CPAJ and CPA Messed Up and Should Own It

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, the Circus Alliance and Special Weapons and Tactics have been at war. Naturally, the only place to obtain judges nowadays is through Club Penguin Army Judges, which promises fairness to every army but fails to deliver.

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With only one piece of territory left to invade, the Templars went after SWAT’s capital: Parka. However, before they scheduled an invasion, the Agents announced their invasion of freeland, allowing them to grow their territory. SWAT insists there were issues across the board, not just with the judges, which were invalid.

I. Invasion of Parka Couldn’t Happen

The map rules posted by Club Penguin Armies specifically mention that an invasion of an army’s capital can only occur after they have no land left to their name.

In recognition of this, Coolguy announced the invasion of Calgo’s Cub Zoo, freeland, at 12:09 AM GMT. The scheduled invasion would take place on Friday at 12:00 PM EST. Nearly 21 hours later, Nicky, Templars leader, announced their invasion of Parka at 8:00 PM EST, eight hours after SWAT could obtain more land.

Later, Coolguy scheduled a second freeland invasion, ensuring they would have more land before Templars could capture their capital.

While this may seem like an attempt to skirt the rules, Templars pulled a similar effort earlier in the war, expanding their empire so that it would be harder for SWAT to face them.

Spotty also initiated that “at the time [SWAT] had no land,” but in any war, all invasions and land capture count, freeland or not. Given SWAT was maxing more than ten at the time, it could be assumed their invasion would be successful, and they would have more land to their name. Even if that was a concern, the invasion of Parka should have been scheduled the moment it was certain SWAT’s invasion failed, not preemptively assume it. They also could have scheduled before Coolguy, as it would have been the only server left to invade for more than 23 hours. They had an opportunity and squandered it.

II. df44 Previously Vetoed

In a previous battle, df44, the lone acceptor of the Parka’s invasion, was vetoed. The Special Weapons and Tactics wanted him to refrain from judging their battle, and their request was granted. To shed light on the reason, df44 was rejected due to his previous multilogging scandal, resulting in his ultimate dismissal as head judge. We believe his actions make him an untrustworthy judge.

Starting in March 2022, judges were instructed to abstain from accepting battles for armies they had previously been vetoed. This applied to tournaments and was meant to respect each army’s two vetoes. There was little fairness in requiring leaders to reject the same judges every time.

Although not officially part of the rules, this became a rule of thumb, especially since it was established after the creation of CPAJ. Additionally, df44 was aware of this, mentioning why he didn’t accept other battles involving SWAT.

III. Paddy Failed To Update Judges

If we go down the path that df44 was in the right to accept the battle of Parka, it is the Head Judge’s responsibility to update pinned messages in battle-request and invasions. Updates include which army is invading a server, the server name, whether it is a battle, Judges, Judges-in-Training, and whether it was successful.


As you can see, Paddy did update every battle throughout the day except for the final one. Since he edited SWAT’s invasion of Calgos Cub Zoo, it can be assumed that he would know if any judges had accepted the battle for Parka up until that point. However, df44 took the battle a few hours before Paddy had made the initial list, indicating he should have seen the acceptance.

Instead, Paddy left the judges part of the update blank, leading not only SWAT to believe there were no judges but also Templars, who asked for judges close to the 30-minute server ping.

What led to the confusion? Paddy didn’t update the pinned messages until roughly 10 minutes before the server ping was set to be done, and he never updated the invasions list either. This meant that none of the leaders believed judges were available, hence the ping from Xing. Army leaders have to reject judges an hour before a battle when they accepted before the time marker. Even if SWAT had to veto df44 once again, they never had the opportunity to do so in the correct timeframe, given Paddy’s mistake. When they realized what had happened, Spotty told them it was too late. How can a leader know to reject a judge in the correct amount of time when Head Judges failed to provide them a list of the ones judging?

IV. Dragon and Mare Accepted Too Late

Given that SWAT not only believed df44 couldn’t accept again and wasn’t adequately informed that he could judge, but it is also reasonable to think they would have rejected him if they could. Whatever the circumstances behind their decision, they are allowed to veto judges if they so choose. At this point, there would have been no judges for the battle before the 30-minute server ping. Per the rules set by CPAJ, any invasion is only considered valid if leaders can procure judges at least 30 minutes before the battle.

With that in mind, Dragon and Mare accepted the battle within 30 minutes of the battle, which, again, should have rendered the invasion invalid. They could have accepted prior when Xing pinged initially, but they were too late.

V. Templars Raided SWAT

When Templars realized SWAT wouldn’t be logging on for the falsely invaded Parka, their leaders encouraged every member to join the SWAT server and spam their chats. Following the time stamps from the Templars’ server and the SWAT logs, you can see that the raid was occurring before the written command, likely in their Event VC.

Slideshow containing 3 images

The result was many Templars troops joining the server, spamming the general chat, pinging leaders nonstop, and ultimately spamming the DMs of leaders due to bans. Raids fall under botting as it is an attempt to intimidate and gain an unfair advantage over their opponent. Those who were banned decided to continue in the form of dozens of DMs.

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The actions taken by Elsa and Kanzlerin constitute harassment, and the encouragement by the Templars’ leaders and high command of the SWAT raid is gross misconduct.

VI. Templars’ Racism

In regards to the rule ‘No Toxic Tactics’ (e.g. racism), Templars have proven, once again, that they have no respect for the rules nor people’s culture as they instill their own cultural views into their tactics and poor moderating led it to being enabled within their own chat.

Before the US invasion on the 22nd of December, Templars started their event VC with Xing speaking to motivate the troops, as always. However, the problems and comments which arose from that VC were quite concerning which led to some troops questioning what really is being said here and led us to think that there were indeed racist comments being said. While SWAT do wear the colour black, these comments go far beyond this, as shown below.

Slideshow with 6 images
Video recording of Xing calling the death of black penguins and doing “inappropriate things” to them

Now, some may say that TCP leaders, apart from Xing, weren’t aware of this. However, unfortunately for them, this wasn’t the case. Dawn was also made aware of the situation in which she replied as follows:

Well…so much for TCP not knowing. However, Dawn claims “they are” banned. However, this is certainly not the case because, for one, Xing very much still led afterwards, and for two, the troops who were shown above are still in the server. Second, to this day, you can still find these racist messages in their main chat.

Slideshow with 3 images

As we can see, these pictures of the characters within TCP were taken on the 13/01/23 so they very much were not banned. Yet, after this incident, Templars proceeded to use a tactic about the colour of SWAT which many within SWAT took offence too.

Now, rogue comments you may let go of…this wasn’t the case though as the comments made in VC by Templars Leader, bundled up with the comments made by troops and the tactic brings to light the breaking of the toxic tactic rule as all of this seems to have some racist intent behind it even if it may not be intentional for all TCP troops.

The enabling of the racism, whether conscious or not, proves that TCP not only have a poorly moderated server but also some of their leaders are insensitive to these comments that have been made either by them or by fellow-leaders.

Just for good measure

It could be said that with the lack of moderation within Templars’ own leadership and server led to the aforementioned raid which was supported by TCP Leaders and HCOM. The enabling of such behaviour should constitute a forfeit by Templars because their failure to moderate their chat on all levels (members, moderators, HCOM, and leaders) enabled the behavior and promoted it. They felt comfortable enough to send racist tactics and ultimately order a raid of the swat discord server and harassment of its leaders.

This breaks yet another rule, does it not?

VII. Admin Admits to Stepping in to End the War Themselves

After every single point in this document, a small conversation between Da Best and Rowan revealed that CPA Admins ended the war based on their own personal opinions, biases and preferences and NOT because the war was indeed over or SWAT had broken any rules (which it hasn’t).

After explicitly stating that they stepped in because of the fear of the war going on longer than they would like, they ended the war. Also, he says that SWAT had “no existing invasions” at the time which is completely incorrect as SWAT scheduled an invasion 21 hours before Templars scheduled their invasion. This ensured SWAT would have additional land, long before Templars had the opportunity to invade Parka – all of this is shown above and was brought to them but disregarded.

Let’s hear what Da Best has to say about this:

Many issues with the league + CPAJ originate from how it runs. Rules to them are guidance, and they are happy to twist them to work in their favour. Look at the end of the SWAT vs. Circus Alliance war. The rules state the capital can not be invaded unless it’s the last bit of land left, but head judges decided to bend this to state, “capitals can’t be invaded unless it’s the only bit of land left regardless of pending invasions.” Except, there isn’t a rule for that. They made it up even after they failed to inform leaders of the judges. It’s just another excuse to cover their asses.

They prove to us they only care about the entertainment of the war, not so much about the war itself. You would think that they would happily let the war pan out, but CPAJ decided to bend the rules for entertainment and then tried playing it off as “they would eat all the land.” They are more concerned about free land than the actual war itself. It begs the question of why run a map if you are afraid that the Freeland (made to be invaded) would get “eaten” because of a war. There is also another issue that exists with all this. Why does CPAJ have control over the map rather than CPANHQ? Simple answer: if anything fucks up, then Spotty can push the blame onto CPAJ rather than CPANHQ. Why take responsibility for your wrongdoings? It’s not like she runs both the league and CPAJ…

This also would be one of many rules they would bend. If we look at treaties, the two force treaties are now invalid because SWAT has land left. They know they messed up, and yet, instead of allowing SWAT their land back and invalidating the end of the war, they twist the words of other rules to cover their mistake. The rules state, “if an army loses all their land, they are subject to a force treaty.” It’s supposed to imply when the capital is invaded because that can’t happen unless all other servers are gone. CPANHQ had to cover this up, and so twisted this rule to now state, “if we allow an army to invade another army even though they have more than their capital left, we will allow the invasion of capital to take place, but force treaties are not allowed.” It isn’t logical.

If CPANHQ was to survive, they should take back control over things they should have control on (map and judges) and explain why the rules were bent for SWAT vs. Circus Alliance. If not, it’s time for CPANHQ and CPAJ to be separate from head judges that aren’t also administrators of an organisation. We need five impartial head judges, not two administrators looking out for themselves.

Da Best, Mercenaries Leader

Also, to add to the administration exploiting and disregarding their own rules, a rule that has been in place since the dawn of CPA (league’s) creation is:

However, during the war, there were times in which the Templars invaded land and then renamed it almost instantly.

TCP’s invasion of Parka, as shown above was scheduled at 8pm est, they renamed it 30 minutes after the invasion (UK time shown above unlike other ss)

Dark Vikings also did this too

They declared for 8pm UK, invaded, then renamed less than 30 minutes after the invasion.

And let’s not even mention DV’s inappropriate naming of land which was offensive and wrong on so many levels. Neither of these things were held to by the admins in regards to their own rules.

VIII. Every Force Treaty Is Invalid

On the 31st of December, Dark Vikings and Templars declared a force treaty. While they earned a lot of land from SWAT, their treaties were invalid. Throwing Parka aside, they failed to abide by CPA’s posted map rules which state, “Once an army loses all of their land, they will be forced to sign a force treaty.”

However, SWAT always retained land. They successfully invaded Calgo’s Cub Zoo and Icebound, leaving them with two pieces of land left to claim.

Even after all this time, Paddy still hasn’t updated who actually judged the falsely invaded Parka

IX. Valid Force Treaty Against Templars

The rules of engagement, again set by Club Penguin Armies, lays out what is allowed and what is not during a war. In the terms that even Templars adopted, raiding the enemy will result in an immediate force treaty as it is a form of botting and gives an unfair advantage to one side.

As such, SWAT hereby issues the following force treaty to Templars for their involvement and encouragement of harassment and raiding the SWAT server:

1. This force treaty marks the end of war with the Templars, and remains active until April 13, 2023.
2. Templars is not allowed to invade/defend or assist in invasion or defenses against SWAT.
3. Templars is not allowed to raid any SWAT events, their server, or the DMs of any leaders or staff members. Additionally, no TCP staff/hcom/leaders should berate, slander or defame SWAT in any manner after this treaty is posted.
4. Templars must announce defeat in this war via announcement in there discord server and post which has to pinged with @.everyone where all troops can see, this announcement must be kept up until the end of the treaty. If this is broken, or the announcement is no made by January 20th, 2023, Templars will relinquish all of their territory once again.
5. If Templars rebrands, or merges into another army, the terms of this treaty will be applied for that army.
6. Should Templars go on hiatus/lockdown or close down and reopen, the terms of this treaty will be active for the newly reopened Templars.
7. This treaty can be extended or ended early if both armies agree with it.
8. If Templars is to break any terms of this treaty the treaty will be extended for another 3 months from the day of the violation and all Templars land will be assigned to the Special Weapons and Tactics.
9. No loopholes allowed

X. Treaty with Army of CP

Separate from the above baseless force treaties, SWAT and the Army of CP have come to their own treaty.

SWAT has agreed with the Clovers to keep the won servers and that the war score with them was 5-0.

The Special Weapons and Tactics encourages the head judges at CPAJ and the administration at CPA to adopt the following:

  1. Judges cannot accept future battles for armies that have already rejected them without consent from a leader of each side.
  2. Additionally, Head Judges must be held accountable for failing to complete their duties, including updating the list of judges for every battle in an appropriate amount of time.
  3. Templars must be held accountable for their leaders’ encouragement to raid another army’s server and harassment of their leaders.

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