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The Problem

Club Penguin Army Judges has taken too long to actually fix its system despite the Pact of Women’s History being signed almost a month ago. Proper strides NEED to be taken in order to fix the excruciatingly lackluster judging. As I have mentioned before, enemies quite literally came together to sign a treaty due to how inadequate the judging was, yet nothing has notably changed. Let it be known that I do not blame any individual Judges themselves, but rather the Head Judges and severely outdated Judging Guidelines, which have effectively failed at training Judges to a respectable standard. The Judging Guidelines should have been immediately updated a year ago following CPAJ‘s creation rather than simply merging CPAN and CPAHQ judging guides. It has been over a year and the Head Judges have overlooked and neglected their duties. Do not misconstrue this post as an attack on the Head Judges, as without pointing out flaws in an organization, the flaws can easily become more prevalent, and fall under the radar.

The CPAJ organization has also ignored armies such as the Peoples Imperial Confederation, Magma Clan, and Napalm Corps. Napalm Corps have only been on Top Ten for three consecutive weeks, so perhaps NC being missed is just an error, however, Magma Clan has had leaders consistently ask for rep and be ignored despite being on Top Ten for four consecutive weeks and PIC legitimately being on every TT since February 4. Jemma had both MM army rep and FF army rep but never Army Representative (according to HJs she was a rep and left but Jemma claims otherwise). A vote was never brought up to the Army Reps by Head Judges. This is yet another instance of Head Judges failing to complete more duties. I understand that Head Judges are only human and have other responsibilities, so they may not always be able to check these things. In that case, they should either bring another Head Judge (in the US time zone) on board to lessen to workload or tighten up their current system.

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Furthermore, there is one situation where a Judge rigged a battle and currently sits snugly in their position without consequence. It appears Head Judges either ignored or did not care when this was released as they overturned the result but have not issued a demotion to this individual. I can cite grievances with Judging Guidelines being ignored in one army’s event but not those of others. Be consistent or be called out. I have added some amendments to the list found in the Pact of Women’s History. My complaints have already been put off before, and quite frankly I am tired of waiting for the obviously rotting corpse of a judging system to make any semblance of an effort. I believe there certainly is hope for CPAJ, but the hope is dwindling every second these issues are pushed off. Last time I waited and trusted something to happen and our complaints fell on deaf ears. Fix your system or lose support.



The Proposed Solution

I. Head Judges must keep the judging guidelines accurate and up to date.
II. Head Judges must train all new Judges on the proper guidelines BEFORE their promotion from Judge-In-Training.
III. Head Judges must implement a test for Judges-In-Training via either a battle that is streamed or having them write a summary to prove their competency
IV. Head Judges must have a group chat with Army Leaders of both sides of a war to update on reviews within 48 hours of the conclusion of a battle.
V. Head Judges must intervene if Judges do not know the proper guidelines.
VI. Head Judges must not pick and choose when to follow certain written guidelines.
VII. Head Judges must be willing to step in if armies are unsatisfied with the current judges (ex. SWAT wants to reject Judge X, but there are only two judges present!)
VIII. Head Judges must conduct themselves with maturity.
IX. Judges must also conduct themselves with professionalism when discussing the verdict (ex. not being condescending).
X. CPAJ must allow the option for both armies to collectively agree to veto certain rooms before a battle (ex. both armies collectively agree they do not want to go to the Ski Village or Book Room)
XI. Create a guideline for rooms so that judges know which rooms are acceptable for various sizes of armies.
XII. If Judges made a decision where they ignore their cohorts and announce their own verdict of the battle they should be demoted to Judge-In-Training as it is a clear lack of competency.
XIII. If someone accepts after the one-hour veto deadline, both army leaders can have an additional 5 minutes to veto them.
XIV. CPAJ and Army Reps must present viable candidates for a US and possibly an AUSIA Head Judge to restore 5 Head Judges and make communication easier through all time zones.
XV. CPAJ must establish a General/Support/Army Leaders channel in the CPAJ server so Army Leaders/HCOM can bring up ongoing issues (e.g. CPAB being down, scheduling errors, etc.
XVIAutomatically put armies up for rep votes after they have been on Top Ten for 3 weeks.
XVIIA potential partnership with the CPA YouTube branch to ensure all battles are adequately captured – this could even entail an animated judging tutorial/guide video.



The Conclusion

The point of the terms is not for them ALL to be instituted at once, but at the very least to stir conversation about viable changes that are necessary for the success of a reputable organization that has recently been underperforming. CPAJ has promising potential and it would be a shame for that potential to go to waste, so I implore my fellow army leaders to voice your opinions whether you strongly agree, strongly disagree, or anything in between. The worst thing we can do in this situation is to sit idly by and be silent.

Before officially signing off, I would like to thank Wynn and Popcorny for being in the minority of Head Judges that responded to and acknowledged Logical and I bringing up the initial concerns following the Pact of Women’s History’s release in the Army Rep chat. Thank you to ALL of the Head Judges that have shown patience in the large number of reviews requested, and thank you to the majority for showing respect. While it may appear you are under heavy scrutiny, your help and cooperation in the past are still valued and we can seek to find reform in the system together. If ANY elaboration is required feel free to message me on Discord at Lego#0200. Happy trails.

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