SWAT Story: Season 3: Near North

The great community of Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) presents you with the third edition of Club Penguin stories. This post unravels the story of a tragic blackout caused by an opposition who had returned.

Please note that this is a story inspired from Club Penguin. It is not the actual story. It may contain scenes from Club Penguin, and may be rephrased or reordered.

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Season 3: Near North

Sensei is an ordinary penguin. He felt quite lonely in Town. He left for the mountains. The mountains were located near the northern mountains of Club Penguin Island. He met Tusk, and thereafter used to spend a lot of time with his new friend. They used to play snow fights together.

One day, when Tusk made a snow penguin, Sensei made a snow statue of the future dojo. Tusk seemed bitter at this, sensing Sensei would later become more involved in it and that Sensei was better at this than he. He became jealous and angry. Sensei and Tusk trained to master the elements together. They dreamed of standing side by side, leading and training future ninja penguins. He and Sensei were friends, but their relationship had a competitive side. Tusk could not master the delicate moves of Sensei. They chose to have a battle on a snowy cliff. Tusk instigated it by throwing a snowball at Sensei, who threw Tusk against a wall with snow. Tusk used his power to create an enormous snowball, displaying his true power over snow. He threw it at Sensei, but once it hit him, Sensei used the power in the ball and threw it back. The force of Tusk hitting the wall caused an avalanche, in which Tusk was buried and trapped in a cave in the side of the mountain. Sensei looked for him, but found only a piece of his tusk. He departed sadly, and vowed to teach Card-Jitsu to penguins so they could use the elements wisely. Tusk presumed Sensei had left not caring for him, and turned bitter. He sadly sat buried in the snow, then began to dig himself out.

Learning from this tragic incident, Sensei set off to open the Dojo. He found and settled at a perfect location on the Mountain. As he looked at the beautiful landscape from the Mountain, he saw the entire island from a great height. He also enjoyed the northern lights, or auroras. He completed the task anonymously. He hid himself there, and mastered the elements. Soon, the Great Storm of 2008 hit the island. In response to the storm, Sensei dug out the Dojo. Several penguins joined in the task and assisted Sensei, although none was aware of his identity.

Meanwhile, on the island, chaos riddled as the storm ascended to several regions. EPF calls SWAT to resolve several tragedies that have occurred on the island due to the storm. “We need to dig out some penguins from the mountain,” said the Director, “We need to put water on fire that has lit across several locations on the island.” The agents agreed to fulfill this responsibility carefully. The Director sends several EPF agents, as well. The agents put water on fire, and fire on snow. Sensei was greatly educated from this news.

Sensei ought to dig out the Dojo, and allows penguins to be trained. He helps the penguins master the elements. During the reconstruction of the Dojo, none was aware of his identity. They continue to help this stranger. He has made new friends. Sensei portrays his experience and claims that he has had a long journey near north!

To be continued with Season 4 on 31st March 2024.

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