SWAT Story: Season 2: The Luminescence

The great community of Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) presents you the second edition of Club Penguin stories. This post unravels the story of a tragic blackout caused by an opposition who had returned.

Please note that this is a story inspired from Club Penguin. It is not the actual story. It may contain scenes from Club Penguin, and may be rephrased or reordered.

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Season 2: The Luminescence

It is the first dawn of the month of January 2024 and the year 2024 itself! Snow is everywhere. It is not as cold as it was under Herbert‘s tyranny of Club Penguin Island, though!

“My lamp,” exclaimed Aunt Arctic aloud. Filled with hysteria, Aunt Arctic immediately reports another case to the EPF. At the Book Room, there is one beautiful lamp that provides Aunt Arctic the luminescence she needs to author creative newspapers and other literary works. Without it, Aunt Arctic feels like she is lone in the room. The lamp is a great companion to her, and holds history. Every festival has experienced the lamp taking up roles in most scenes. The lamp has met puffles, the lamp has climbed mountains together, the lamp has been lit on most holidays, and the lamp has been a support to many literary works.

While Aunt Arctic takes the last bite of pizza she wanted to eat in peace, EPF and SWAT agents received the call on the Spy Phone. They immediately reached to the Book Room. The Book Room is a very prestigious room, unlike many others all over Club Penguin Island. It has been the source of mischief, text, research, leadership, relationship and love. Aunt Arctic proceeds to describe the lamp’s appearance to the agents. “The lamp is golden, and almost cylindrical. You have partook in many festivals, and I anticipate that you are aware of its appearance.”

Rookie questions, “Did you see anything else other than pizzas today?” Aunt Arctic mentions that she has seen footprints of a polar bear. Quickly, the EPF agents sense the culprit. Jet Pack Guy proceeds, “Are you thinking what I am thinking?”

The footprints descend to the outskirts of Club Penguin Island. As the agents walk along the trail, they make up a tale behind this mystery. At the end of the trail, they realize they have reached the Ski Hill. The trail stopped at an the cliff of Ski Hill. The agents say that the culprit used a sled to climb off the hill. They continue to descend the hill, till they find a spot where they may find further clues, whilst Aunt Arctic feels fascinated by their work.

“A box of hot sauce,” exclaimed Rookie, “Does the culprit feel too cold on an Island with not-so-cold climate?” Indeed, the fact presented by Rookie is quite amusing. It is a good question, however. The agents find more clues and align the odds. According to their findings, it appears that a box of sauce was used for warmth, along with wood and sticks to lit up a fire. These were not found under a tree, indicating that the person did not wish to stay under shelter, but rather wanted to take rest under sunlight. The agents consider that the culprit may arrive at this spot in a while, for none would leave such resources in cold weather.

Herbert appears in the scene. He is far away, on the other side of a lake. Rookie enjoys the landscape and asserts, “That character with a lamp looks heroic in winter! Does not the Sun oppose the luminescence?” The agents did not understand Rookie‘s unnecessary comment. However, it caused a crucial twist in the mystery. Aunt Arctic questions, “Wait, is it the culprit with my lamp?” Herbert does not need hot sauce and campfire when a lamp can do the trick! The lamp is phenomenal, and can give a lot of heat. It appears that Herbert has found the lamp’s utility, after criticizing and exposing the uselessness of all of Aunt Arctic‘s possessions.

Herbert escapes the scene in haste and hysteria, dropping the lamp, and momentarily raced away. The Director commends the agents for their cooperation, “The luminescence returns!”

To be continued with Season 3 on 29th February 2024.

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