Agent Of The Week (15-21/01/22)

Welcome back to yet another edition of the Agent Of The Week series. Agents have been fighting for the OTW titles but who has gained them this week? Let’s find out!

Well, this week has been another eventful week which saw us host 5 events in total. The first event of the week saw another leader of the army pack their bags and head to retirement island. On Tuesday, we battled Help Force in a fierce practice battle. This was quickly followed by a U-lead on Wednesday. On Friday we ran onto the ice to put flame to the ice as we fought Ice Warriors. Then, to end the week off, on Saturday, we saw our highest maxing event of the week for our staff induction ceremony

This week has been an exciting one for troops and staff as it saw a rise since the week before and a fierce battle put up to try to gain #1 on the top tens. However, while troops are fighting for SWAT, they are also fighting to be the best! But who gain the OTW titles this week? Let’s find out!

It’s time for Agent of The Week, well this week we saw the promotion of many agents making them SITs, however, one person stood out. They have been working hard and trying to improve to grind up the ranks. They’ve been active, attending, helping out new recruits, and they’ve kept working to prove their value. This person is…


Now time for Staff of the Week. Well, there’s been a lot of new people who have become eligible for this role. There is one person who has attended all of the events this week but not only that, they’ve been looking on ways to try to improve their work rate in SWAT and have been working to try and improve as a valuable SIT to try and grab the Staff role. This person is…


Time for Recruiter of the Week, this person has been working hard throughout the week to recruit with us all but going above all and helping us make SWAT the best it possibly can be. This person is….


Thank you all for working hard throughout the week, all those who’ve been mentioned here, and everyone who wasn’t but has been helping SWAT boost itself further. We appreciate your efforts but we want everyone to keep working even harder to help us get to our goal of Number One! Lets all strive for that!


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