Bring Me That Horizon.

✪】 Attention agents this is not a drill

It is on this day of August 16th, 2023 that the Special Weapons And Tactics hereby declares war upon the Templars.

Greetings and salutations my friends. The second phase of Objective: Relaunch and Reload is going into full effect. War with the Templars has been imminent since our previous war ended. On this day, we are here to lay out the terms and continue to cement ourselves as the fierce warmongers of the Club Penguin Army community. SWAT has always been at odds with the Templars army throughout the past few years, and we intend to continue this streak of fighting for the betterment of both armies. We look forward to settling the score on the battlefield. This war will henceforth be known as the Crusade for Nicky’s Mother.

Terms of War

I. Allies, visitors, and dual-enlists are allowed.
II. No server transfers (neither army shall send nor receive servers from any other army either allied, neutral, or enemies) after this declaration until the war is finished or a treaty is reached.
III. All war battles must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with CPA, failure to do so will invalidate the scheduling.
IV. No doxxing, ddosing, botting, discord server raiding, harassment, multilogging, or cheating of any form.
V. A withdrawal from this conflict for any reason and in any shape or form (e.g., withdrawing from the war, ghosting battles up to 3 battles in a row, etc.) will constitute a forfeit of the war.
VI. All CPA Battleground rules apply to each battle.
VII. Each army may only schedule one battle for each timezone per day (EX only one EU invasion can be held per day by one army etc).
VIII. The losing army in this conflict must accept the treaty terms provided by the winning army.
IX. No loopholes.

✪ Invasion of Pompeii ✪

Thursday, August 17
9 AM EST | 2 PM UK

✪ Invasion of Sermoneta ✪

Friday, August 18
3 PM EST | 8 PM UK

✪】 End Transmission.


SWAT Council

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