Swat interviews with high command agents.

As swat starting the interview journey, I decided to interview our one and only high command agent ovron this soldier in is one of the most glorious agents as I decided to interview him.

1. When did you first join SWAT and how were you recruited.

°I first joined SWAT late march of this year from being recruited by Legoman.

2. What is a goal you have for your time in SWAT?

°As a personal goal I would like to learn the basic fundamentals of commanding an army (I.E Management of Land, Proper War Tactics etc.)However for more broad goal I would also like to be remembered as someone that made a mark in SWAT’s history for the better.

3. Are you the chosen one? Why or why not?

°I believe being the chosen one isn’t a status I have the power to label myself with, I believe it is more so how others view you in the community and as a person. It would be up to someone else’s discretion to if I was the chosen one, not my own.

4. Do you see your self retiring in 1 to 2 years? if yes why?

°No, I plan to stick around in armies for a while because I still have goals to accomplish and worth to prove.

5. Do you like the community as new or old? And why?

°A new community means more opportunity and more drive, however an old community is more experienced and stable, I could go both ways as they each have their benefits and deficits.

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