✪】Director Dispatch – Weekly Rewind 4/23 – 4/29

✪】 ICE BOX – Live from Legoman’s Desk.

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✪】Incoming transmission from [IcyWalker1]

Greetings and salutations SWAT Agents! This edition of the Special Weapons and Tactics‘ Weekly Rewind sees the end of the Undertaker Campaign (aka. Neo Crudade) against the Templars. SWAT

Requested Top Ten Picture

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Judging Changes

✪】 ICE BOX – Live from Legoman’s Desk.

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The Problem

Club Penguin Army Judges has taken too long to actually fix its system despite the Pact of Women’s History being signed almost a month ago. Proper strides NEED to be taken in order to fix the excruciatingly lackluster judging. As I have mentioned before, enemies quite literally came together to sign a treaty due to how inadequate the judging was, yet nothing has notably changed. Let it be known that I do not blame any individual Judges themselves, but rather the Head Judges and severely outdated Judging Guidelines, which have effectively failed at training Judges to a respectable standard. The Judging Guidelines should have been immediately updated a year ago following CPAJ‘s creation rather than simply merging CPAN and CPAHQ judging guides. It has been over a year and the Head Judges have overlooked and neglected their duties. Do not misconstrue this post as an attack on the Head Judges, as without pointing out flaws in an organization, the flaws can easily become more prevalent, and fall under the radar.

The CPAJ organization has also ignored armies such as the Peoples Imperial Confederation, Magma Clan, and Napalm Corps. Napalm Corps have only been on Top Ten for three consecutive weeks, so perhaps NC being missed is just an error, however, Magma Clan has had leaders consistently ask for rep and be ignored despite being on Top Ten for four consecutive weeks and PIC legitimately being on every TT since February 4. Jemma had both MM army rep and FF army rep but never Army Representative (according to HJs she was a rep and left but Jemma claims otherwise). A vote was never brought up to the Army Reps by Head Judges. This is yet another instance of Head Judges failing to complete more duties. I understand that Head Judges are only human and have other responsibilities, so they may not always be able to check these things. In that case, they should either bring another Head Judge (in the US time zone) on board to lessen to workload or tighten up their current system.

Screenshots go brrrrr

Furthermore, there is one situation where a Judge rigged a battle and currently sits snugly in their position without consequence. It appears Head Judges either ignored or did not care when this was released as they overturned the result but have not issued a demotion to this individual. I can cite grievances with Judging Guidelines being ignored in one army’s event but not those of others. Be consistent or be called out. I have added some amendments to the list found in the Pact of Women’s History. My complaints have already been put off before, and quite frankly I am tired of waiting for the obviously rotting corpse of a judging system to make any semblance of an effort. I believe there certainly is hope for CPAJ, but the hope is dwindling every second these issues are pushed off. Last time I waited and trusted something to happen and our complaints fell on deaf ears. Fix your system or lose support.



The Proposed Solution

I. Head Judges must keep the judging guidelines accurate and up to date.
II. Head Judges must train all new Judges on the proper guidelines BEFORE their promotion from Judge-In-Training.
III. Head Judges must implement a test for Judges-In-Training via either a battle that is streamed or having them write a summary to prove their competency
IV. Head Judges must have a group chat with Army Leaders of both sides of a war to update on reviews within 48 hours of the conclusion of a battle.
V. Head Judges must intervene if Judges do not know the proper guidelines.
VI. Head Judges must not pick and choose when to follow certain written guidelines.
VII. Head Judges must be willing to step in if armies are unsatisfied with the current judges (ex. SWAT wants to reject Judge X, but there are only two judges present!)
VIII. Head Judges must conduct themselves with maturity.
IX. Judges must also conduct themselves with professionalism when discussing the verdict (ex. not being condescending).
X. CPAJ must allow the option for both armies to collectively agree to veto certain rooms before a battle (ex. both armies collectively agree they do not want to go to the Ski Village or Book Room)
XI. Create a guideline for rooms so that judges know which rooms are acceptable for various sizes of armies.
XII. If Judges made a decision where they ignore their cohorts and announce their own verdict of the battle they should be demoted to Judge-In-Training as it is a clear lack of competency.
XIII. If someone accepts after the one-hour veto deadline, both army leaders can have an additional 5 minutes to veto them.
XIV. CPAJ and Army Reps must present viable candidates for a US and possibly an AUSIA Head Judge to restore 5 Head Judges and make communication easier through all time zones.
XV. CPAJ must establish a General/Support/Army Leaders channel in the CPAJ server so Army Leaders/HCOM can bring up ongoing issues (e.g. CPAB being down, scheduling errors, etc.
XVIAutomatically put armies up for rep votes after they have been on Top Ten for 3 weeks.
XVIIA potential partnership with the CPA YouTube branch to ensure all battles are adequately captured – this could even entail an animated judging tutorial/guide video.



The Conclusion

The point of the terms is not for them ALL to be instituted at once, but at the very least to stir conversation about viable changes that are necessary for the success of a reputable organization that has recently been underperforming. CPAJ has promising potential and it would be a shame for that potential to go to waste, so I implore my fellow army leaders to voice your opinions whether you strongly agree, strongly disagree, or anything in between. The worst thing we can do in this situation is to sit idly by and be silent.

Before officially signing off, I would like to thank Wynn and Popcorny for being in the minority of Head Judges that responded to and acknowledged Logical and I bringing up the initial concerns following the Pact of Women’s History’s release in the Army Rep chat. Thank you to ALL of the Head Judges that have shown patience in the large number of reviews requested, and thank you to the majority for showing respect. While it may appear you are under heavy scrutiny, your help and cooperation in the past are still valued and we can seek to find reform in the system together. If ANY elaboration is required feel free to message me on Discord at Lego#0200. Happy trails.

✪】 End Transmission.

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

✪】Peace In Our Time?-The End of The Undertaker Campaign

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✪】Incoming transmission from [Stevie101]

Yesterday afternoon, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Templars signed a peace treaty, signaling the end of the war between the two armies. This marks SWAT’s third war of the year, after ending their conflicts with the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Penguins of Madagascar respectfully. According to Dawn, Templars leader, the rationale behind the war was to reclaim their server Jerusalem. In a turn of events, the Templar’s intentions were leaked to SWAT. This allowed Legoman to declare war simultaneously with the enemy army.  

Following SWAT’s successful invasion of Alexandria, the two armies agreed to the terms of the peace treaty. The terms state that the treaty will remain valid for at least two months. However, the armies may extend or shorten the treaty if they both consent.

Terms of the treaty

The Director’s Dispatch reached out to some of SWAT’s troops/agents to get their opinion regarding the end of the war. Here is what they had to say!

What are your thoughts on the war coming to an end? Do you feel that the war should have gone on longer, or do you think it was a good time to end the war?


Well first of all it was a great experience to be in the war. It was really good and sometimes it was hard but we got through it from the great leaders. The war coming to an end is really a win we fought we worked and here we are ending the war with a success. I feel proud ending the war and winning. We finished the war with pom a couple of months ago I feel like it’s time to finish the war and start with an another army because it’s been a long time fighting with TCP and it’s a good time to end

– Fwapo, Staff in Training


Well honestly i would prefer if the war will be less long because we need some more practice event because just before the war against tcp we fought pom and we need a break bc they are taking that to our advantage. and a other thing about the war ending is that new recruit could actually understand the game because if i was them i just joined but people say LOG ON WE NEED TO BEAT TCP WE NEED TO MAX 35 or some i will be lost so yea now we can actually help new player and have fun in swat !

– Atrix, Staff in Training


I believe that it was a quite justified choice to sign the treaty, we were losing some land during us/uk events. We could’ve gotten land back with Ausia events but we can always conquer more land later. So I guess it was a good idea to cut losses and this also lets us have more fun/recreational events.

– Zooy, Head Officer


We should of went to war longer. Why? More land. But if the armies are settled and made a treaty I guess I don’t have a say in how they work with each other.

– Ggogle, Head Officer


What are your predictions for future SWAT-TCP relations?


So first of all let’s start with swat I’ve been with swat for almost a year now every second swat grows and the staff and staff in training are very good and interesting and as a part of them we are expecting a really good future for swat and as we are doing really good in events swat is gonna have a really interesting future. As for TCP we are not expecting a bad future for TCP because they are at war with us or was at war with us but they are doing well sometimes they win and some we win TCP is gonna have a balanced future as well but not as well as swat why? Because swat is growing way faster.

– Fwapo, Staff in Training


Well tbh i think for only few month there will be again a little bit of hate because they are ally with our enemies but if G90 and Xing could talk in private like tell what they don’t like what we should improve on both side they could get a good chemistry but first we need to end the war against pom to even try to talk to Xing.

– Atrix, Staff in Training


We will probably stay as enemies but we will probably be on good terms for a while due to our mutual belief that the judging system needs to be revamped. Maybe we might become just like competitors but not enemies which could let us be able to learn from each other’s ways we use to improve our armies. Who knows, only time can tell.

– Zooy, Head Officer


My guess from other wars with them, war won’t stop with TCP until one retires.

– Ggogle, Head Officer


It seems as though the two armies have reached a point of civility for the time being. What do YOU think? Have SWAT and the Templars achieved peace, or will they clash again in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. HOORAH!

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Media/Karaoke Master








































✪】Invasion of Alexandria-A Recap and Analysis

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✪】Incoming transmission from [Stevie101]

At 9:00 EST on April 23rd, the Special Weapons and Tactics attempted to reclaim the server Alexandria after losing it to the Templars just three days ago. For this special edition recap, we will breakdown this battle room by room. There is a lot that can be said about how this battle unfolded, so lets dive in!

Room 1-The Forest (TIE)

SWAT seemed to have the starting advantage for this room. Not only did they enter first, but their bomb strongly covered the Templars. It is also important to note that SWAT’s upside down V formation was a smart contrast to the Templar’s horizontal line formation, as it helped to cover the left and right side of the templars form. Despite the strong start, both armies appeared to move at identical speeds with a solid mix of word and emote tactics. SWAT quickly adapted and used a waterfall to boost their momentum, before moving into an L formation. Once again, this formation proved to be a good counter to the Templars vertical line. As a result, SWAT’s tactics covered the room more than the Templars. The second half of the room saw SWAT changing into an anchor formation while the Templars moved into a diagonal line. It is difficult to determine which army dominated in this formation because both SWAT and Templars sent huge word bubbles and moved at incredible speeds. Overall, the armies seemed to have a difficult time overpowering each other in this room.

Room 2-The Stadium (SWAT)

Both armies entered the room strong with large word bombs before Lego urgently commanded his troops to get into an X formation. SWAT struggled to maintain a clear form at first. However, they settled into a clean X and managed to cover the Templars’ horizontal form. In my opinion, this room began to work in SWAT’s favor when they enacted a series of movements such as their Z wipe and and clockwise bomb. This allowed them to show off their size advantage as well as cover the Templar’s tactics. SWAT proceeded to move into upside down V which further helped show off their size. The army’s glorious moment in the Stadium came with their anchor formation, where the majority of SWAT’s tactics easily overpowered the Templars. SWAT’s ability to demonstrate their size advantage, cover tactics, and execution of clean movements won them this room.

Room 3-Inside Mine (SWAT)

SWAT appeared to enter the room first and dominated the starting bomb. The army preceded to move swiftly into an upside down V, while the Templars rushed into a diagonal formation. Both armies seemed equally matched in their respective forms, unable to cover each other with their creative and quick tactics. However, this soon changed as SWAT moved into an L formation, once again taking full advantage of their size. In an attempt to overwhelm the Templars, SWAT executed a rake before moving into a plus formation. Although this form wasn’t as clean as the others, SWAT’s large tactics were enough to cover the Templars, even as the enemy army attempted a variety of wipes. In the end, SWAT’s size advantage proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

While both armies fought valiantly, SWAT’s AUSIA division once again proved too difficult for the Templars. As a result, SWAT won the battle and reclaimed Alexandria as their own. Furthermore, this battle marked the end of the war as a peace treaty was signed the same afternoon. It seems like SWAT has ended the war on a strong note. HOORAH!

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Media/Karaoke Master

✪】Director Dispatch – Weekly Rewind 4/16 – 4/22

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✪】Incoming transmission from [StevieTheSimp]

This edition of the Special Weapons and Tactics‘ weekly recap sees the ambitious army at war once again with the treacherous Templars. Let’s take a dive in and see how the Undertaker Campaign has played out thus far.

Requested Top Ten Picture

[AUSIA] Invasion Of Northern Lights – SUCCESSFUL (April 16th)

SWAT’s first AUSIA battle of the war sees a close result with a tie from the Mine and the Dojo, before taking the Forts by storm and claiming Northern Lights as their own.

MAX: 21


[AUSIA] Invasion of Strasbourg – UNSUCCESSFUL (April 17th)

The second AUSIA battle consists of a Templar victory with the enemy army winning the Ski Village and the Cove. However, SWAT managed to put up quite the fight by tieing the Beach.

MAX: 17

[US] Defense of Rome – UNSUCCESSFUL (April 17th)

SWAT’s first US event of the week puts the army on the defensive. Unfortunately, SWAT sees the loss of Rome with the Templars claiming all three rooms.

MAX: 11

[AUSIA] Invasion of Cairo – SUCCESSFUL (April 18th)

SWAT sees a return to glory as they sweep all three rooms, adding Cairo to their list of servers.

MAX: 16

[US/UK] Defense of Constantinople – UNSUCCESSFUL (April 18th)

SWAT continues the hustle as they attempt to ward off the Templars from claiming Constantinople. The battle ends with a three-room streak from the Templars who walk away with the server

MAX: 12

[US] Defense of Northern Lights – UNSUCCESSFUL (April 19th)

In an interesting turn of events, SWAT finds themselves defending the land that they managed to win earlier in the week. Unfortunately, The templars win all three rooms and take back Northern Lights. (Taetertottae is in SWAT)

MAX: 13

[AUSIA] Invasion of Nicaea – SUCCESSFUL (April 20th)

SWAT’s AUSIA streak continues with a three-room win, earning the army ownership of Nicaea.

MAX: 18

[US/UK] Defense of Alexandria – UNSUCCESSFUL (April 20th)

In another defensive position, the SWAT army attempts its grasp on Alexandria. However, the Templars grand size thwarts SWAT’s efforts and wins all three rooms, claiming Alexandria.

MAX: 14

[AUSIA] Invasion of Dorylaeum – SUCCESSFUL (April 21st)

[AUSIA] Invasion of Northern Lights – SUCCESSFUL (April 22nd)

Hey its LEGOMAN StevieTheSimp didn’t finish the post, my biceps are huge.

MAX: 25

[AUSIA] Defence of Cairo – SUCCESSFUL (April 22nd)

We win these. Uh lemme put words to fill in the space. HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH HOO RAH

MAX: 23

[AUSIA] Defence of Anchovies – SUCCESSFUL jk (April 22nd)

We lost oops…that’s it.

MAX: 18

Nice job SWAT! I have to submit this now so the Top Ten committee doesn’t “have a top zero armies <333” Good week we had like erm 12 events again that’s a pretty epic gamer moment tbh. Dm Lego#0200 or Allthatjazz#4942 to join the Director Dispatch media division. #SWATFOREVER

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Simp/Karaoke Master

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

Templars Face SWAT AGAIN! What is it now?!

Hey SWAT! Ggogle here with a post about the SWAT VS TCP WAR. (Aka The Undertaker Campaign.) But WHY are we going to war 2 weeks after our last war ? Lets hear it from the one and only, Legoman!

Legoman’s response from last post: “We have successfully obtained Templars’ ENTIRE nation twice now lol lets make it 3 times xd.

Well you heard it. This War is for Land. Again.

But as a SWATRuler within the ranks, I can give a good explanation as who templars are, our past battles with them etc. in this post!

Section 1: Who are the Templars?

Templars have been an army since 2018, it’s a quite new army, founded By Xing, Known before as a legend in the club penguin community. While being new, they quickly rose to being an extremely popular and strong army/community in the CPPS Era. They are a huge army, usually maxxing 20-30 in US Divisions. But for their Ausia team, it’s around 10-20 penguins on. Sadly, though even their Ausia team can be strong at times, as they beat us today which is depressing, but we can always win next time!

Section 2: What is our relationship with Templars?

Well, I wouldnt say its great, nor it is bad. But we have definitely fought before in war with them. But you see, i’ve only been in this community since 2020, so i’m going to hand this one over to Ganger90 in an interview!

ggogle: So Ganger, can you tell me about our relationship with TCP?

Ganger90: Most definitely, our relationship with TCP has been pretty hostile for quite a long time, with them helping to wage multiple team up wars against us (4 and 3 armies vs one) and we have went to war with them multiple times in which resulted in them losing their entire nation to us, so to say the least we have come to built a pretty big rivalry with them.

ggogle: Wow, thats shocking, but I like to know, do YOU like the Templars? What is YOUR relationship with Templars?

Ganger90: Personally it’s hard to say whether I like or dislike them. I’m sure it would be easier for them to announce their hatred of us, but truthfully the best don’t hate, they just get hated on and respond as/when necessary following the proper protocol. Goes along with this famous quote: “I don’t have time to hate the people that hate me, because I’m too busy loving the people who love me.”

Well, you heard it from the man himself. By what Ganger told us, either of the armies are liking each other that much as shown as we were in 2 other wars before this. But thank you for tuning in, I’m glad to be able to post to educate you about the war against TCP. If you need to ask something that wasn’t already covered, then ask in the general chat. Until next time, Agent Ggogle, signing off!!

Undertaker Campaign

✪】 Attention agents this is not a drill

As of April 13, 2023, the Special Weapons and Tactics of Club Penguin hereby declare an official state of WAR on the Templars.

We have successfully obtained Templars’ ENTIRE nation twice now lol lets’s make it 3 times xd. The reasons for this war are obvious. This war will henceforth be known as the Undertaker Campaign.

Undertaker Campaign Terms

I. Neither SWAT nor Templars, following this declaration, can transfer any servers until the war’s conclusion. The only exception to this rule is if an army forfeits the war and transfers all of its servers to the opposing side (e.g., if Templars transfers all of its servers to SWAT).
II. Allies and Duel-Enlists ARE allowed
III. All war battles must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with the CPA league, and failure to do so will invalidate the scheduling. Leaders of the opposing army will be notified in CPAJ.
IV. No doxxing, ddosing, botting, raiding, harassment, multilogging, or cheating in any form.
V. No army can merge into SWAT or Templars following this declaration and will stay in place until the war has concluded. Any merger will constitute a forfeit of the war, and the perpetrator will relinquish their servers to the other participating army.
VI. Should members of said merged army decide to participate in their new army, the battle will result in the unconditional surrender of the aggressor.
VII. The losing army in this conflict must accept the treaty’s terms imposed by the winning force.
VIII. A withdrawal from this conflict for any reason and in any shape or form (e.g., withdrawing from the server map, withdrawing from the CPA league, etc.) will constitute a forfeit of the war.
IX. Any attempt to exploit loopholes will result in an automatic defeat, including but not limited to invading additional freeland before the conclusion of the war.
X. Any evidence of any of these war terms being breached will result in an instant defeat of the opposing side in this war. However, this cannot be invoked unilaterally and is up to the CPA league administration, though an army can publicly address their evidence.
XI. All other CPA league map rules apply for this war.

The Undertaker Campaign will be a fair war between two armies rather than a pile-on of small armies depending on their allies.

✪ Invasion of Northern Lights ✪

Saturday, April 15
9 AM EST | 2 PM UK

✪ Invasion of Cairo ✪

Saturday, April 15
5 PM EST | 10 PM UK

✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Leadership

✪】[US] Operation: Battle of the Ballz

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✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today was fun for the US Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin! Today, April 28, 2023, at 6:00 PM EST we logged in to the server Klondike for our Battle of the Ballz with the Templars. We were able to max 18 passionate SWAT Agents in this battle. We tied two rooms, very unexpectedly. However, our proudest achievement of this event was accomplishing our most extraordinary mission – having fun! Thank you to all the spectacular SWAT Agents that attended this awesome event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE Invasion of Freeland coming up. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 18


✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

✪】[UK] Operation: Invasion of Edessa

loading… [24%] loading… [89%] loading… [100% mission loaded]

✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

Today was notable for the UK Division of the Special Weapons And Tactics Army of Club Penguin! Today, April 8, 2023, at 5:00 PM EST we logged in to the server Warzone for our Freeland-Invasion of Edessa. War is upon us and we have continued to fight courageously. We were able to max 22 awake and attentive SWAT Agents to invade our newfound land. This was a super fun event with tactics from Alex, Ggogle090, Mickey Mouse, and Ganger90, in addition to myself. However, our proudest achievement of this event was accomplishing our most impressive mission – having FUN! Thank you to all the spectacular SWAT Agents that attended this awesome event! REMINDER – We have a MASSIVE Invasion of Freeland coming up. Make sure to attend to help us rise even further!

Max: 22

Warm-Up Room: Snow Forts

Room One: Ice Berg

Room Two: Stadium

Great event SWAT, and an incredible victory. Hoo Rah. Let’s continue this big money MOMENTUM. Thank you to all who took pictures during this awesome event! ALL flippers on deck. Happy holidays. Until next time. #FIGHT4SWAT

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

2,695 Days – SWAT #1.

loading… [24%] loading… [89%] loading… [100% mission loaded]

✪】Incoming transmission from [LEGOMAN]

The Special Weapons and Tactics army recently had an extraordinarily eventful week which culminated in us hosting a whopping 12 war battles and rising to #1 on the Club Penguin Armies Top Ten for the first time since November 15, 2015. Using my trusty Bing browser, I determined that it had been 7 years, 4 months, and 18 days since our previous placement in first. 385 weeks of faith, 2,695 days of hard work, 64,680 hours of recruiting, and 232,848,000 seconds of loyalty outvaluing everything has made this possible.

Read more: 2,695 Days – SWAT #1.

This is an extremely eventful occasion for the army, so to celebrate it I have reached out to past and present members and compiled their statements regarding this achievement. We were able to obtain statements from FIVE godfathers, as well as numerous veterans and current rising stars within SWAT. If you would like to have yourself added to this list, please contact @Lego#0200 and I will update this post to include your testimony!

“We’re gonna win so much we will be tired of winning The troops will say please stop it’s too much winning”

Silverburg, SWAT Commander-In-Chief + CPA Legend

“swat getting number 1 to me is a goal i dreamed of for so long i always wanted swat to rise to the top now swat is number 1 it amaizng”

Clade69 Top C,” SWAT Staff-In-Training

“SWAT based”

Cabin0416, SWAT Advisor

“is alright…jk congratulations guys! you deserve it, hardest working SWAT leaders i’ve ever seen [REDACTED] WAS the problem”

Sweater, SWAT Veteran + Advisor

“Damn it means a really means a lot to me that swat got to #1 after 8 years like so many years of selling bath water,cg giving out goodnight kisses,Aisha promoting racism and me bullying new agents so emotional 💀”

CrackdArjun, SWAT Staff

“I would say that swat being number one doesn’t mean we are the best army, but it means we are getting closer to the goal of the best. But if we also wish to keep the number one spot, it would probably help us in the goal of being the best.”

Boba Fart, SWAT Staff

“I think it’s a nice change of pace for swat. They have a big reputation of having their reputation dragged for a whole slew of things and typically is looked at with contempt. Something like this is amazing I think and hopefully going forward swat has more to show to change the public perception of the army. I’m proud of the people who made it happen and think the army is going in a good direction.”

S Cargo2, SWAT Godfather + Legend

“it’s really cool to see SWAT overcome their adversity and make it to number 1 again, I know the leaders have worked really hard to create an environment that motivates troops and promotes fun within the army as well as hard work”

Aubzxo, SWAT Veteran + Advisor +Zendaya

“Duckkkk yeah what a time to be alive”

Lights717, SWAT Godfather + Legend

“NAH NO WAY SAY ONG TOP 10 SWAT W…As a staff on SWAT and being in the top 10 means a lot to me. Even tho I joined in 2022, it means a lot because I have met new people and made new friends while on my journey to become staff and a future leader. Glory to SWAT rulers-Akio”

Akio, SWAT Staff + YouTuber

“swat getting #1 is something thats so special to a lot of us who have dedicated so much time. i am so proud of all of us who put countless hours into club penguin, and even though some of us may be failing in school (me, miserably), this shows us how much hard work actually pays off and the result of a strong team that swat clearly has <3 maybe 50 minute ausia events arent that bad after all”

Sabre, SWAT HCOM + Pronoun Police

“SWAT was a home for me during one of my darkest days in the start of COVID. This army was my home and my place to have friends and still is. We’ve been through a lot these past years. For me every member as their own story and they make their own part of SWAT’s history. Seeing as SWAT is on the top of the leaderboard it brings me hope for the future of the army. Everybody knows that I’m not active in the server anymore but it doesn’t mean that SWAT doesn’t have a special place in my heart , it will always be there. Just that I’ve moved on from Club Penguin. It brings me joy and nostalgia to see a very close community of mine fighting their way to be the very best. It means that everyone has dedication and I still can’t thank the army enough for helping me and every member of the community. Neither to say SWAT is the best army and will always be , it’s thanks to the amazing community and hardworking individuals. SWAT FOREVER.”

Hiroyuki, SWAT Veteran

“To me SWAT being #1 makes me feel happy and proud to be a part of a good community and family”

Mickey Mouse, SWAT Devoted Troop

“It certainly feels good! I’m pretty new in SWAT so i cant say that i feel a huge emotional attachment yet to the army [despite my undying devotion to LEGOMAN]. However, it is a testament to the hard work that everyone has put in to achieve this goal!”

Stevie101, SWAT Advisor + Karaoke Master

“Well, it feels like a dream, its like every week we are #2. Now that we are #1, We will have #1 Land. Since we are #1, I expect alot more from SWAT.”

Ggogle090, SWAT Staff

“It was an amazing achievement and an amazing way to end my journey in SWAT.”

Coolguy, SWAT Legend + ACP 2ic

“I feel that SWATRulers now being top 1, Is a amazing accomplishment for the entire cpa battleground army! The amazing leaders that push us to being our greatest in these battles/ cpa wars are amazing leaders those being Lego and Coolguy! I feel being a part of this #1 growing army in club penguin is an amazing honor! We can now show the others who is really on top of the game LET’S GO SWAT RARARARARARARARARARAR”

Dusk & Evening, SWAT Devoted Troop

“For me getting #1 means that we have come far as an army and recovered from losses like the one of CPR. Coming this far as an army and being in said army during it is such an honour, I remember joining in 2021 during march madness there were also recruiters from HF trying to recruit me but i joined SWAT and here we are today now that is one small step for a man one giant leap for a crackteam of penguins thank you for your time yours sincerely WilliamW2010”

WilliamW2010, SWAT Staff

“It feels like such a satisfying moment for SWAT, it’s just amazing to come back to SWAT and see it thrive after so long. SWAT is one of the longest standing armies, and we aren’t just surviving army; We are a thriving army. It’s beautiful and amazing; I hope SWAT continues to thrive.”

Zooycuddle, SWAT Staff

“I think that shit is badass seeing SWAT up and running still taking over the boards. Watched this army grow for 11 years, so to see them still alive to this day is awesome. Especially seeing there’s a lot of the same family/legends from back in the day. Wouldn’t have chose any other CPA 💪🏽 SWAT forever 😎”

Domsamillion, SWAT Godfather + Legend

“I enlisted in SWAT thanks to Pandor, and one of my objectives was to assist SWAT in becoming #1 on the TT. Although I am not necessarily enlisted, I have witnessed the effort that all of the SWAT members, HCOM, Advisors and Leaders, and of course Ganger90, put forth. I’d also like to thank POM for starting this war. As always, SWAT has not allowed our enemies to win easily and has consistently fought back, as evidenced by the war’s scoring. We appreciate everyone who came out to the events that enabled us to accomplish this; each of you matters and made it possible. Thank you SWAT…I kissed him💀oops”

AishaJabz, SWAT Egirl + Satchmo’s Ex

“Though I wasn’t in the CP Armies circuit long enough to become super familiar with this top 10 competition or how it works, the name makes its significance pretty clear. When I left SWAT and CP Armies for my still ongoing hiatus, the army was having some pretty notable numbers issues. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t have a whole lot of faith in SWAT at that time, but I’m glad to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised. SWAT was always conceptually one of the greatest armies in the league, and it’s good to see them living up to their reputation. Keep up the good work, troops!”

WTZTBlaze, SWAT Veteran

“For me it’s the greatest achievement for SWAT bc since 2015 it was pretty difficult I guess to reach #1 and since I joined SWAT It’s the best feeling we can experience”

Seu11, SWAT Veteran + HCOM

“GRRRRRRR – (translates to: ‘UwU I love SWAT and l-legoman x3 meow’)”

Mare, SWAT Veteran + Furry

“🥺Uhhhhhhhhhhh Took you long enough…Proud of you”

Stare3000, SWAT Godfather + Legend

“When I was indicted as SWAT Commander at 16 years of age, I had a strong determination to see SWAT succeed and flourish. It has been a bumpy road but just over two years following my original induction into leadership we have accomplished this covered honor within the community. SWAT could not have done this without every single staff, troop, HCOM or advisor. This is not the success of one individual person, it is the culmination of the team’s phenomenal efforts to bring glory to our legendary army. This placement will mark a new era within SWAT, and if we continue to put in the effort we will reap the rewards. Shoutout to Ganger90 and Stare3000. We rise together, we fall together. SWAT Forever.”

Legoman, SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend

“I think that SWAT getting number 1 is something that has certainly been a long time coming for everyone here. As Club Penguin Armies have evolved and changed over time, I am so proud to see the continuous greatness that this army displays to the community no matter what’s going on, the legacy that it upholds and solidifies while creating their own. Of course there’s been countless moments where while we were not ranked #1, we knew and felt that SWAT was the strongest army. The new era that is being built here everyday is full of limitless potential, from the Staff, HCOM, Staff in Trainings, Advisors, new troops, and future leaders. We know how much work you all put in and how much you care about SWAT. And of course we cannot forget all our great legends and veterans of this army. I’d be understating to say that the sky is the limit, and words cannot describe how proud I am of all of you carrying this army back up to #1. @Lego uwu”

Ganger90, SWAT Creator + Godfather + CPA Legend

All these testimonies show the phenomenal impact that our army and community have had throughout the decades. SWAT had outlived, outfought, outperformed, and outlasted all expectations. People have tried to bring us down but we have never let the negativity keep us grounded. SWAT does not intend to go anywhere. Myself and Ganger90 have the honor of being the first individuals to lead SWAT to #1 in the CPPS era, and none of that is possible without our terrific troops, stupendous staff, hard-working high command, and ambitious advisors. As your Commanders-In-Chief, we shall do everything in our power to ensure the continued success of this unconquerable army.

Major developments are on the horizon.

✪】End Transmission.

SWAT Greatest Leader + Legend