I’m absolutely disgusted with what went down tonight. You all just see how CPAC treated us, and you still want to act like enemies when we’re supposed to be working as a team. You want to do that shit, then go join another army. I’m not dealing with it here, and no other SWAT leader will. We got 42 on chat and not a single one of you hyped or called for event except for me and Ganger. Barely anyone logged on CP because barely anyone was present, when we said more than once the exact time the event was going to be at. If you are going to be AFK, THEN DON’T LEAVE YOUR ACCOUNT ON. It looks 10x worse when you’re account is sitting there AFK and we’re expecting you to log on, then if you just say you have to go. WV literally did not do good today, and we have a chance to jump a head, but you’d rather all act like jackasses. I’m cool with that, but then I just won’t come on anymore, because obviously I’m no use to this army if I won’t be listened to. We have two events tomorrow, both rescheduled from today’s mess. If you’re an owner and you don’t attend and you don’t give me or another SWAT leader a reasonable explanation as to why you didn’t attend, you will be temporarily demoted until we get a reason. Enough with the games. We’re the best army, lets start acting like it.

Clean up your acts, or be removed. Simple as that.


SWAT Agents,

They think that they can stop us, but they can not. We are the best, SWAT, and as much as they want to try and stop us from proving that, they can not. It has become too clear at this point, that SWAT is taking over Club Penguin, and it is only the beginning. 

We are expanding the SWAT Empire.

TUESDAY, December 1st


Times: 8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CST, 6:00 PM MST, 5:00 PM PST, 1:00 AM UK/GMT

Server: Yeti – Room: TBA


Times: 9:30 PM EST, 8:30 PM CST, 7:30 PM MST, 6:30 PM PST, 2:30 AM UK/GMT

Server: Hockey – Room: TBA

First In CPAC!

Hello SWAT!

This week, we dominated, and in return we moved back into 1st place above the Water Vikings. I’m so proud of how we performed this week, and we will continue to be the best. Remember next week is round two of the Christmas Chaos, so make sure you’re there! 60+ is expected!!

We are the best.

And nothing will change that.

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

Christmas Chaos Round One [VICTORY]

Hello SWAT!

Today we logged on for our Christmas Chaos round one battle, and we did awesome, maxing 42, averaging around 40. Round two will be on Saturday and our opponent is unknown. We’ll find out by then. Good job SWAT!

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

Choose Your Role In SWAT


Become A:

SWAT Police Officer

SWAT Security Guard [MODERATOR]

SWAT Special Agent

SWAT Medic

Have any ideas of good SWAT positions? Leave a comment below!


Hello Agents!

This week, we take back #1. We are the best, and our events from this week proved that to be true once again. We are going to be one of the favorites going into the Christmas Chaos, and we expect to see sizes of 60+ in the first round. Let’s prepare.

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Hello SWAT!

We finally captured the fallen LT capital, Ice Box! It was rescheduled a number of times but it is now a part of the SWAT empire. The Redemption Force recently invaded it to hold on to it for LT, but they failed to show up to defend, so its automatically ours! 😀 We did decent, maxing 43, averaging around 40. I’d like to thank Apollo for pictures, and remember, tomorrow starts our quest for a tournament win, and we expect to see sizes of 60+, so make sure you’re there! Its at 2:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM GMT/UK. I can’t wait! 🙂

You better believe it.

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief


Hello SWAT!

Today we logged on at UK times to invade Bunny Hill, and we did awesome once again, hitting sizes of 45, averaging around 43. I’d like to thank everyone who took pictures, and remember we have two more events tonight, and we’re aiming for 55+ at the invasion of Ice Box, so make sure you’re there!

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief


Hello SWAT!

Tonight we invaded the free server Bubblegum at 9:30 and we did absolutely amazing! We maxed sizes of 45, and averaged around 43. This sizes are ridiculous for these times, and no one except us is capable of this. This week alone we’ve not only shown that we’re #1, but that we are the ones who will emerge in this year’s Christmas Chaos tournament. Watch out CPA, SWAT’s coming.

Hell Will ALWAYS Be Unleashed.

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

We Eat Nachos [RAID OF FJORD]

Hey Agents!

Today we were scheduled to have a practice battle with the Nachos but they cancelled it right away, so we decided to raid Fjord and topped sizes of around 43, averaging 40. I expect to see good sizes at our first Christmas Chaos battle on Sunday. Good work, SWAT!

Lets keep it going, Agents!

~Zeer [SWAT Leader]