As The Autumn Leaves Fall

Ever since my last stint with the Dark Warriors, I’ve been a lost soul. Continuously I find myself leaving SWAT for a “better army”, when in reality, there is no better army, not for me at least.

Ganger and I have spoken for a while, we’ve reviewed what we’ve done wrong in the past with SWAT, and we are planning ahead to make no mistakes.

Ideas are at hand that haven’t been as fulfilling and as legitimate since SWAT’s last golden age in 2012. With armies slowly dying, we will be one to stand alone, above everyone else. We will once again be this community’s underdog, and we will prevail.

You’re under one of the best leaderships this army has had for a very long time. A MOTIVATED Ganger90, Beast, a SWAT veteran who led during SWAT’s Golden Age in 2012, Moneytrees, who has a ton of potential and has yet to show it, and myself.

Now let me again reinstate the Stability Agreement in case any of you have forgot.

Stability Agreement

No leader, advisor, or anyone else is allowed to coup, demote, or remove a leader without calling a meeting to discuss the reasoning and circumstances. The person who is being put up for removal will also be included in the meeting. Owners, of the rank of 2ic or 3ic, are not allowed to form committees, rebellions, or uprisings against the leadership or advisory. Anyone in violation of this agreement are to be banished from SWAT until further notice.


Last generation I let this rule slide because we were testing out different leaderships and whatever, but this time we are 100% serious about this agreement being followed by all leaders, advisors, and owners. This is called the “Stability” agreement for a reason. We don’t want the army to be unstable literally right after we re-open, which has been the case for quite some time now.

Now, I’m going to address this once and only once.

Me and Ganger closed SWAT last week because neither of us thought we would be able to devote time and effort to revive SWAT and make it relevant again. We now have realized that both of us do have the time, and we will give each and every last breath to ensure this army gets back to where it needs to be.

I, personally, think any goal is reachable with a little hard work and effort. WE WILL reach record sizes within the next upcoming months, WE WILL destroy any army who opposes us, and WE WILL achieve 1st on CPAC, and by God I mean it this time.

This is the only army for me, and if I end up leaving again, then I’m an idiot.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief