Agent of the Week 5-11/03/23

A week has gone by and now we see a new Agent of the week being crowned along with other OTW’s. Let’s find out who has won it this week!

Well, this week agents, old and new have been battling it out to try and grab the ‘OTW titles. We saw SWAT hold 3 events during the week. Starting our week on Sunday, we held a training event to prepare for future battles. On Tuesday, we went on to cpab to invade Tundra and did so successfully. To end the week, we held a massive promotion event on Saturday, maxing 31.

Well, let’s move on to our first award, Agent of The Week. Well, this person attended most of our events this week and has been starting to come up to ranks. This person is…


Now, time for Staff of the Week. This competition became even harder with our recent promotions, however, one person has been named! They have recently gained a big boost and have been grinding our ranks fast. They have been super active and attended all of our events this week, helping out where they can and being a great SIT in SWAT. This person is…

G90s & Jes’s Kid aka FBIAGENT

Now, it’s time for our recruiter of the week. Now, this person probably won’t like getting this award over others. However, we must show appreciation to this person who has given a lot to and for SWAT and was on top of our recruiting leaderboard this week by a mile. This person is….


Thank you to all those within SWAT who have been working or helping out throughout the week to help us succeed. A huge congratulations to these three people who have earned these statuses this week. Keep on doing what you’re doing. To those who didn’t get them this week, work hard and you will get this too! So keep working, we recognise you!

Until next time

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