#1, Here We Come [WEEK IN REVIEW]

Hello Agents!

This week, we broke through, and we now approach a new golden age for SWAT. This generation will be the best SWAT generation in history. The doubters, the haters, the accusers, will all bow down to us pretty soon, and those who quit SWAT just a week ago will be begging me for their ranks back. Read on to witness our greatness.

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Ganger90, Proud SWAT Leader: We have reached the top, and I am proud to say this, but I will be even more proud to say we stayed at the top. Let’s keep this great work up, SWAT! We can only improve from here on out, this is still only the beginning! Soon, we will be peaking at sizes of 55-60+, it is right around the corner so be ready for SWAT’s best Golden Age ever! Unfinished Business.

Wow, just wow. This week has been absolutely amazing for us. We’ve hit sizes SWAT hasn’t seen for years, and we’ve been doing it consistently. No other army is doing better than us now, and NO ONE has room to talk. We will be #1 this week, and the drought will be over. Tonight, we maxed 45 averaging 40 at our raid of ACP’s Co-Capital, Snow Fort, with superb tactics. Man, I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Creds to Cheese, Apollo, Armor, Sky and the many other people who took pictures, you guys are the best!

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

New Halloween Themed/Regular SWAT Xat Icons & Custom Penguins

Hello Agents!

If you never heard of me, I am Zeer, your new Leader In Training! Recently, I was a former WV 2ic and Air Force leader and I have decided to help make SWAT the best  it can be! To show your spirit about SWAT on our xat chat, put on one of these xat icons!

3 xat icons! (If you have trouble putting on these icons, message any of the owners on SWAT chat!)

swat icon swat icon2 swat icon3

Icon Links:


2 Halloween themed SWAT custom penguins!

black wolf swat custom

Well I’ll see you agents on the battlefield!


Proof Of ACP Multilogging

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Hello Agents!

Today, at UK times, we raided the disgusting ACP capital and we did absolutely outstanding reaching sizes of 42 while averaging 37. Later today, we will secure the #1 spot, and come tomorrow, the drought will be over. I can’t wait!

And shout out to Trader who failed to raid our event with bots. Have fun getting DQ’d from TT this week kid.

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

The Intelligence Of ACP

Ok so apparently ACP “invaded” Mammoth today without any sort of notice, yet they accuse us of multilogging but then don’t play by the rules. They also claimed to have maxed 18 and averaged 18. Have fun getting deduction points lol. This army and its “US Leader” are such a joke. Only reason I haven’t declared war is because 1, they max 15 and it wouldn’t be fair, and two, Trader already stated he’d be ignoring us if we invaded ACP, which is funny to me considering all he does is make flame posts towards SWAT all day and then when we threaten him he acts like a pussy and says ACP won’t acknowledge us. This group of green 8 year olds is a prime example of how armies are turning to shit every single day. The only major armies who had more than 4 events this week were SWAT and WV. (I don’t consider ACP a major army). We, as a community must do something fast, or we will watch ourselves perish. We’re on the brink, and we need to step it up.

As for ACP, keep making my day, I’ve had a smile on my face since the first flame post you made and it’s been there ever since. Am happy 😀

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

Words Can’t Begin To Describe ACP

willywonka - oh so acp is rising? tell me how maxing 15 is rising?

The Most Interesting Man In The World - acp doesn't always lose to swat but when we do we accuse them of multilogging

Philosoraptor - If ACP is the greatest armies of all time why do they struggle to max 15?

Bad luck Brian meme - makes trader leader still struggles to max 15

That’s Traders answer when SWAT threatens war, yet he sits behind his computer raging at us 24/7 opn ACP site and then raids our capital at like 1:00 PM. GG ACP

AUSIA Recruiting Going Very Well!



Fresh AUSIA Training

Hey Agents!

Today we held probably our best AUSIA event of the entire week, which will also be our last AUSIA event for this week’s top ten, so I’d like to thank everyone who attended these events, and we look forward to getting the AUSIA division up to 30+ in the near future. First we made a circle, and then an upside down T, but we accidentally lost most of the pictures. Luckily, we didn’t lose the best one. We maxed 27.

Great job this week, AUSIA agents! Lets keep rising!


See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief