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Hello Special Weapons and Tactics! Over the last few weeks, we were having a fun art submission going on within the army. People showed off their amazing artistic skills and worked incredibly hard on them. Keep reading more to see the art pieces the members created!

— Enjoy the Art Submissions! —

SWAT Login Theme – Artist: L90 (Cheese Man)

SWAT Flower – Artist: Anonymous

Dragon at Table – Artist: Allexx

SWAT Cartoon – Artist: Adam

Photobook – Artist: Allexx

Shark – Artist: Trev

SWAT Logo – Artist: Krill 3000

No Helmet90 – Artist: Ggogle

Coolguy is Art – Artist: Coolguy’s Parents

Miss G90 – Artist: Mare

Lego+Pumpkin=Mare 3rd Wheeling – Artist: Pumpkin

Deep in Sea – Artist: Vanish

Wilbert(No Neck) and Jimmy – Artist: Kala

Ronnie – Artist: Caitlin & Kayla / AKA (SWAT Hr and E-Girl)

Juan – Artist: Isaac(Lights)

Legoman After Battles – Artist: Pizza Gang

SWAT Leaders – Artist: Jakob

Monster By Skillet but it’s Roger Roger – Artist: Regan (send help pls)

SWAT Gen 1 Year – Artist: Jakob

SWAT Banner – Artist: Legoman (HOORAH)

— End of Art Submissions! —

Thank you all for your showing your incredible art! Who knew there were so many talented artists on this team? We hope everyone enjoys looking at these awesome submissions! Also, thank you to all of those who submitted their work 🙂 Hopefully everyone had a lot of fun working on this and also make sure to keep an eye out for our next events!

Ganger, Mare, Coolguy, Kaliee, Legoman, Firestar08, Susej
SWAT Leader

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