The Unholy Soldiers Exposed

This post contains content which may be offensive, younger readers are advised NOT to read this post as there is explicit content which is deemed as inappropriate as well as offensive in many different ways;.

There is a force within CPA which poses as “holy” soldiers, and yet they seem to be the most unholy people that you can meet, aside from a few…individuals. The Templars have dragged SWAT’s name through the dirt for years and even more recently they started to try and muddy it even more, despite the fact that their own troops call us a “snowflake army”. So tell me something TCP, how can a “snowflake army” be one of the dirtiest armies in CPA? The answer is nowhere to be found because there is no answer to it. SWAT barely allows swearing and you, well… you have, for years, allowed racism, you’ve allowed the racist leaders who have been caught saying disgusting things to remain in the army, you have allowed staff’s public opinions to be pushed under the rug, you have allowed homophobia to be pushed under the rug and yet here you are accusing us of being racist and what not when we DO NOT condone anything of the sort and any incidences of racist behaviour have been sorted on the spot.

Now, let’s get onto the evidence shall we?

If you haven’t stopped reading by here, we warn you that there is offensive, triggering and explicit content below so please, if you are young or if you may get offended by some of the things discussed, go off this post.

“Most grandpriors”? Interesting to know.
Members of TCP making it a joke?!
“Swat is a soft army” “it’s just a word”?!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Sexist yet still a mod?
Using the word to insult other armies? What’s year is this?
Where your moderation?
Aballs is a MODERATOR and even ignores it?
Xing said it in an event vc?!
People within templars still using the word “gay” as an insult.
Calling swat racist pedos???
So you’re accusing us of this??
The homophobia from TCP leader(s) is blatant
But he’s still in the server?
So the guy sent a moderator DEATH THREATS as well as SLURS and wasn’t banned?

Now you have all of these different, disgusting comments and there’s been a lot more of them revolving round TCP past and present. And while I have seen TCP try to change overtime, the amount of things that people AND LEADERS as well as staff get away with is utterly disgusting.

Outside of this they have also been known for troopstealing and the sad part is, it’s not just on discord either. They recruited our troops on CPA BATTLEGROUND, yes that’s right, CPA BATTLEGROUND LMFAOO. How low do you have to go? Xing, sorry but do you wanna come to my house, maybe you can find something or someone else to recruit in front of me because we all know TCP allow troop-stealing. Remember how people used to say “I’m just borrowing this, it’s not stealing” well that’s TCP’s motto clearly

Thanks for enlightening us on your morals TCP, I’m sure the community will be as appalled as us seeing this. Onto the proof for troopstealing:

This was something that they sent to a troop (troop’s name censored)

IW and WV have teamed up with TCP (along with HF) and yet I specifically recall TCP leaders calling out against BIA, against both RPF and IW. I recall TCP having ex-WV members in their army shitting on their past army, and the members of the current TCP joining in while they do that.

This was taken from RPF’s declaration earlier in the year
This wasn’t even a year ago where TCP was shit talking IW and those involved in CPAN
Idk about y’all but this can’t be taken as a joke.
Still talking about RPF after getting a generous treaty?
Seems like TCP like to shit talk whoever they want
Speeches from the post in the SS above

So it is not just a short campaign which is aimed at SWAT, it’s a hate campaign against the entire community. Templars pray on everyone within the community, their ways are disgusting, this is Club Penguin and yet there’s talks of putting an army in a gas chamber, putting individuals in gas chambers..? There’s jokes about bombing an army? Jokes about army leaders’ lives and jobs? This is just a game and yet nothing they have said is a game or a joke, it’s real life and is wrong. People are being hurt and offended, not to mentioned THREATENED because of this stupid penguin game and yet everyone is a saint? This isn’t how life works, quite frankly, all the drama within the community is disgusting and honestly, it makes you wonder why we are in it…If we were looking from the outside, peeping into the community we’d make a point not to join because it isn’t the community that is appealing to people. People point fingers at everyone else and yes maybe this post is hypocritical with what I’ve just said but let these words sink in, they are not just jokes, this isn’t just a joke and it never should be.

So there’s a war over SWAT being the problem in the community? Maybe, just maybe, you may want to look at everyone else too. People go around acting like they haven’t done or said anything bad but at least we can say when we’ve seen things we’ve sorted them out, we’ve got rid of any and all racists/other problems, we deal with our problems, most are trolls who aren’t even in the army but there are staff and leaders all over who are grown ass men and women who constantly abuse their position in armies to bypass rules not just within their server but in others too. Yes, we are all guilty of seeing this within the community and not doing much because it’s not in our power but when people can do something, they should.

We all have different lives and come from different walks of life but does that give people the right to say what they want like that? “Free speech” is something that’s muttered in parts of the community, yes we should have freedom of speech TO AN EXTENT, these words, they should not be apart of that. When people within the community consistently use the N word as (mostly) white males and females, they don’t know what it’s like to be on the receiving end as the opposite race and neither do I so I shouldn’t be the one who explains about that word in particular. People casually use the R word and the A word to refer to people as thick or stupid which offends so many people in so many different ways, many of which cant stand up for themselves. It’s not just TCP but there’s people all over the community who have said things that have offended many people and a lot of it goes unseen. Maybe it goes unseen because people don’t seen it, or maybe people don’t choose to see it. Moderators…leaders within TCP have said things in the past and present and have seen things but ignored it or simply haven’t learned from it.

This post isn’t just a post exposing TCP for what they are but it stands as a statement to the community, do not let people corrupt this community even further. This community has been through a lot and a lot of us have come from worse times in terms of the lack of censorship in CPA (xat days), however, we’re in a new world, a new age and we shouldn’t be blind to what’s happening in our community. You can point at SWAT for 1 incident which I personally sorted as as soon as it happened/ other things that are also sorted or you can look at yourselves and try to improve your own army and every single thing that’s been going on within it. “swat didn’t show waa” but truly, this is because we took the time needed to try and fix whatever was broke, to make sure that nothing was going to be bypassed again, to change things up, to actually update things, to fix different things, to come together as an army to stand up, people voiced their opinions and we fought for them. So I apologise if SWAT offended you by not showing up to the start of the war but I would rather focus on the things that actually matter, like the people within the army than the fake land outside while letting all of this shit carry on. And when that was done, who knows what was to happen, you’ll have to see I guess.

TCP are flawed and so is the whole community and them flaws need to be addressed. Is this what we want children seeing? All this abuse and fighting is good for no-one, this is about Club Penguin, it’s not about some war between people in the 1800s, it ain’t something where we should disregard all morals. It’s Club Penguin. Most of us are grown ass adults and we’re here doing what? Influencing the next generation? Trust me when I say that I wouldn’t like to be the parent of any child in CPA, imagine their faces when they see everything that is said in the community. Yes, some things can be jokes but the above content is far from that, it’s personal. I, personally, would hate to see my child be corrupted by some people in the community. This is bigger than me, or you, or all of us, this is the world’s problem and the community is contributing to it by letting so many things slide, be heard by the children that are entering this community, letting the children be influenced by such extremist views. I’ve heard people within the community wish death upon those who are of a minority (and I don’t just mean race but all different minorities) and have seen children within this community become influenced by such views. Yet, it is “accepted” by a portion of the community?? It’s time we take a stand, this is not about armies anymore, it’s about every single person who has been in the community, everyone who is still in the community, those who will enter the community and anyone who has any connections who are residing within the community. Those children who have been transformed by this community. It’s time all armies make a change. I don’t want this post to be seen as a “oh well you’re only using this as an excuse or a reason to take eyes off the war”, carry on with the war, be my guest and SWAT will be expecting it but don’t just carry on doing what cpa is doing.

I can hear people saying, “this is army warfare, grow a pair” and maybe we should, to a certain extent, but the above problems cannot be put under the same banner. This is not about growing a pair, this is about comments which go deeper than many can even understand. This is about the toxicity which has spread across the community. As for the troopstealing, well it’s clear the Templars feel they are superior to other armies, they feel like they can troop-steal your troops blatantly without any repercussions and yet if any other army was to do it, there would be hell to pay. People make exceptions for Templars saying “oh yeah but it’s the templars :shrug:” or for other things that are said in the community “this is cpa what do you expect?”. This cannot continue. Stand up to this shit! Go on a holy crusade and make cpa better not some unholy war trying to ignore the problems within cpa.


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