Introducing Me: An Introduction To Candy Fox

There are a lot of people within SWAT, some have been here for years and some have been here more weeks/months. I thought it’d be a good idea to get to know people within our army a bit more and in our first edition, we will be talking with Candy Fox.

Candy Fox joined SWAT in 2021. In fact, their first message on our server was just under 1 year ago on the 28th of July 2021. This was just after our stint in project conquest. While they may have missed our invasions and past wars, there hasn’t been a lack of excitement for SWAT nor Fox as we’ve witnessed many changes in SWAT with both new people coming in and old people going out. She was able to learn and work with both of these kinds such as Mare, Krill and even Fesk. 3 different kinds of people in different ranks with different experiences.

Candy Fox soon learned the ropes in SWAT and joined their first division – The Purple Division. While learning how SWAT works she was soon addicted. At the time we were using CPRewritten as a CPPS but since then we have changed CPPS’ and we are now on CPABattlegrounds.

From there she hasn’t looked back and has continued to work her way up the ranks in SWAT and has become a known name in SWAT, especially in the ausia division. On the 25th of October, she finally became staff after a while as SIT and while she may have had her good and bad times in SWAT, as we all have had, she has worked hard to work up the ranks to lead the ausia division to be the best that it can be.

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