Seasonal Gathering 1: Fall Festivities (UK) (24/09/22)

In the first of one of our many Seasonal Gatherings, we hosting a Fall event where we would get dressed in clothes ready for Autumn and the colder weather while training. In the Seasonal Gatherings, there will be 24 events for all seasonal events, 2 per month, 1 for Ausia and 1 for UK/US.

How this works:

Each seasonal event you attend you will get 1 point, you can only get 1 point per month at a max. There are 2 events per month that are seasonal so people from all time zones can try and attend. When you reach a certain amount of points/events attended you will get a medal. This will work as follows:

3 attended events = Bronze
5 attended events = Silver
7 attended events = Gold
10+ attended events = Diamond

At the end of the 12 month period a post will be written showing everyone who got a medal and which medal they got, these will stay and the site and will not be removed.

Let’s see how this event turned out!

Maximum: 21

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