28/01/23 Rye’s Retirement, Fight Against Templars! (UK)

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✪】Incoming transmission from [Coolguy]

For this event, we saw yet another leader, RyeBread, retire. To send her off in true SWAT fashion, we held a practice battle against Templars. Thanks for battling us and putting up a good fight! This fierce battle saw 2 sides who have been involved in many wars fight against each other once more and both sides fought to overcome the opponent. Let’s see how it went!

Maximum: 22

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Force Treaty of the Decaying Empire

✪】 Attention agents this is not a drill.

Earlier today, Club Penguin Armies announced the results of their internal investigation into the actions of Xing and the Templars. They concluded that the Templars multilogged numerous times, docking their latest Top Ten score. Special Weapons and Tactics did their own investigation into the situation and found additional instances of cheating.

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