Introducing Me: An Introduction To Greeny

Recently, Greeny joined the ranks of SWAT and even more recently, we saw his ascendency to leader. With this in mind I thought that now may be a good time to introduce Greeny! Let’s find out more about Greeny together!

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✪】8/9/22 [AUSIA] Operation: Excellence

✪】Incoming transmission from [GREENY]

Today, August 9, 2022 at 9:00 AM EST we logged on to Club Penguin Army Battleground’s server, Warzone. Despite the game having issues early on, we preserved and still managed to have solid sizes online. I was also welcomed into the leadership today, so many thanks from me to those who wished me congratulations. SWAT’s growth will only continue from here.

Maximum: 29


Inside Mine


Great work today SWAT. We have continued to grow rapidly, even placing within the top three of the last Top Ten. If everyone continues the hard work they have been putting in, we will become unstoppable.

✪】 End Transmission.

SWAT Commander-in-Chief