Game Night + Zipline Rogue Storm 2/4/21

Attention agents:

Today, February 4, 2021, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team assembled within the Cove on the CPArmies server on Club Penguin Chapter 2. We partook in a massively fun Murder Mystery, hosted by the hottest man in CPA, LEGOMAN. Our spectacular Fourth-In-Command, Sadboi emerged victorious as the murderer, after the fun event concluded. We then proceeded to take Zipline by storm within Club Penguin Rewritten as we logged on to preserve and solidify our rogue base. A big thanks to all dedicated agents for supporting us in our endeavors. We are looking forward to seeing you once again as we make CPA history on Sunday as we take the Army of Club Penguin by storm in a monumental practice battle, signifying the full strength this new era.

Game night

End Transmission.