(27/11-03/12/22) Agent Of The Week

A week has past and with the week’s passing, another Agent of the Week post is here as we crown yet another Agent of the Week. Let’s find out who it is!

Well this weeks passing has seen the Christmas Chaos’ entrance as it started for some yesterday but for us it starts today, Sunday. Despite the actual battle being today, we have been hyping up the CC for a lot longer and this week has shown people’s true colours as they shine through in many different ways to help SWAT breeze through the Christmas Chaos challenge that stands in our way.

Well for SWAT, this has been an eventful week with 5 events being held with much more work being put in throughout the army. Last Sunday we held an ausia event for our HCOM/STAFF to train, on Tuesday we held a bedtime-themed event for a bit of fun. Moving onto Wednesday, we held a tactical training event and with each event that passed, our maxes increased. With that said, we were maxing 26 by Friday’s formation training and 37 by Saturday’s Return of Ganger 90 event. With our maxes consistently rising, we hold high hopes for the Christmas Chaos battle to bolster our size once more.

Who came out on top of the charts in this busy week?

Well, let’s get onto the first award of the post, Agent of the Week. Well, agents have been fighting hard to grab this title and also make sure that SWAT progresses onto the next round in the Christmas Chaos. This person has been active, they’ve been attending most of the events, they’re new to SWAT and yet the hype they have for the Christmas Chaos is definitely not one to be passed over. Thanks for your hard work!

This person is…


oh yeahh

Now time for Staff of the Week, well we saw Rudra gain the title last week and this week well, this person is no stranger to Agent Of The Week and has gained it many times but now this person is a staff member and their work in SWAT has been hugely appreciated. As soon as they got staff, they were inviting, they were registering, helping new troops, keeping active and much more. This person is….


Now it’s time for Recruiter of the week. This one has been a highly competitive battle and it has been boosted significantly by the Christmas Chaos. The person who gained it has been working hard throughout the week and they got an amazing amounts of recruits this week. Thank you for all your hard work in and out of recruiting, in leading, in swat as a whole…everything. This person is…


Congratulations everyone for working hard and earning these roles. For those who didn’t get the roles this time, keep working hard because we still have a lot of battles left to fight and there will be even more chances to get promoted, gain these roles, win battles and trophies and much more. Keep on fighting SWAT and let’s go out and win the christmas chaos! LET’S GO SWAT


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