SWAT Massive Training Event

Today, Special Weapons and Tactics had a massive training event. The SWAT members used the green froggy hats as a theme for spring which was super fun! It was definitely a successful training event and HCOM helped lead as well. Read more to see a recap of what happened!

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SWAT: Special Weapons and Tactics

SWAT: Special Weapons and Tactics!

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) is a large community based on gaming, social, and coming together. We primarily hold events on a wide range of Club Penguin Private Servers! We host several events in a week to keep the joy propagated!

SWAT was founded on 7th July 2009 by Ganger90. It was once a group of handful of friends. Today, it is a large community with over 9,000 members to interact with!

We have a large crew of active staff members.
A worthy place to express yourself!

1. Fun X Time (15th November 2023–)
2. Fwapo (15th November 2023–)

Dense Channeling
With diverse areas for communication, our channel list enacts elegantly.

Virtual Exploration
Explore fascinating and enjoyable activities and games virtually!

On a monthly basis, SWAT operates a themed event with missions to complete and compete in!

Supportive Staff
Staff at SWAT are greatly supportive, and provide timely and elaborate assistance when needed!

Driven to Learning
At SWAT, you can pursue communication skills, leadership skills, and stress management!