9/29 U-Lead Event

SWAT troops were very excited to be back on track with many future fun events. After an intense month at war, the leaders decided to step back and let the troops take over in today’s U-lead event. Everybody logged onto Belly Slide server and started off at the docks.

Max: 37

SWAT gained many new troops this week and leaders are excited to see them step up in the game. Hope leaders are well rested for their next event!


9/27 Defense of Skates vs WV

SWAT logged onto Yeti to defend the land of Skates against the Water Vikings (WV).

Max: 22

WV received the W in the first two rooms and SWAT has tied in the last room. Due to a big size advantage, WV had gained the land of Skates.

SWAT Strong!

9/26 Defense of White Out vs. WV

Today, SWAT logged onto the Klondike server to defend the land of White Out against Water Vikings (WV) at 1:00 PM EST.

Max: 20

WV had a bigger size advantage and had claimed the W. GG!

SWAT will rise!

9/24 Invasion of Fiesta vs WV

Few hours ago, SWAT had a training event preparing for this Invasion of Fiesta battle against Water Vikings (WV).

Max: 27

WV had a bigger size difference in the first two rooms. After two rough rooms, SWAT had some fun in the last room with silly tactics making the third room a TIE.


9/24 Training Event

The Defense of White Out turned into a training event due to lack of judges. SWAT logged on at 4PM EST for a training instead.

Max: 26

SWAT entered their first room, Iceberg.

Moving onto the next room, the Cove was a good room to help spread out and clean up their formations.

Last room was Inside the Mine and SWAT gained more troops. In this room, they tried new formations such as upside down triangle and Y formation.

SWAT next event is in a couple of hours, the Invasion of Fiesta.


9/23 Defense of Cozy vs. WV

Another day, another SWAT vs Water Vikings (WV) battle. Today SWAT logged onto the Klondike server to defend the land COZY at 3:00 PM EST. SWAT changed their uniforms to commemorate Alberto.

Max: 26

SWAT entered the first room, Inside Mine.

Room 2, SWAT entered the Iceberg.

The final room SWAT entered was the Snow Forts.

After a tough battle, WV gained the land COZY due to a 12+ size difference. Tomorrow, SWAT will be entering another battle against WV to gain back FIESTA.


9/22 Invasion of Ice Cave [VICTORY]

After an amazing Ausia event win, SWAT logged on at 7:00 PM EST to invade Water Viking’s land, ICE CAVE. The SWAT and WV war has been going on for quite some time now, we wanted to make events fun again. So we decided to do an amBUSH event and dressed up in bush disguises. WV copied the idea and changed their uniform into squids.

Max: 30

In Room 1, SWAT entered inside the Mine first and was able to cover WV with their faster tactics.

SWAT did not give up their stamina in room 2. They were able to be the first to enter the Iceberg. WV bombs and tactics were covered giving SWAT the W in this room.

With two strong rooms completed, SWAT entered the final room, Snow Forts. WV did pick it back up in the third room but not enough for a win, concluding the room to count as a TIE.

With SWAT winning two rooms, they have successfully invaded Ice Cave.


9/22 Battle of Cozy – Ausia Event [VICTORY]

At 9:00 AM EST, SWAT logged on to CPA to defend the land COZY against Water Vikings. We maxed approximately 20 troops.

The first room we entered was the Iceberg and matched WVs max. For an early morning event, we were able to keep up and ended this room with a tie.

In Room 2, we entered the Beach and gained more troops. Our formations were better, faster and cleaner through the room plus faster tactics, SWAT gain the win in this room.

In Room 3, we finished strong in the Stadium, WV did not give up and picked up their actions. SWAT did not step down from the challenge. WV loves using “@@@@@@@” so why not “&&&&&&&”. Both armies were speedy causing this room a TIE.

In the end, SWAT won and defending the land of COZY.


9/12 US/UK Invasion of Snow Fort [VICTORY]

MAX – 31
3-0 Sweep

9/11 UK Defense of Shiver vs WV

MAX – 30