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Hello SWAT Agents,
Today we will be showing you around the Club Penguin: Rewritten island to show you some of the new features and items that you can find in-game. Make sure to stay updated on our discord for the times of all of our future events and epic battles that will be hosted there.

How do I GET the (EASY) SWAT Uniform on CP Rewritten?
These 3 items are essential, and available now in the Gift Shop.

The Black Parka Suit

Red Ski Goggles

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Scuba Tank

Alternative SWAT Uniform, “CP Rewritten Rulers”

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Become a Tour Guide:

First head to the Ski Village room. You can find this on the map (bottom left of your screen)

Once you’ve made it to the Ski Village, you will see the “Tours Here” stand.

Now that you are staring at your possible future destiny of becoming a Tour Guide on Club Penguin, click anywhere on the stand to bring up more information about becoming a Tour Guide.


Now to become a Tour Guide, you have to take the quiz to see your knowledge and possible experience on the position.

Click “Take the Quiz”. Answers available below
After answering the final question, you will receive this:
Now click your penguin to bring up your inventory.
Make sure that you remove all items but the Tour Guide Hat.

Now press W on your keyboard, and you will be able to hold up the “TOURS HERE” sign like shown below.

How many friends can I add on CPRewritten? 2000

Click the smiley face on your chat bar to bring your friends list up.

How can I check my friend requests?

Then click the penguin names and choose whether to accept or decline their friend request.

Thank you for reading, I hope that the information in this post was able to help you as you make your way through Club Penguin Rewritten. SWAT Forever

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  1. ganger ur uniform is makin me act up bbkins

  2. Wow, thank you for this helpful guide! Can’t wait to become a tour guide. 😀

  3. SWAT Forever

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