Agent Of The Week 22-28/01/23

Welcome back to another Agent of the Week post where we go through our top 3 OTW statuses and reveal just who has come out on top and won it this week! Let’s get into it

This week saw SWAT hold 4 events on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. To start the week, we held a tactical training event with saw us max 29 penguins. Then we followed it up with a formation training to seal te deal and cover all areas. On wednesday, we held a recruiting sessions in our break from events and then on Friday we successfully invaded Doiran. To end off the week, we held a battle with the Templars while also celebrating the retirement of our leader.

Well this week, while we have had less events, the focus on improvement has still bee there and we keep focusing on the goal that we have for the army and that is to be the very best! We won’t give up and neither will any of these 3 agents who have earnt the titles. However, they have been amongst competition in their aim to clench their respective OTW titles so let’s find out just who came out on top!

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