Introduction Of A S/M Legend

Hello to all,

My name is Apollo. I may be known for my graphics or my work with other armies, and regardless if what you’ve heard about me is good or not, I am here to help out SWAT and make them the best they can be. I am not here to brag, I am not here to leave if thinks get a little tough. I am here to improve this army and make sure we will get back where we need to be.

Some may say SWAT will die again, but I will try to not let that happen, and if that did happen, I will know I have failed myself the rest of the army.

If you want to know more about me, I have led the Chaos Army to sizes of 15 and the CP Marines to sizes of 25-30, alongside Ganger. Shortly after, I was named a SMAC Legend. I was also instated as Ice Warriors leader before being removed from the army after a couple of days. However, I did manage to lead an event by myself and achieve sizes of 30.

That is my past, and I now look to the future. I want to expand my skills as a leader and help this army grow as much as I can.

I want to make this clear – I am not the best leader, I am not always right, and I am not always talked about nicely. But I want to let you guys know that I will try my best in SWAT, regardless of those who try to tear us down.

We still have unfinished business.

-Apollo / SWAT Commander


Hello Special Agents!

Today we battled the Ice Warriors for our birth server, Mammoth, but we fell a little short due to many people being AFK during event. We reached up to 40 on chat but only 20 on CP. This was our first event, so I can understand. We will get better and stronger, we always do.

 Great job, Special Agents! And remember we have a huge training session at the same time tomorrow on the same server, so make sure you attend! Promotions will be given out if we hit 40+!!!!

Hell Will Be Unleashed.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

CPSN: Meeting DJ Cadence

That’s right! Club Penguin SWAT News is back! And what better way to kick off this generation’s era of CPSN than meeting the famous DJ Cadence!

Today, I was strolling around the server Sled, when I see almost half of CP’s rooms full. The Beach, Docks, Town, Ski Village, Snow Forts, Plaza, and Forest were all full when I first logged on. I waited in the Cove for a while, until I saw the beach wasn’t full anymore so I went there. She wasn’t there so I tried entering the docks again and she wasn’t there. I couldn’t get in any other room except the beach or cove, so I waited in the docks and in just a few minutes she showed up! I got the stamp and added her before she moved to the ski village, and I logged off.

If you didn’t get to meet her today, don’t worry! She and other famous penguins will be on for the duration of the 10th Anniversary party, which goes on until October 21st, so you have plenty of time!

That’s all for today,

Waddle on.


Hi Special Agents,

Today, we had an AUSIA training session. We maxed 7.