribulations. SWAT is eternally grateful for their past and present contributions and will honor them forever.

The Director Dispatch reached out to Stare3000 for an exclusive interview. Take a look at what they had to say!

Who or what led you to joining SWAT, and did you have any mentors during your tenure?

I was 9 and I saw penguins and I thought it was cool, and I’d say Ganger was the closest I had to a mentor but I’ve learned from everyone I’ve been in armies with

In what ways is the current state of SWAT similar pre-2017, and it what ways is it different?

Not much is the same, I guess we still use a similar uniform but it’s a lot more organized and streamlined now. Over the last 3-4 years SWAT has turned itself into deep community while retaining its roots as a penguin army. Armies as a whole are completely changed.

Could you elaborate in what ways specifically SWAT has become more of a deep community?

The loyalty seen now from a lot of members(with notable exceptions) is very different than the past, while previously we would see people hop from army to army now we have people dedicating their entire army career to SWAT.

What were some of your most cherished memories and/or accomplishments during your time in SWAT

My most cherished accomplishment would have to be becoming Godfather. And uhhh cherished memory….

What did getting Godfather mean to you given all that you have done for SWAT?

It was a pretty big achievement, it meant I had finally achieved the highest honor of a community that means quite a lot to me

What are your overall predictions for SWAT’s future?

Gonna hit 1 on TT a few more times.

It seems as though Stare3000 has had an exciting and adventurous army career thus far. Their determination and loyalty to SWAT continue to be an amazing asset for the army. We at the Director Dispatch send out a massive show of appreciation to Stare3000 for all of their loyalty and continued service.

What else would YOU like to know about Stare3000? Which veteran would you like to see featured next week?  Feel free to let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below! HOO RAH!

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Director Dispatch Editor

Pretend it says Stevie

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

✪】Director Dispatch – Weekly Rewind 4/16 – 4/22

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✪】Incoming transmission from [StevieTheSimp]

This edition of the Special Weapons and Tactics‘ weekly recap sees the ambitious army at war once again with the treacherous Templars. Let’s take a dive in and see how the Undertaker Campaign has played out thus far.

Requested Top Ten Picture

[AUSIA] Invasion Of Northern Lights – SUCCESSFUL (April 16th)

SWAT’s first AUSIA battle of the war sees a close result with a tie from the Mine and the Dojo, before taking the Forts by storm and claiming Northern Lights as their own.

MAX: 21


[AUSIA] Invasion of Strasbourg – UNSUCCESSFUL (April 17th)

The second AUSIA battle consists of a Templar victory with the enemy army winning the Ski Village and the Cove. However, SWAT managed to put up quite the fight by tieing the Beach.

MAX: 17

[US] Defense of Rome – UNSUCCESSFUL (April 17th)

SWAT’s first US event of the week puts the army on the defensive. Unfortunately, SWAT sees the loss of Rome with the Templars claiming all three rooms.

MAX: 11

[AUSIA] Invasion of Cairo – SUCCESSFUL (April 18th)

SWAT sees a return to glory as they sweep all three rooms, adding Cairo to their list of servers.

MAX: 16

[US/UK] Defense of Constantinople – UNSUCCESSFUL (April 18th)

SWAT continues the hustle as they attempt to ward off the Templars from claiming Constantinople. The battle ends with a three-room streak from the Templars who walk away with the server

MAX: 12

[US] Defense of Northern Lights – UNSUCCESSFUL (April 19th)

In an interesting turn of events, SWAT finds themselves defending the land that they managed to win earlier in the week. Unfortunately, The templars win all three rooms and take back Northern Lights. (Taetertottae is in SWAT)

MAX: 13

[AUSIA] Invasion of Nicaea – SUCCESSFUL (April 20th)

SWAT’s AUSIA streak continues with a three-room win, earning the army ownership of Nicaea.

MAX: 18

[US/UK] Defense of Alexandria – UNSUCCESSFUL (April 20th)

In another defensive position, the SWAT army attempts its grasp on Alexandria. However, the Templars grand size thwarts SWAT’s efforts and wins all three rooms, claiming Alexandria.

MAX: 14

[AUSIA] Invasion of Dorylaeum – SUCCESSFUL (April 21st)

[AUSIA] Invasion of Northern Lights – SUCCESSFUL (April 22nd)

Hey its LEGOMAN StevieTheSimp didn’t finish the post, my biceps are huge.

MAX: 25

[AUSIA] Defence of Cairo – SUCCESSFUL (April 22nd)

We win these. Uh lemme put words to fill in the space. HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH

MAX: 23

[AUSIA] Defence of Anchovies – SUCCESSFUL jk (April 22nd)

We lost oops…that’s it.

MAX: 18

Nice job SWAT! I have to submit this now so the Top Ten committee doesn’t “have a top zero armies <333” Good week we had like erm 12 events again that’s a pretty epic gamer moment tbh. Dm Lego#0200 or Allthatjazz#4942 to join the Director Dispatch media division. #SWATFOREVER

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Simp/Karaoke Master

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

✪】[US] Operation: Battle of the Ballz

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✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today was fun for the US Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin! Today, April 28, 2023, at 6:00 PM EST we logged in to the server Klondike for our Battle of the Ballz with the Templars. We were able to max 18 passionate SWAT Agents in this battle. We tied two rooms, very unexpectedly. However, our proudest achievement of this event was accomplishing our most extraordinary mission – having fun! Thank you to all the spectacular SWAT Agents that attended this awesome event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE Invasion of Freeland coming up. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 18


✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

✪】[UK] Operation: Invasion of Edessa

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✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today was notable for the UK Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin! Today, April 8, 2023, at 5:00 PM EST we logged in to the server Warzone for our Freeland-Invasion of Edessa. War is upon us and we have continued to fight courageously. We were able to max 22 awake and attentive SWAT Agents to invade our newfound land. This was a super fun event with tactics from Alex, Ggogle090, Mickey Mouse, and Ganger90, in addition to myself. However, our proudest achievement of this event was accomplishing our most impressive mission – having FUN! Thank you to all the spectacular SWAT Agents that attended this awesome event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE Invasion of Freeland coming up. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 22

Warm-Up Room: Snow Forts

Room One: Ice Berg

Room Two: Stadium

Great event SWAT, and an incredible victory. Hoo Rah. Let’s continue this big money MOMENTUM. Thank you to all who took pictures during this awesome event! ALL flippers on deck. Happy holidays. Until next time. #FIGHT4SWAT

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

2,695 Days – SWAT #1.

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✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

The Special Weapons and Tactics army recently had an extraordinarily eventful week which culminated in us hosting a whopping 12 war battles and rising to #1 on the Club Penguin Armies Top Ten for the first time since November 15, 2015. Using my trusty Bing browser, I determined that it had been 7 years, 4 months, and 18 days since our previous placement in first. 385 weeks of faith, 2,695 days of hard work, 64,680 hours of recruiting, and 232,848,000 seconds of loyalty outvaluing everything has made this possible.

Read more: 2,695 Days – SWAT #1.

This is an extremely eventful occasion for the army, so to celebrate it I have reached out to past and present members and compiled their statements regarding this achievement. We were able to obtain statements from FIVE godfathers, as well as numerous veterans and current rising stars within SWAT. If you would like to have yourself added to this list, please contact @Lego#0200 and I will update this post to include your testimony!

“We’re gonna win so much we will be tired of winning The troops will say please stop it’s too much winning”

Silverburg, SWAT Commander-In-Chief + CPA Legend

“swat getting number 1 to me is a goal i dreamed of for so long i always wanted swat to rise to the top now swat is number 1 it amaizng”

Clade69 Top C,” SWAT Staff-In-Training

“SWAT based”

Cabin0416, SWAT Advisor

“is alright…jk congratulations guys! you deserve it, hardest working SWAT leaders i’ve ever seen [REDACTED] WAS the problem”

Sweater, SWAT Veteran + Advisor

“Damn it means a really means a lot to me that swat got to #1 after 8 years like so many years of selling bath water,cg giving out goodnight kisses,Aisha promoting racism and me bullying new agents so emotional 💀”

CrackdArjun, SWAT Staff

“I would say that swat being number one doesn’t mean we are the best army, but it means we are getting closer to the goal of the best. But if we also wish to keep the number one spot, it would probably help us in the goal of being the best.”

Boba Fart, SWAT Staff

“I think it’s a nice change of pace for swat. They have a big reputation of having their reputation dragged for a whole slew of things and typically is looked at with contempt. Something like this is amazing I think and hopefully going forward swat has more to show to change the public perception of the army. I’m proud of the people who made it happen and think the army is going in a good direction.”

S Cargo2, SWAT Godfather + Legend

“it’s really cool to see SWAT overcome their adversity and make it to number 1 again, I know the leaders have worked really hard to create an environment that motivates troops and promotes fun within the army as well as hard work”

Aubzxo, SWAT Veteran + Advisor +Zendaya

“Duckkkk yeah what a time to be alive”

Lights717, SWAT Godfather + Legend

“NAH NO WAY SAY ONG TOP 10 SWAT W…As a staff on SWAT and being in the top 10 means a lot to me. Even tho I joined in 2022, it means a lot because I have met new people and made new friends while on my journey to become staff and a future leader. Glory to SWAT rulers-Akio”

Akio, SWAT Staff + YouTuber

“swat getting #1 is something thats so special to a lot of us who have dedicated so much time. i am so proud of all of us who put countless hours into club penguin, and even though some of us may be failing in school (me, miserably), this shows us how much hard work actually pays off and the result of a strong team that swat clearly has <3 maybe 50 minute ausia events arent that bad after all”

Sabre, SWAT HCOM + Pronoun Police

“SWAT was a home for me during one of my darkest days in the start of COVID. This army was my home and my place to have friends and still is. We’ve been through a lot these past years. For me every member as their own story and they make their own part of SWAT’s history. Seeing as SWAT is on the top of the leaderboard it brings me hope for the future of the army. Everybody knows that I’m not active in the server anymore but it doesn’t mean that SWAT doesn’t have a special place in my heart , it will always be there. Just that I’ve moved on from Club Penguin. It brings me joy and nostalgia to see a very close community of mine fighting their way to be the very best. It means that everyone has dedication and I still can’t thank the army enough for helping me and every member of the community. Neither to say SWAT is the best army and will always be , it’s thanks to the amazing community and hardworking individuals. SWAT FOREVER.”

Hiroyuki, SWAT Veteran

“To me SWAT being #1 makes me feel happy and proud to be a part of a good community and family”

Mickey Mouse, SWAT Devoted Troop

“It certainly feels good! I’m pretty new in SWAT so i cant say that i feel a huge emotional attachment yet to the army [despite my undying devotion to LEGOMAN]. However, it is a testament to the hard work that everyone has put in to achieve this goal!”

Stevie101, SWAT Advisor + Karaoke Master

“Well, it feels like a dream, its like every week we are #2. Now that we are #1, We will have #1 Land. Since we are #1, I expect alot more from SWAT.”

Ggogle090, SWAT Staff

“It was an amazing achievement and an amazing way to end my journey in SWAT.”

Coolguy, SWAT Legend + ACP 2ic

“I feel that SWATRulers now being top 1, Is a amazing accomplishment for the entire cpa battleground army! The amazing leaders that push us to being our greatest in these battles/ cpa wars are amazing leaders those being Lego and Coolguy! I feel being a part of this #1 growing army in club penguin is an amazing honor! We can now show the others who is really on top of the game LET’S GO SWAT RARARARARARARARARARAR”

Dusk & Evening, SWAT Devoted Troop

“For me getting #1 means that we have come far as an army and recovered from losses like the one of CPR. Coming this far as an army and being in said army during it is such an honour, I remember joining in 2021 during march madness there were also recruiters from HF trying to recruit me but i joined SWAT and here we are today now that is one small step for a man one giant leap for a crackteam of penguins thank you for your time yours sincerely WilliamW2010”

WilliamW2010, SWAT Staff

“It feels like such a satisfying moment for SWAT, it’s just amazing to come back to SWAT and see it thrive after so long. SWAT is one of the longest standing armies, and we aren’t just surviving army; We are a thriving army. It’s beautiful and amazing; I hope SWAT continues to thrive.”

Zooycuddle, SWAT Staff

“I think that shit is badass seeing SWAT up and running still taking over the boards. Watched this army grow for 11 years, so to see them still alive to this day is awesome. Especially seeing there’s a lot of the same family/legends from back in the day. Wouldn’t have chose any other CPA 💪🏽 SWAT forever 😎”

Domsamillion, SWAT Godfather + Legend

“I enlisted in SWAT thanks to Pandor, and one of my objectives was to assist SWAT in becoming #1 on the TT. Although I am not necessarily enlisted, I have witnessed the effort that all of the SWAT members, HCOM, Advisors and Leaders, and of course Ganger90, put forth. I’d also like to thank POM for starting this war. As always, SWAT has not allowed our enemies to win easily and has consistently fought back, as evidenced by the war’s scoring. We appreciate everyone who came out to the events that enabled us to accomplish this; each of you matters and made it possible. Thank you SWAT…I kissed him💀oops”

AishaJabz, SWAT Egirl + Satchmo’s Ex

“Though I wasn’t in the CP Armies circuit long enough to become super familiar with this top 10 competition or how it works, the name makes its significance pretty clear. When I left SWAT and CP Armies for my still ongoing hiatus, the army was having some pretty notable numbers issues. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t have a whole lot of faith in SWAT at that time, but I’m glad to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised. SWAT was always conceptually one of the greatest armies in the league, and it’s good to see them living up to their reputation. Keep up the good work, troops!”

WTZTBlaze, SWAT Veteran

“For me it’s the greatest achievement for SWAT bc since 2015 it was pretty difficult I guess to reach #1 and since I joined SWAT It’s the best feeling we can experience”

Seu11, SWAT Veteran + HCOM

“GRRRRRRR – (translates to: ‘UwU I love SWAT and l-legoman x3 meow’)”

Mare, SWAT Veteran + Furry

“🥺Uhhhhhhhhhhh Took you long enough…Proud of you”

Stare3000, SWAT Godfather + Legend

“When I was indicted as SWAT Commander at 16 years of age, I had a strong determination to see SWAT succeed and flourish. It has been a bumpy road but just over two years following my original induction into leadership we have accomplished this covered honor within the community. SWAT could not have done this without every single staff, troop, HCOM or advisor. This is not the success of one individual person, it is the culmination of the team’s phenomenal efforts to bring glory to our legendary army. This placement will mark a new era within SWAT, and if we continue to put in the effort we will reap the rewards. Shoutout to Ganger90 and Stare3000. We rise together, we fall together. SWAT Forever.”

Legoman, SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

“I think that SWAT getting number 1 is something that has certainly been a long time coming for everyone here. As Club Penguin Armies have evolved and changed over time, I am so proud to see the continuous greatness that this army displays to the community no matter what’s going on, the legacy that it upholds and solidifies while creating their own. Of course there’s been countless moments where while we were not ranked #1, we knew and felt that SWAT was the strongest army. The new era that is being built here everyday is full of limitless potential, from the Staff, HCOM, Staff in Trainings, Advisors, new troops, and future leaders. We know how much work you all put in and how much you care about SWAT. And of course we cannot forget all our great legends and veterans of this army. I’d be understating to say that the sky is the limit, and words cannot describe how proud I am of all of you carrying this army back up to #1. @Lego uwu”

Ganger90, SWAT Creator + Godfather + CPA Legend

All these testimonies show the phenomenal impact that our army and community have had throughout the decades. SWAT had outlived, outfought, outperformed, and outlasted all expectations. People have tried to bring us down but we have never let the negativity keep us grounded. SWAT does not intend to go anywhere. Myself and Ganger90 have the honor of being the first individuals to lead SWAT to #1 in the CPPS era, and none of that is possible without our terrific troops, stupendous staff, hard-working high command, and ambitious advisors. As your Commanders-In-Chief, we shall do everything in our power to ensure the continued success of this unconquerable army.

Major developments are on the horizon.

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

✪】[US] Operation: Buzzed on Cream Soda

loading… [24%] loading… [89%] loading… [100% mission loaded]

✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today was a phenomenal day for the newly-reopened US Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin. Today, March 22, 2023, at 8:00 PM EST we logged in to the server Klondike for our defense of Cream Soda. War is upon us and we will fight valiantly. We were able to max 23 devoted SWAT Agents for this enjoyable event, and successfully defend our sovereign nation. However, our proudest achievement of this event was accomplishing our greatest mission – having fun! Thank you to all the stupendous SWAT Agents that attended this awesome event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE Invasion of POM coming up. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 23

Warm-Up Room: Ice Berg

Room One: Docks

Room Two: Dojo

Room Three: Mine

Event Video

Special thanks to awesome SWAT Staff Member, Akio, for recording this!

Battle Results

Great performance today, SWAT. Congrats to all those who received DOUBLE promotions. A special thanks to Aisha, Zooy, A®¢ha̸_€, and of course LEGOMAN for taking event pictures and another massive thank you to Akio for recording the battle. Let’s continue this upward MOMENTUM. We have some more battles in the War of Conquest in our sights, and we are ready will ALL flippers on deck. Happy holidays. Until next time. #FIGHT4SWAT

✪】End Transmission.

Supreme Minister of War
SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

✪】[UK] Operation: Domination

loading… [24%] loading… [89%] loading… [100% mission loaded

✪】Incoming transmission from [SilentSniper]

Sunday, February 5th, 2023, at 1:00 PM PST, we logged into battle with the classic Rebel Penguin Federation. This event today has yet again proved to show that SWAT is ready for any army. However, our best moment yet was bringing home that W (as usual). Amazing job to all the dedicated SWAT Agents that attended and stayed active during this event! REMINDER – We have a HUGE battle against Baseball of Club Penguin Wednesday, February 8th at 6:00 AM PST. Make sure to attend to help us sharpen our skill sets and be ready for any army that could challenge our mighty infantry.

MAX: 26

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✪】[UK] Operation: Safeguard Empire

loading… [24%] loading… [89%] loading… [100% mission loaded

✪】Incoming transmission from [SilentSniper]

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023, at 2:00 PM GMT, we logged in to secure vital assets for our army’s nation. I’m blown away by what SWAT is capable of and the consistency that we’ve continued to show. An amazing job being awake and attentive throughout the whole event! Yet, our best moment of this event was bringing the originality back to Club Penguin Army’s – having fun! Thank you to all the loyal SWAT Agents that attended this incredible event! REMINDER – We have two MANDATORY Training events to overall enhance the skillsets of our Agents! Friday, February 3rd at 5 PM EST, and Saturday, February 4th at 4 PM EST. Make sure to attend to help us sharpen our skill sets and be ready for any impending threats that could arise.

Max: 23

Force Treaty of the Decaying Empire

✪】 Attention agents this is not a drill.

Earlier today, Club Penguin Armies announced the results of their internal investigation into the actions of Xing and the Templars. They concluded that the Templars multilogged numerous times, docking their latest Top Ten score. Special Weapons and Tactics did their own investigation into the situation and found additional instances of cheating.

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