AGENT OF THE WEEK 31-06/08/22

Agents have been fighting for a while to become the new agent/staff of the week. With the website being down last week there wasn’t any crowned last week so I guess we should start calling this agent of the fortnight LOL. But no. This week was closely fought between many swat troops.

SWAT held 5 events this week, a Sunday U-choose, Monday dragon invasion (ausia), Wednesday elevation, Friday ghost ausia, Saturday Disney takeover. These events were all invasions and we’ve been working hard to build swat up throughout the week so it’s hard to say which troop will take the crown, from an outside perspective. However, a winner has been crowned!

The person who has got the agent of the week has recently joined SWAT and despite this they have been welcoming new troops, dm’ing them to help them create accounts, attending events, recruiting promoting activity and much more. While there were many candidates we thought this person deserved the status this week. This person is….


The staff of the week was also a hard choice. There was people we had in mind for this role and it was a hard decision to choose between certain people, however, we made a decision and I would just like to say, that dont be worried if you didn’t get AOTW/SOTW just keep working hard. No doubt you’re appreciated. This person has been a ‘OTW before and is returning to the charts one again with their activity, event attendance, welcoming skills, and even recruiting. This person is….


Thanks to every single SWAT troop who attended this week and who helped out actively. Your work is truly appreciated and I can’t wait to see you all grow, rise up the ranks and become the next generation of SWAT. The present won’t last forever so enjoy it while you can, work hard and maybe one day you’ll be taking our place, leading SWAT or we’ll be still here and leading alongside you. Who knows what will happen but keep working hard and ENJOY IT!.


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