Hello, June 2024!

Hello, agents!

Do you possess the readiness to enter into a fascinating month? The month is expected to be filled with plenty of activities. Will this eventful month turn the tables?

Table of Contents

  1. “My Message”
  2. Concluding Season 6
  3. Introducing Season 7
  4. The Birth of SWAT AI
  5. The Pride Month
  6. New Exclusive SWAT CPAB Background
  7. Second Division Tournament
  8. SWAT Discord Bot Updates

1. “My Message”

“It is not to my surprise that we have not been consistent enough over the course of the few months. I have been assigned leadership for helping SWAT rise back. SWAT fell in 2023, and this task is not just mine to bring it back. We try to incorporate enjoyable events, but it requires cooperation from you. We do request you to pursue attending events priority, as well as helping out others to do the same. We want you to have a loyal spirit in yourself and make SWAT feel like home, not obligation. You are not being obligated to do something, you are being given an opportunity to do something.”

Fun X Time
SWAT Commander-in-Chief

2. Concluding Season 6

Season 6 might have been too difficult for some. Since no one could complete all the missions, we selected the one who had the most progress, in percentage. Please congratulate Fun X Time for making the most progress. They are now the Agent of the Month.

Fun X Time’s Agent of the Month medal

3. Introducing Season 7

The Puffle Party caught the eyes of many. We now introduce you to Season 7: Culture Drive, where we embrace qualities of one another and accept differences, while we continue our exploration of new experiences.

The thumbnail of the season
The banner of the season

4. The Birth of SWAT AI

On Sunday, May 19th, 2024, an unseen, peculiar character was found interacting in SWAT’s general chat. Unaware of what it was, some people began fostering relationships with it. This character was the SWAT AI Discord Bot!

SWAT AI is a new Discord bot that fits in pairs with the SWAT Discord Bot. Shapes, Inc. powers this Discord bot and operates on llama 3 instruct. We may change the AI engine to OpenAI GPT-4o very soon. We have been consistently training the chatbot with knowledge related to SWAT Bot, and have also put plenty of security measures in place, including CPA diplomacy protection. The chatbot has engaged many agents since its arrival. It seems that it has fit into the community very well!

5. The Pride Month

It is June! We wish a happy pride month to those who celebrate it! SWAT has respected the LGBTQIA+ community for several years, and we will continue the same practice. In view of this joyous event, we have also set up a new Discord server avatar, an age-old tradition we have been following.

Designed by SWAT Advisor Legoman

6. New Exclusive SWAT CPAB Background

SWAT will officially publish its own Club Penguin Army Battleground (CPAB) background that you can use on your profile in-game! The background can be added to your inventory by using the !ai 50036 command in the game. You can also use the !army SWAT command and add it to your inventory. Using the !army SWAT command will automatically make you equip the background in-game.

SWAT’s CPAB background

Feedback about the background is appreciated. Any change in the background will reflect all players possessing the background item!

7. Second Division Tournament

In March 2024, the SWAT Corporation administered its first division tournament, Radiant Rivalry. This month, too, we plan to host a division tournament. This month will see a more rejuvenated division tournament, with opportunities to host practice battles and training events.

8. SWAT Discord Bot Updates

Recently, the SWAT Discord Bot underwent several changes, most of which concern the SWAT Corporation. These changes have been highlighted in this article.

  • The staff command has been reworked. Staff members now have access to an expanded panel of controllers and subcommands.
  • The Bot Staff Leveling system has been implemented. Privileges of staff members are now determined by their rank in the bot, which corresponds to a number. The ranks are None (0), Helper (1), Moderator (2), Administrator (3), Developer (4). This has greatly improved security while making it easier to control staff.
  • Event countdowns have been reworked.
  • Event mapping systems have been reworked.
  • Staff salaries are now being paid out to members of the SWAT Corporation.
  • The feedback command has been added. Anonymous feedback is also supported and can be achieved using the slash command variant.
  • The help command has been reworked.
  • SWAT Bot’s logging system has been enhanced.
  • SWAT Bot’s status has been slightly updated.
  • Minor bug fixes have taken place.

Please note that a few issues concerning the economy, particularly the shop and the items, will be attended to as soon as possible. We discourage you from accessing the shop during this time. If you face any issues anyway, please let us know. We will refund any amount that has been incorrectly removed.

Thanks for partaking in our beautiful community! We have prepared a lot of activities for the month ahead! Enjoy!

Thank you,
The SWAT Corporation!

Hello, May 2024!

Hello, agents!

SWAT showed excellent collaboration and portrayed a sense of togetherness throughout the past month. We enter into the dawn of another month with better ideas to satisfy community demand.

© Credits to Club Penguin and Disney Interactive Studios for certain images used in this article and in Season 6.

Table of Contents

  1. Concluding April 2024
  2. Concluding Season 5: Watery Island
  3. Introducing Season 6: Puffle Party
  4. SWAT is at War
  5. New CPA Map
  6. SWAT Bot Updates
  7. Ongoing Census
  8. Summary

1. Concluding April 2024

April 2024 was exciting! We acquired our greatest max of 14 troops during this month. We seemed to have significantly improved since March. The month also saw SWAT Bot’s 1st Birthday Party which was celebrated as our 128th event. It was an EU event that was held on Sunday, April 21st, 2024, at 05:00 PM UTC. The latter of the month saw rivalry against the People’s Imperial Confederation (PIC) start. This has been described later in this article.

2. Concluding Season 5: Watery Island

The Agent of the Month for April 2024 is clear! This is an honorable troop that has been here in SWAT for years. They were the first to complete all ten missions assigned.

This fortunate individual is Zooy! They are a great, committed member of SWAT. And, we are glad to have them on our team. Who will claim this prestigious role in the new month?

The story behind Season 5 will be published very soon!

3. Introducing Season 6: Puffle Party

The Puffle Party is a great move. It has been inspired by the original Club Penguin‘s Puffle Party 2013. Their party proved to be successful. Ours will be, too! As you might guess, the party is themed over your cute companions, puffles!

4. SWAT is at War

On Sunday, April 28th, 2024, the People’s Imperial Confederation (PIC) proclaimed war. While it is true that most of what they have written is factually incorrect, it does seem that they are interested in attacking an enemy they find frail. There was one hidden message PIC had in this post, which was simply invading the map.

SWAT will be preparing for war consistently. Do not worry about the load of events. We will be controlling the event schedule for May 2024 appropriately to ensure we remain strong and retain balance in training events and battles. A more detailed response may be out soon, but not necessarily.

PIC has been caught troopstealing. Additionally, Ggogle has officially left SWAT to rejoin PIC. He has been banned for threatening to abuse Discord Terms of Service by claiming he may abuse certain privileges in SWAT, which were eventually removed. This is not the only reason Ggogle has been banned, however, and has been banished based on treason and treachery, revealing sensitive information, and so on.

5. New CPA Map

The Club Penguin Armies (CPA) army league has officially implemented its map after months. SWAT has selected Outback as its initial capital.

The new CPA map. SWAT is in the central region, holding Capital Outback.

You can view the CPA map here.
You can view the CPA map details here.

6. SWAT Bot Updates

This month, SWAT Bot’s 1st Birthday Party kicked off a lot of awesome changes!

  1. Items: At last, items are here! You can now possess items and purchase them from the shop.
  2. Taxation: Taxes have been officially introduced. Currently, there is a tax of 5%. This will alter over time.
  3. Improved Event Setting: Members of the SWAT Corporation can now effortlessly set an event by simply providing a Discord event link! This makes the process of handling events much, much easier. The new set-event command also supports default values and easier attendance data cleaning.
  4. Improved Event Attendance Data Handling: SWAT Bot now perfectly handles event attendance data. The attendees command has been entirely reworked. It automatically sends the attendee list after an event is prompted to end. It also prevents duplicates from being added. Removal of an attendee is now possible, too. The rework includes the production of a beautiful embed!
  5. Experimental Music: SWAT Bot may also run on another instance, the music instance. Built with a different codebase, this is an experimental project. This was introduced given the bot’s birthday.

7. Ongoing Census

An ongoing census will conclude on Sunday, May 5th, 2024, at 05:00 PM UTC. This census includes important questions that support our decision-making. Ensure that you complete the survey, if you have not already! It is worth remembering that we may not be able to incorporate all ideas, feedback, and other answers, however. We will try our best, though! Be heard.

8. Summary

  1. The newsletter summarizes April 2024 and Season 5.
  2. Season 6: Puffle Party has been introduced.
  3. A small response to the Weeping Weapons War has been highlighted.
  4. A note on the new CPA map has been added.
  5. Several major SWAT Bot Updates have been implemented successfully.
  6. A reminder of the ongoing census has been added.

In conclusion, we have been able to overhaul a great portion of our generation recently. We have improved most of our forces, and are ready to outperform several opponents when desired.

Thank you,
The SWAT Corporation!

Hello, April 2024!

Hello, agents!

SWAT has been consistent in advancing over the past few weeks. Undoubtedly, it appears that we have been able to improve several systems over time. What have we covered, yet? And, what fuel are we expending in April 2024? Read on!

Table of Contents

  1. Concluding March 2024
  2. Concluding Season 4: The Avalanche
  3. Introducing Season 5: Watery Island
  4. Work Revision
  5. Glimpse at the Division Tournament
  6. Art Competition
  7. Recruitment Competition
  8. Badges Introduced
  9. SWAT Bot Updates
  10. Discord Server Tweaks
  11. More Graphics
  12. Minecraft Server Release in June 2024
  13. Upcoming Census
  14. Summary

1. Concluding March 2024

The month of March 2024 has gone fairly well. SWAT faced the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) at the March Madness IX tournament. We may have lost to ACP, but it did educate us for the future. We realized the essence of battle summaries, and that is what makes us unique and helps us stand out among other armies. The SWAT Corporation preserves battle summaries.

In the latter of the month, SWAT saw the Radiant Rivalry division tournament. In two of three battles, judges from Club Penguin Army Judges (CPAJ) assisted us. We surely pass CPAJ a great amplitude of gratitude from our end!

2. Concluding Season 4: The Avalanche

We have decided on the Agent of the Month for March 2024! They are the first to complete all ten missions assigned.

This fortunate individual is Zooy! They are a great, committed member of SWAT. And, we are glad to have them on our team. Who will claim this prestigious role for April 2024?

Please consider reading the story behind Season 4: The Avalanche here.

3. Introducing Season 5: Watery Island

As spring has begun blooming, Season 5: Watery Island has found its place in SWAT. Please welcome spring to the stage! Summer will turn out very well, undoubtedly.

4. Work Revision

Over the last few months, SWAT has seen several events that have caused the existence of several virtues. Since November 2023, SWAT has seen a lot of change. We have introduced seasons, as we developed the SWAT Discord bot. We have developed the bot to make it very powerful and adaptive to SWAT’s environment. Whilst all of this, we have collected a lot of feedback as we have formally established the SWAT Corporation. We were able to hear everyone’s voices and took opinions over almost every major decision the Corporation has undertaken. It is worth noting that it is not all about performing in events. We were able to moralize our work and gain more professionalism, compared to the past.

5. Glimpse at the Division Tournament

The division tournament proved to be very successful. We saw judges from Club Penguin Army Judges (CPAJ) utilizing their time to two of three battles between the divisions.


  • Battle 1: Tie
  • Battle 2: The Arctic Ops
  • Battle 3: The Arctic Ops

The winner of the tournament is the Arctic Ops! The Corporation applauds the members of the division for their incredible work at the tournament. We also thank the Strikers for partaking in this tournament. They, too, have shown quality effort, showing signs of incredible variance.

6. Art Competition

SWAT officially introduces an upcoming art competition, where artists can showcase their drawing and designing skills. Three winners will be chosen at the end. The judge of this art competition is SWAT Legend Legoman.

This idea was suggested by SWAT HCOM-in-Training Vortex Ruler. Thank you for your feedback! We encourage others, too, to share their suggestions!

We will be announcing a more informative post about this very soon.

7. Recruitment Competition

SWAT is deeply interested in bringing more power to itself. We anticipate that by June 2024, we have promises to make SWAT a successful army. We also anticipate that we will acquire Major status very soon. June 2024 is our most engaging month, where we can seek attention. This is only possible if we recruit sufficiently.

This idea was suggested by SWAT Founder and Legend Ganger90. Thank you for your feedback! We encourage others, too, to share their suggestions!

We will be announcing a more informative post about this very soon.

8. Badges Introduced

Badges have been introduced to SWAT. They hold powerful units of merit and owe you great respect. Use the badges command in our Discord server to learn more!

9. SWAT Bot Updates

Last month, we overhauled the Discord bot by performing major performance improvements. This month, several updates have been undertaken in the SWAT Discord bot. We will highlight and describe them.

  1. Bot Logs: For security reasons, we are now logging activity performed using the bot. It should also assist us in any data validation. It will be helpful for us to resolve bugs and exploits.
  2. Donations work as intended: All giveaways and other amusement events will yield you rewards using our prize pool. This pool includes SWAT coins that SWAT Bot possesses and other cool rewards that you should try to acquire! SWAT Bot’s account will be used to give away prizes that are SWAT Coins. To donate, send coins to SWAT Bot!
  3. Solo Practice Rooms: Currently, this is an experimental feature limited to only the members of the SWAT Corporation. It introduces you to event leading in a highly interactive way. It should be greatly effective, since it provides useful advice, and tests your event leading skills. Sensei will be your guide. A thread will be created just for you to practice, once you are ready to start!
  4. DM features repaired: Features including broadcasts and event reminders via Discord direct messages (DMs) have been repaired and entirely reworked. They are now protected from spam and are fully functional.
  5. Counting is automated: The new counting amusement channel is now dependent on SWAT Bot for automation and rewards. Check out the pinned messages in the counting channel to learn more.
  6. Help command and command list reworked: The help command is now functional once again. This time, it is more flexible. It now has a dropdown that you can interact with to filter commands!
  7. Fix for !army SWAT deployed: If you invoke the !army SWAT command in SWAT’s Discord server, it will warn you to use it on CPABattleground instead. If you mention or ping another user with it, it will prompt the user to use the command on CPABattleground. This feature has existed for a few months now and was not working properly. It has now been fixed and reworked entirely.
  8. Pinging CPAB fixed: The least used pingCPAB command has been repaired.
  9. Added bot latency: Bot latency can now be checked using the uptime command.
  10. More topics: The topic command now offers more topics to talk about.
  11. Enhanced searching for Roblox players: The roblox command has received a significant overhaul. It now suggests character constraints when searching. It also has more precise errors. It offers a button to visit a profile and has added emojis.

10. Discord Server Tweaks

SWAT’s official Discord server has received major tweaks. It also has a new banner on top of the channel list. Channel topics have been added to every channel, as well. This is to help guide members of the community and help them understand what channel they are looking at. In addition to this, we have also created a counting channel. One, two, three, and up to infinity! Are you ready to accept the challenge, Agent? If so, let us count together in this new Counting Together program!

Channel names were reworked, and useless roles, bots, and integrations were removed.

The Counting Together program was introduced in March 2024.

11. More Graphics

SWAT Commander-in-Chief Fun X Time has surfed the Internet to search for useful software to create beautiful and eye-catching graphics. This section of the article is a dedicated space for these graphics.

They can be used in different places since they have variable theme and appearance, which is a plus!

12. Minecraft Server Release in June 2024

Earlier, we had promised to release the Minecraft server on March 25th, 2024. SWAT will be focusing on creating its own Minecraft server in June 2024. This month is tentative, and we cannot promise this date. However, we will try our best to ensure that we release it as soon as possible, at the right time. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We will continue to host Minecraft game nights on other servers, mostly personal servers. Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience!

13. Upcoming Census

On April 5th, 2024, SWAT will commence its first census to analyze data for important questionnaire.

14. Summary

  1. The newsletter summarizes March 2024 and Season 4.
  2. Season 5: Watery Island has been introduced.
  3. The newsletter revises work at the Corporation.
  4. The newsletter shows a glimpse at the recent division tournament.
  5. An art competition is coming ahead very soon.
  6. A recruitment competition is coming ahead very soon.
  7. Badges have been introduced into SWAT.
  8. Several SWAT Bot updates have taken place.
  9. Server updates have taken place in the Discord server.
  10. SWAT has expanded its gallery of graphics.
  11. SWAT has confirmed June 2024 as the target month for releasing its official Minecraft server.
  12. April 2024 hints at an upcoming census.

In conclusion, we have been able to overhaul a great portion of our generation recently. We have improved most of our forces, and are ready to outperform several opponents when desired.

Thank you,
The SWAT Corporation!

Hello, March 2024!

SWAT commences another beautiful month. SWAT is a fundamental figure that retains its activity. We expect propagation of performance and oust armies in the future!

Designed by SWAT Commander-in-Chief Fun X Time.

Table of Contents

  1. Concluding February 2024
  2. Concluding Season 3: Near North
  3. Introducing Season 4
  4. Constitutional Reforms
  5. The SWAT Corporation Examination
  6. The SWAT Corporation Veteran Unit
  7. Introducing SWAT Badges
  8. Division Tournament: Radiant Rivalry
  9. Major SWAT Bot Updates
  10. Upcoming Census

Concluding February 2024

February 2024 was themed on a mountainous adventure in regard to Sensei. The month belonged to Season 2: Near North. As the month commenced, the Club Penguin Armies (CPA) army league organization pointed out a multilogging event committed by SWAT Fifth-in-Command DorukHolmes as spotlight discovery.

The early period of the month was not quite eventful. However, SWAT saw practice battles against the Dark Vikings. In the midst of the month, the Division Command elections began. Around this time, several new members were enlisted, mostly members with rich experience with Club Penguin armies in the past. SWAT on Fandom gained more activity, and started out by creating templates and writing more articles.

In the latter of the month, the SWAT Corporation started working on several initiatives, including the Constituent Assembly and Staff Weekly Schedules. The winners of the Division Command elections, too, were decided, and were promoted to their acquired positions. Around this time, the Corporation started creating plans for the month of March, and worked over the Organizational Plans 2024.

Concluding Season 3: Near North

Season 3: Near North found Zooy triumphant, being the first to complete all missions! Congratulations, Zooy! Well done to other participants.

Introducing Season 4

As doors to Season 3 conclude. The community welcomes Season 4 as its theme was highly anticipating. The month’s theme is quite intriguing.

Introducing Season 4! For the month of March 2024, SWAT experiences The Avalanche as the continuation of the story. Till now, SWAT has composed a well-written and well-constructed story.

Please read the story of Season 3!

The poster of Season 4.

Constitutional Reforms

The Constitution of SWAT will be reformed entirely. A constituent assembly was set up in February 2024, so as to promote inclusiveness among our senior troops. Channels have been set up in the Corporation to permit discussion and debate in lieu of any article or section presented. This makes the power of the Constitution more decentralized, fair, and its content well thought.

The existing version of the constitution will still operate, until the newer one is implemented.

The SWAT Corporation Examination

The Corporation will no longer hand out promotions to members under the Staff-in-Training rank, without having the Corporation’s examination completed. The examination requires you to profile about yourself so the Corporation can identify you. And, it also asks several questions. It should ideally take around 5 minutes to complete. The examination is quite simple, and scores are assigned as soon as you complete the examination.

The SWAT Corporation Veteran Unit

The Corporation has implemented a veteran unit. This is a prestigious unit that connects with veterans of the army, and sends invitations to its veterans for massive events. The idea was thought of in lieu of SWAT’s 15th Anniversary. For this milestone, we want to include as many troops as possible, with past troops included. SWAT’s 15th Anniversary event is on Sunday, 7th July 2024. The event timings will be voted upon, and will be kept in the EU event timezone division.

Introducing SWAT Badges

Extending the hand of love of reward and gratitude, the Corporation has introduced SWAT Badges that SWAT troops may claim! Earning these badges require merit and effort. And, we have faith that every troop will get the badge they desire!

Division Tournament: Radiant Rivalry

Lately, it has been anticipated within the SWAT community that a division tournament is coming up very soon. In response to this, the Corporation has decided to set up SWAT’s first modern division tournament. This tournament has been entitled Radiant Rivalry.

Tournament announcement on the tablet screen.
The banner of the tournament.

Date and Time

All events will belong to the EU timezone, and will occur every Sunday for the duration of the tournament.

  1. 17th March 2024, 05:00 PM UTC
  2. 24th March 2024, 05:00 PM UTC
  3. 31st March 2024, 05:00 PM UTC

Please note that a major tournament, March Madness IX, will also occur this month. In lieu of this, we may change dates and times accordingly.

Major SWAT Bot Updates

During the month of February 2024, bot developer SWAT Commander-in-Chief Fun X Time reworked and repaired many features of the bot, and added new ones. In addition to this, the Corporation also hired two helpers who engage in the development and production of the bot. These two helpers are SWAT Second-in-Command Zooy and SWAT Sergeant Commando DorukHolmes. Updates introduced or to be introduced this month are highlighted below.

  1. Improvement of Interactions: Interactions such as clicking a button or submitting a modal form in Discord are now faster. Earlier, the bot used to find which interaction one uses from a list of interactions, and continues only after it has checked every interaction. Now, the bot stops iterating the list of interactions once it finds what it needs.
  2. Speedy Actions: Using a command will not slow the bot down. It executes lesser triggers. This is because we have merged several commands into one internal trigger. Commands remain visibly unaffected.
  3. Repaired DM Reminders: DM reminders sent from the bot have been fixed. They also have been updated to the latest event information provision standards.
  4. Repaired Certan Critical Event Issues: Certain issues caused by the SWAT Bot during events has been fixed. However, we may still be having certain issues. Please do not forget to contact us in regard to those!
  5. Added Commands: Several commands have been added to the bot, and are listed below.
    • staffQuests:
      A command to see quests for members of the Staff-in-Training rank to get promoted.
    • topic or tpic:
      Fetches a randomized topic to converse on, some of which are related to SWAT.
    • cpitem or ai:
      Fetches information on a Club Penguin (CP) or Club Penguin Army Battleground (CPAB) item through certain item databases.
    • gameserver or gs:
      Fetches or sets the in-game server for a Club Penguin event.
    • cpab:
      Sends the link to Club Penguin Army Battleground in chat beautifully.
    • badges:
      Shows badges you have acquired.
    • guide:
      Creates an interactive guide or walk-through for enlisted members.
    • vote:
      Sends links to various Discord server lists where one can vote for SWAT’s Discord server.
    • rform:
      Prompts a random form to invoke.
    • promocode:
      Claim a promotional code you have found.
  6. Added Non-mentioning Flag: Append --noping to a command to avoid mentioning or pinging event attendees when invoking event-related prompts.

Upcoming Census

An upcoming census will be conducted soon, where we will try to reach as many troops as possible. The census will primarily cover:

  • Event Timings, Frequency, and Days
  • Common Concerns
  • Prioritization
  • Feedback Collection for SWAT’s Website
  • Feedback Collection for SWAT Bot

The census is anticipated to occur around 15th March 2024.


  • SWAT concluded February 2024.
  • Season 4 has been introduced.
  • Constitutional reforms took place.
  • The SWAT Corporation Examination was highlighted.
  • The SWAT Corporation Veteran Unit has been introduced.
  • SWAT Badges have been introduced.
  • Division Tournament: Radiant Rivalry has been announced.
  • Major SWAT Bot updates took place, including addition of several commands, and implementation of repairs.
  • An upcoming census has been highlighted.

Thank you,
The SWAT Corporation!