✪】Fiesta Takeover

Hello Agents! Today Special Weapons and Tactics held a Fiesta Takeover event. The army dressed up in a sombrero, poncho, and had maracas! During the takeover, they were not just having a fun theme happening, but also were invading land. Read more to see what occured!

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✪】AUSIA Lifeguard Takeover

Special Weapons and Tactics held an AUSIA event on Tuesday, June 22nd. During the event, the army decided to change up the uniform by wearing the lifeguard shirt from the catalog. While the troops were taking over the map wearing their lifeguard shirts, they were practicing formation changes and holding word tactics. This AUSIA event was a successful takeover. Read more to see a recap of the event!

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SWAT Art Gallery

Hello Special Weapons and Tactics! Over the last few weeks, we were having a fun art submission going on within the army. People showed off their amazing artistic skills and worked incredibly hard on them. Keep reading more to see the art pieces the members created!

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On Monday, June 8th Special Weapons and Tactics held a war training. During this event, they were preparing for war against other armies. This event was a successful training and the team focused on different formations, fast map changes, quick tactic switches, and more!

Max: 29 Avg: 27/28

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SWAT Ausia Event

On Friday, May 14 Special Weapons and Tactics held an AUSIA event. The team woke up early and did an amazing job working on formation changes and map switches. Read more to see what occured during the event!

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SWAT Ausia Event

Rise and shine Special Weapons and Tactics! Today, SWAT held an event for our Morning Warriors which was extremely successful. Our AUSIA showed up stronger than ever and did amazing during the event. The team focused on formation changes, different bombs, and quick tactic switches! Read more to see a recap of the event.

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SWAT Igloo Raids

Good evening, Special Weapons and Tactics! Today, SWAT had a quite different event. The team decided to do 15 minutes of practicing tactics/formations then the rest they raided member’s igloos! During the event, we were lucky enough to see all of our member’s igloos and their awesome decorations. The event also consisted of us doing fun formations and tactics in their igloos too. Keep on reading to see more of what happened!

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Leader Interviews: Ganger90

Welcome to our brand new series of posts here at SWAT! For the first time, we’re creating a series of posts where we ask some questions to our leaders/hcom about their journey in SWAT and in armies. Due to popular demand, the first person we will be interviewing is none other than our creator Ganger90! Ganger has been in CPA for a long time and we all know him as the creator of SWAT as well a leader but is there anything we don’t know about Ganger? Let’s find out!

SWAT has been around for over a decade now! Why did you create SWAT and what struggles came with its creation?

I created SWAT to create an organized platform for all of the rogues on Mammoth who had already loved SWAT before it became an official and legendary army in CPA.

Some of the struggles that came with the creation was dealing with jealousy from other armies when we were first coming up. A lot of people didn’t like the fact that SWAT became such a strong army in a short amount of time.

We all know you as SWAT’s creator and leader but you have been in armies for much longer than many think. What was your first army and how did you find them?

I started off as a rogue for some time and came across armies like Nachos and ACP on the server. Eventually, the first army I officially joined was Nachos I believe before I started making my own armies

You often refer to 2012 as the golden age of SWAT. Can you let our readers know a little more about this year and why it was one of the best years for armies/SWAT?

2012 was when SWAT was finally starting to become an organized and well-trained army. They started to challenge the superpowers like ACP, Nachos, IW and beat ACP in the 2012 Semi Finals of the CPAC Champions Cup. They also managed to take Mammoth for the first time in 2012 and rank #1 on the Top Ten.

We were able to hold a top 3 position in the Top Ten consistently during 2012 as well!

SWAT capturing Mammoth from ACP in (Early) 2012

Onto a more fun/casual question now. We all know that you have a love for basketball from your Lebron James videos. When did you first find this love for NBA and is there a specific quote from Lebron that inspired you?

Haha. Yeah I love all sports, primarily basketball, football and boxing. I think it’s a great stress-reliever and hobby to have and would encourage all our troops to try one! But onto Lebron inspiration, one of the greatest quotes that wasn’t actually made by him, but directed towards him is….. “THAT’SS A BADDDDD MANN!!”
And I found the love for sports from a very young age, playing football first and eventually basketball and boxing as well

If you could go back in time and change 1 thing about SWAT/ what you’ve done, what would it be?

One thing I would’ve done is do what we’ve done in the newest generation – Make sure that our history is secure and cannot be altered with or destroyed. Many times we’ve lost precious memories of this great army and I take the blame for that.

SWAT has lasted over a decade already, do you have any plans for the future?

In this generation although we have done great and been very successful, we look forward to taking the next step and achieving what SWAT’s main goal has always been. And that’s being number 1 in every way that you look at it, from the experience, the loyalty, and the overall greatness of this legendary army.

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Ganger logging on for SWAT in 20 years

Thank you for the interview, do you have any additional comments?

We still got some unfinished business. SWAT Forever :swatsalute: Remain loyal through everything

That’s the first interview of our new series of posts here at SWAT! Ganger had some interesting things to say and we thank if for his continued support and service!!

Did we answer all of your questions or do you have some you’d like to ask Ganger or other leaders?
Did you enjoy the post and would you like to see more of these interviews? Who would you like us to interview next?
Let us know in the comments!!! We’d love to hear all of your thoughts and opinions!

If this post is successful we definitely will be making more so watch out for the next poll! Who would you like to be interviewed next?!

SWAT Leader