Agent Of The Week (15-21/01/22)

Welcome back to yet another edition of the Agent Of The Week series. Agents have been fighting for the OTW titles but who has gained them this week? Let’s find out!

Well, this week has been another eventful week which saw us host 5 events in total. The first event of the week saw another leader of the army pack their bags and head to retirement island. On Tuesday, we battled Help Force in a fierce practice battle. This was quickly followed by a U-lead on Wednesday. On Friday we ran onto the ice to put flame to the ice as we fought Ice Warriors. Then, to end the week off, on Saturday, we saw our highest maxing event of the week for our staff induction ceremony

This week has been an exciting one for troops and staff as it saw a rise since the week before and a fierce battle put up to try to gain #1 on the top tens. However, while troops are fighting for SWAT, they are also fighting to be the best! But who gain the OTW titles this week? Let’s find out!

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Agent Of The Week 09-14/01/23

A week has gone by and now, on a Monday, we see a new Agent of the week being crowned along with other OTW’s. Let’s find out who has won it this week!

Well this week agents, old and new have been battling it out t try and grab the ‘OTW titles. We’ve seen SWAT hold several events during the week. On Sunday, we held the invasion of Dubai which we successfully completed. Going through to Tuesday, we saw Operation Breaking Point which was quickly followed by the invasion of Athens. On Friday, we held the infamous event of the ‘Invasion of nothing’ and then we ended the week with a retirement event for Oli as we see him step back to 2ic from Leader.

This has been a packed week for SWAT but the agents haven’t slowed down. Who won agent of the week?

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Agent Of The Week 1-7/01/23

Welcome back to the first Agent Of The Week post of the year, with much to discuss, we will see new people crowned at the end of this post! Keep reading to find out just who won the coveted status’ this week!

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(11-17/12/22) Agent Of The Week

We’re back with another Agent of The Week post and agents have been competing to see just who will become Agent of The Week this week. Well let’s find out who won it!

After a week full of change with the introduction of medals into some agents’ repertoire and the induction of legends along with many invasions of land, we have seen SWAT fight harder than ever! The week started on Sunday with a SWAT ceremony event that ended abruptly, however, it’s abrupt ending allowed for the awards to be given out throughout the week instead of just one day. On Monday we saw the induction of 2 new legends and then on Tuesday we saw a follow-up event to both Sunday and Monday as we saw medals being handed out along with the invasion of Fiesta taking place. on Wednesday we invaded our new capital Parka. On Friday we went full country and invaded Alabama, ending the week with the SWAT Civil War on Saturday while invading Cozy, which saw the Black Division be crowned the All-time CHAMPION!

While the week has been eventful, we still have the best part yet to be announced. The Agent Of The Week is finally here! Troops have been fighting to earn their places on the post this week but just who earned it?

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(04-10/12/22) Agent Of The Week

While it is a day late, we have you Agent of the Week post ready and posted! Who has come out on top this fun-filled history week? Let’s find out!

Well this has been a busy week for SWAT which started with us competing in the Christmas Chaos and reaching maxes of 40. Of course, we didn’t beat RPF, however, we put up a valiant fight and we aim to keep fighting to win future battles and tournaments. On Tuesday, after a days break, we took to CPAB to commence the first SWAT History Week event which was a rogue training where we would train for future battles as they did back at the start of armies, without any chats, just CPA. On Wednesday, we fast-forward to the Xat era where we partook in battle training using what armies used to use before Discord, Xat. Towards the end of the week, on Friday, we hosted a battle against our greatest rivals and now one of our allies, the Army of Club Penguin. This battle was nostalgic for many as we have been involved in many conflicts with ACP, however, this battle was less tense as we have a new-found alliance with ACP which has truly revolutionised SWAT history. Finally, on Saturday, we hosted The SWAT Wars, where troops would dress up as an army that SWAT has battled with in the part, representing the wars that SWAT has fought in, won and lost.

Overall, it was a fun, yet fierce week for all of SWAT filled with fun, sad and reminiscent times. However, this has enabled troops to fight even harder to prove that they’re deserving of the status’ up for grabs. With that said, let’s find out just who have gained the ‘Of The Week roles this week.

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(27/11-03/12/22) Agent Of The Week

A week has past and with the week’s passing, another Agent of the Week post is here as we crown yet another Agent of the Week. Let’s find out who it is!

Well this weeks passing has seen the Christmas Chaos’ entrance as it started for some yesterday but for us it starts today, Sunday. Despite the actual battle being today, we have been hyping up the CC for a lot longer and this week has shown people’s true colours as they shine through in many different ways to help SWAT breeze through the Christmas Chaos challenge that stands in our way.

Well for SWAT, this has been an eventful week with 5 events being held with much more work being put in throughout the army. Last Sunday we held an ausia event for our HCOM/STAFF to train, on Tuesday we held a bedtime-themed event for a bit of fun. Moving onto Wednesday, we held a tactical training event and with each event that passed, our maxes increased. With that said, we were maxing 26 by Friday’s formation training and 37 by Saturday’s Return of Ganger 90 event. With our maxes consistently rising, we hold high hopes for the Christmas Chaos battle to bolster our size once more.

Who came out on top of the charts in this busy week?

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(20-26/11/22) Agent of The Week

We’re back with another Agent of the Week post, this week has been a different one for SWAT but Agents are still fighting for the crowns. Who came out victorious though?

Well in what has been a less eventful week, in comparison to previous weeks, SWAT has seen agents fighting it out to top the charts, to become Agent/Staff/Recruiter of the Week with some fighting to win the recruiting competitions and others fighting to push SWAT higher and further in our goal to win the upcoming Christmas Chaos battles.

This week, SWAT held 4 events. On Sunday we held a tournament training for the upcoming Christmas Chaos battles, on the Tuesday we took to CPAB with our Toboggans for a fun-themed event. The bikes were whipped out for Wednesday’s event as we saw a Bikes vs Whips event and to end the week off with, on the Saturday we held a tournament time CC training event. While the week was as eventful as it normally is, this didn’t stop everyone from giving it everything they got. Who was able to outshine the rest and grab the crown this week? Let’s find out!

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(6-12/11/22) Agent of The Week

A new agent has gained the Agent of the Week titles but who worked the hardest to claim the titles? How did each troop fair in this busy week? Let’s find out!

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Agent Of The Week (30/10 – 5/11/22)

Here we are, yet again, with another SWAT Agent Of The Week post. It’s been an eventful week for SWAT but who will come out on top this week? Let’s find out

Well, this week has seen SWAT reach consistent sizes and it’s also seen SWAT move back up to major after a “drop” to S/M despite our consistency in the Top Tens. We’ve also reached #2 on the Top Ten once more, continuing to fight hard and grow as an army. While we didn’t reach our overall goal this week of maxing 30+, we will continue to aim high, fight hard and keep working on it!

During the week, SWAT held a total of 5 events. The first event of the week was a CPA League-hosted competition called Monster Mash where we faced off against the Water Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin and won. On Tuesday, we held a tactical training event and following this we held a formation training event on Wednesday. On Friday, we held a fun-themed fairy takeover and to end the week off we held a fast-tactic event in preparation for our battle against Rebel Penguin Federation.

Throughout the week, our agents have been working hard to gain the roles. However, only one could be victorious. This person has been working hard, trying to attend all the events they can, they’ve been active in and out of events, they’ve been helping to VC Lead, showing their passion and enthusiasm and taking pics of events too! They’ve been showing that they’re a loyal troop and want to work hard to succeed. This person is…


Next up is Staff of the Week. Well, this person is no stranger to the AOTW posts as they earned themselves AOTW many times as a troop. However, this time, they’ve earned it as a staff member (once again, might I add), working hard, attending all 5 events, being active, vc leading, taking pics, showing their hard work in SWAT and overall just being a good staff member.

This person is…


Now, time for our last OTW, the Recruiter Of The Week. This week was a tie between 2 people. However, 1 was chosen for their work as a HCOM member, their activity, their recruiting, their motivation and hard work and also just to seal the deal, because the wheel picker chose them. They’ve been trying to help as many people out as they can while killing their non-existent sleep schedule.

This person is….

Thank you all for your hard work, passion and motivation. If you didn’t get it this week make sure you keep working hard because anyone can achieve these roles if you work hard. We recognise your hard work. This week was close for all of the roles above which shows how competitive this week has been amongst everyone in the army. Keep it up SWAT and let’s aim high tonight by going full force and meeting our goals for each event!

SWAT Forever!

(23-29/10/22) Agent of the Week

Welcome to another Agent of the Week post! This week has been another busy and ofc, different week for SWAT which sees another 3 agents crowned. Who will win? Let’s find out!

This week has been another busy week for SWAT and we’ve seen a lot of things happen, from event changes to a more Halloween-themed events to promos and even SWAT rising once again to #2 in the CPA Top Ten. While it hasn’t been a perfect week for SWAT, we prove time and time again that we don’t stay down, we’re always fighting.

To start off the week, on the Sunday, we held an ausia event, on the Tuesday we held our first Seasonal Gathering event of the month with the second one soon to follow, on the Wednesday, we put Hank into action as we headed for the beach for a fun-themed takeover. Near the end of the week, on Friday we put our pirate costumes on and took to the seas for another takeover. To end the week, we took part in another Seasonal Gathering event which saw us max our highest number for the week, 27.

While it has been yet another busy week for SWAT, agents have been battling it out for the titles of Agent, Staff and Recruiter of the Week. These titles have been fiercely contested with new and old agents fighting to claim agent of the week, staff trying to show their passion and recruiters being more active with to win the nitro at the end of the rainbow (recruiting comp)

Let’s find out just who won these roles this week!

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