Agent Of The Week 09-14/01/23

A week has gone by and now, on a Monday, we see a new Agent of the week being crowned along with other OTW’s. Let’s find out who has won it this week!

Well this week agents, old and new have been battling it out t try and grab the ‘OTW titles. We’ve seen SWAT hold several events during the week. On Sunday, we held the invasion of Dubai which we successfully completed. Going through to Tuesday, we saw Operation Breaking Point which was quickly followed by the invasion of Athens. On Friday, we held the infamous event of the ‘Invasion of nothing’ and then we ended the week with a retirement event for Oli as we see him step back to 2ic from Leader.

This has been a packed week for SWAT but the agents haven’t slowed down. Who won agent of the week?

Well, our Agent of the week has certainly been busy this week as they attended all 5 events during the week. While we are always looking for more from our troops, this troop’s passion for events has shone through and we look forward to helping them grow and guide them to become the future. This person is…


Now, it’s time for our Staff of the week. Well, this person has been a consistent presence within SWAT and is one of those people SWAT depends on to be there because we know we can trust them to be. They have attended more than half our events and are constantly recording our events, saving our history. This person is…


Now, it’s time for our Recruiter of the week. A new face pops onto the leaderboard! This person is a HCOM member who has been trying to make sure he makes an impact in SWAT. He’s not a new face to SWAT but is newer to this generation. He’s been working since joining to try and help, get accounts activated, bring new faces in and more. This person is….


Congratulations to all those who have won the roles this week! We do appreciate all of your work, all those mentioned as well as those who haven’t been. We want to reach higher heights this week so let’s all make sure to give it our best shot to try and boost SWAT to number one!

Keep up the good work SWAT

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